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Story: BLOOD - Episode 6


Blood - Episode 6

11:45am… The environment wasn’t so busy, there were few people moving in and around the banks and professionally they all mixed with the people “Is everyone in position?” Ade asked “Zeus in position” Zeus replied through the Bluetooth pod in his ear “Hades in position” “Luke in position” “God-Eye in position” “Machine Gun in position” “Drummer in position” “ What about Evil spirit?” Ade asked “Don’t worry about him, I got eyes on him, he’s in position” Zeus said and from afar Evil spirit threw a salute at Zeus with his hand. 11:55am… Hades arrives with the car at the exact time. They were all scattered around the area and immediately 11:55 they started gathering themselves “Everyone to the car now” Zeus said as he walked towards the car where it was parked. Hades stepped out the car and went to the boot; everyone moved normally and didn’t suspect anything. They all arrived at the car and Hades immediately opened the boot and everyone quickly picked out M16A4 and a desert eagle each and like the wind, they shared themselves and moved; people started running on seeing them “Einstein disable now” Zeus said “Am on it” Ade said and after 5 seconds “Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!” Ade said loudly “Everybody move” Zeus said and they dispatched into the bank premises. As Luke and Hades entered the bank compound, the security sort for their weapons but Luke and Hades shut them down and headed to the door and shot the few people at the door. As they approached the door, it opened for them to come in. they moved in quickly; Luke looked back and saw another security man who wanted to shoot him but he was faster as he quickly shot him on the chest. They entered the bank and gunned down the three security men inside and then “Everybody down” Hades shouted and the people started screaming “Shut the fuck up!!” Luke yelled and everyone was silent as they all laid on the floor One of the staffs tried pressing an emergency button “Don’t worry it won’t work” Luke said to her “Hey you, come here” Hades said as he grabbed a man from the floor “you work here?” he asked “Yes sir” “where’s the fucking manager” he yelled “There” he pointed as he was shaking; Hades and Luke were in a hurry as they kept looking at the time “Let’s go” Hades said dragging him roughly “Keep them down, I’ll be back” Hades said to Luke who nodded One of the persons on the floor was trying to press his phone and then Luke shot him with the tranquilizer; another person who saw what Luke shot was surprised it wasn’t a bullet so he summoned courage “Hey they don’t have guns, they are fake” he yelled as he stood up to walk to Luke “Really?” Luke said and brought out the desert eagle from his back and gave him a head shot and he died immediately as the people screamed loudly and some were crying ‘shut up” Luke shouted and they were calm; Luke then shot everyone at the back of the counter with the tranquilizer and then he shot some people on the floor. All these while their adrenaline were high, really high and they were sweating because they were not on mask, After 10 mins Hades came back out with the manager and he dragged out two big bags “Let’s go” Hades said and Luke collected one of the bags from him and as they were leaving he looked at somebody and he recognized the person “You?” he said and Hades stopped; it was the woman who called in the mobs on him after taking him into her house. She quickly lowered her face “You know her?” Hades said “Yes I Do she almost killed me with mobs so time ago” “Then shoot her” Hades said “No! Why?” Luke asked and Hades quickly brought out his desert eagle and shot the lady in the head and the people screamed “Shut up” Hades shouted and he saw someone recording them on his phone “What the fuck?” Hades said and walked to him and kicked his head and he went unconscious then Hades took the phone and smashed it on the floor and he shot the phone “Let’s go” Luke said and they quickly moved out; Luke looked at the time, it was 12:15pm and as the came out the bank they saw everywhere calm as many people of the road were knocked out with tranquilizers “Are you through?” Machine gun asked as they approached the car “Yeah” Hades said; they opened the door and put the bags in the back of the car “What the fuck is keeping them?” Machine said; they were all hyped seriously and just then Zeus and Drummer came out and also Evil spirit and God-Eye, they all ran to the car with big bags “Damn, this bag is fucking heavy” God-Eye said as they put the bags in the car “Let’s go” Zeus said and Hades entered the driver’s seat and started moving the car slowly “Go to the river, we’ll meet you there” Zeus said to Hades and he increased his speed and drove away. They were running calmly as they kept looking around “Watch out” Luke said to Drummer; some security men started shooting at them and they opend fire with their tranquilizer “Use the real Gun” Zeus shouted and the pulled out the desert eagle and started shooting and killed two security men, Machine gun then opened serious fire at them and killed the other three men but also damaging cars and building; everything was happening fast “Let’s go, let’s go” Zeus shouted “Look” Luke pointed to horizontally to the sky “A security helicopter” Drummer said “Run! Run! Run!” Zeus said and they started running “Guys get out of there now, there’s a problem” Ade said “That’s a military helicopter, there will open fire on you” Ade said and suddenly the helicopter opened fire as it approached them “Run” Zeus said and they were running but machine gun was slow because of the machine gun he was holding; he then turned and opened fire on the helicopter and the helicopter went out of control and crashed on the road. They didn’t stop running, they ran until they got to the river to meet Hades and Ade “Come on let’s go” Hades said as they ran closer; at the river were canoes but no fisherman in sight “No wait” Luke said looking at a canoe with a black tarpaulin “What is it?” they all looked at him; everyone was hyped “Don’t carry the money in our boat put it in this canoe” he said pointing to the canoe with a black tarpaulin “Why?” “Let’s all take of our clothes now and hide the money and the guns in this canoe and cover them with the tarpaulin, I will sail in the canoe as a fisher man with the money to the other side, then you guys should pick a canoe and we sail away because I believe more helicopters are on the way but if we sail in disguise of fishermen, they will not notice us” “Brilliant” Zeus agreed “Take of your clothes now everybody Zeus said and they started taking off their clothes; until they were on under wears then they rubbed mud on themselves “Ade, go back with our boat, we’ll meet you there” Zeus said and Ade started the flying boat and drove off They carried all the money, the clothes and the guns into the canoe and covered it with the tarpaulin; Luke and God-Eye pushed the big canoe into the water and started paddling, Zeus and Drummer and Hades got into another canoe and started paddling, Machine Gun and Evil spirit entered another and sailed too and just then three helicopters were approaching from the north-east “Get the nets” Zeus said and Drummer picked up the fishing nets and threw them into the water as the helicopters passed, in a pretence of being fisher men and it worked as cause helicopters passed them and headed for the banks. “Thank God” Drummer said as he sat down “What about the car the car?” Drummer said “I planted a bomb under and I have the control” Hades said “Blow it up now” Zeus said and he pushed the button and they heard the sound of the explosion… They sailed into a part of the river covered with trees and stopped by the shore in the forest and they came out the boat and parked their stuffs and climbed up a hill close to the river about 15feet high and they were standing in front of their pick up cars; two hummer jeeps “Welcome guys, good work” Ade said as they started loading the money in the cars “Ade what the fuck happened? How the hell did the helicopters know we were there” Zeus asked “Am sorry, but the network system over rode my control sooner than I thought” he said “Thank God, we made it” Hades said “Yeah, but don’t ever make such mistake again” Zeus said “Alright let’s go” Zeus said and they all got into the two cars and drove out the forest…

To be continued

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