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Story: Blood - Episode 8


Blood - Episode 8

Six Months Later… Over the past times, there have always been successful in their operations and today they plan another attack “For a very long time, I have thought about us hitting the Central Bank of Nigeria in Abuja. I planned on us hitting it with powerful weapons but I was wrong because Ade here has help us discover a better way of hitting it” Zeus said “Zeus, I do not doubt our abilities but this is CBN we’re talking about; it’s a place where no one has ever hit because that can’t be possible” Drummer said “(Laughs) I said same until Ade let me in on some things” Zeus said “So what did Ade discover?” God-Eye asked “Ade over to you” Zeus said; Ade then stood up and walked to the screen and opened a layout and map of CBN “Sometimes, you do not fight fire with fire; a better way of going into the central bank is through business” “Business?” “Yes Business, I have been working on this for a while now and I have everything ready. The Central Bank of Nigeria saves the country’s money in two forms which are: Cash and Digits. The cash is are kept in the cash vault and it would be impossible to access the vault because no one goes into the vault and the putting of money in it is done by computers. And if the vault is to be opened, we need three important personnel; the Governor, the Deputy, General Manager, they will have to voluntarily allow the computer scan the finger, their Iris, and mind but if it detects fear, the vault will not open, even if we successfully open it by slim chances, we can’t go in because the vault will automatically lock us in and fry us with lasers because we are unauthorized” “Jesus, that’s no longer security but wickedness” Luke said and they laughed “I agree” God-Eye said “The only way to get money is through the digit vault; there are various trusted personnel permitted to put in money in the digit vault using a particular registered Tablet but there is only one person who can allow the removal of money and that person is the Governor himself. He would have to give a finger scan, voice pass and eye scan; after this a USB port will be opened for us to connect this Tablet” he said showing them a Tablet “There is only one tablet in CBN which can be connected to that USB port; if any unauthorized tablet is connected, the digit vault shuts down for the next 24hours but not to worry I have found my way into their main system and registered my own tablet and encrypted their accessing codes on it” “You’re the brain” Luke said “You will connect this tablet and after you do, the computer might ask for an access code and I will give it to you, then the tablet will open two platforms labeled Give and Take; you will select Take after that the digit vault will open another platform for m for you to type in amount you want. The rest is up to you; our off shore account is encrypted to the tablet” Ade concluded ‘Waw, but first things first, how do we get in without guns” Luke asked; Zeus then continued “Yeah that, actually the Governor of CBN is having a meeting with executives agents from IBRD (World bank) Mr. Roland Frost and Kelvin Bridge and the good thing about it is that he has never met them before. Now here’s the plan; we will all be in Abuja a day before the operation and when the day comes I and Luke will go to CBN; Hades and Drummer will set up a road block as State security service 500meters from the airport for Mr. Roland and Mr. Kelvin who will arrive Abuja by 7:30am; they will be with an escort who will take them to the bank; you will then tranquilize all of them at take them hostage until we are done; Evil Spirit and Machine Gun will hold the 

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Governor’s family hostage just in case he tries to be stubborn, God-Eye will be our driver while Ade will be in the security room to shut down the cameras” “I have prepared your ID cards as IBRD agents” Ade said to Zeus and Luke “Also, I have prepared SSS uniforms and IDs for Hades and Drummer” “This operation will be carried out on the 24th of the next month but we will be there on the 23th” Zeus said “It’s a good thing we have the info now so we can prepare better; Luke from tomorrow I’ll put you through some training”… . Two weeks later… As they prepared for the key operation ahead, Luke was undergoing, combat and shooting practice at another of Zeus’s home in a forest; Zeus was teaching him all he need to know in order to be a professional Taker. Luke had learnt a lot of things in the past one month and he was doing fine but the only thing he didn’t have to learn was acrobatics which he was already good at because as a child he used to practice stunts with a lot of friends on the field as children in Nigeria did. They would also compete amongst themselves, some these stunts are what we called: Baflit, Steady, Spiderman Baflit, Danger, Big boz. Etc. I know it sounds funny but that’s what we actually call it in Nigeria. ‘Luke I have a job for you” Zeus said after the practice ‘What’s the job?” “I want you to take a man” Zeus said; they used the word ‘Take’ instead of ‘kill’ “Alright, what are his details” “Everything you need to know is in here” Zeus said handing him a file and Luke collected it… Luke had to take the file home and go through it. Gen. Tanko Abdul Kareem is a major general who was trained in Zaria and in 1984 he was made a captain over a troop of soldiers who went to war. He’s 62 years old and is married to Mrs. Rashidat Kareem and have three children; Abdul Salam Kareem, Suleyat Kareem, Suleiman Kareem. He will be present at the Independence Celebration this Saturday; it would be the only chance to put him down. Friday Night, 7:00am Luke was the airport to catch a flight to Abuja and by 7:45am his plane was in the air and by 08:10pm he was in Abuja. He logged in an hotel and in his hotel room, he planned his attack wisely, he then opened a Lead briefcase to reveal a dismantled sniper gun which he assembled to check if anything was missing before he dismantled it again and put it in the case; as strange as it may sound he was so happy and couldn’t wait for tomorrow… Eagle Square, Abuja… 10:30am Luke arrives at eagle square with a Taxi, carrying a black school bag at his back, he was wearing a red sweater with a hood and a white trouser, he pays the driver off and then walks towards the entrance where he sees soldiers searching properties of individuals, he stopped because he knew they’d search the bag he was carrying. He looked around thinking of what to do when he saw a 3G network mast some distance from the square so he walked towards it; he saw people hanging around but he walked closer; there was a fence round the mast and a gate so he walked in without minding the people and no one was paying attention. He walked to the back of a big generator, then opens his bag and brought out a binocular and then hanged it on his neck then backed his bag and went under the mast and started climbing the ladder within until he got to the top; although he was afraid of heights but summoned the courage to go that high. He was having problems looking down but he then gained a balance at the top then took his binoculars to his eyes and looked into the square “God damn, how am I gonna find one man amongst so many?” he thought to himself as he looked but he then decided to look in the position of the president so he turned to another part and looked where the president was and saw the president there, then he started searching for his target; there were so many people behind the president so he looked carefully and after 15mins of searching he found the target “Gotcha” he said and hanged the binocular before opening his bag to bring out the sniper and started assembling it and after the assembling he then screws a silencer to its fire hole. He then cocked the gun and aimed for his target, he zoomed the sniper’s binocular and got a close view, it took him a little about 5mins to find the target again but finally did. “Good” he said as he closed one eye and had his hand close to the trigger but he didn’t shoot just yet because everywhere was calm as the soldiers were displaying and after 15mins the soldiers started hitting their drums loudly. Now he aimed for his target; his hands were shaky but he was patient and he over came after 15secs. He held his mark on the target’s head and as it became stable he fired at the target and the bullet hit the General in the eye and he jerked back on his seat; the bullet went through his eye and came out at the back of his head and entered somebody’s arm behind him. Luke cocked the gun again and aimed at him and gave him another shot in the heart. He had successfully killed his target and scattered the event as soldiers started moving in position to protect the president and others and moved them out the environment. Luke dismantled his sniper and put it in his bag quickly with his binocular and started climbing down the mast and before he got down everywhere was already chaotic as soldiers had started shooting to dispatch the people from the square. Luke got down the mast and went to the back of the generator and waited for 10secs before going out the gate; people were running aimlessly out the square, he then sees a man come in front of him and entered a power bike and started it but he immediately hit the man with his bag on the head and he fell off “Sorry about that” he said and got on the bike and turned and drove off as people quickly gave way before they die… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED… ……………………………………………

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