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Blood - Episode 21

Next Day… Zeus and Haliya were sitting under a sunshade and enjoying the company of each other “I want us to go to Abu Dhabi next week” Zeus said as he held her hand “Please… I have been in Abu Dhabi all my life” “So where would you like to go?” “China’ she said “China?” “Yes, I would like some Chinese food and a little bit of Kung fu practice” “Excuse me, couples” Jameel said with a sad face, Zeus and Haliya looked at her “Hey honey what’s up” Zeus said “I wanna talk to you’ Jameel said “Sure why not sit” he said “Hi Haliya” “Hi Jameel” “I wanna ask you for something” she said “ok?” “Are you gonna give it?” she asked “I will if I can” “O yes you will because I’m in love” she said; Zeus and Haliya looked at each other “In love is a good thing” “Yeah it is” “So who’s the lucky guy?” Zeus said “Luke’ she said and Zeus smiled “Do you need my permission to have a relationship? Luke is a nice guy” Zeus said and Jameel was surprised “You’re not angry” “Why should I?” “Is it that pretty boy who comes here to look for Zeus?” Haliya asked “Yeah” Jameel said “He’s a nice guy” Haliya said “We’ve actually been together for a while now” Jameel said “I knew there was something between you two, I felt the chemistry” Zeus said “Thank you Zeus I love you” she said happily and kissed his cheek and hugged Haliya… One Month Later… Zeus has arranged for a meeting with the youths in Lagos at the national stadium in Lagos. The youths were entertained as they waited for Zeus’s arrival; Hades, Drummer, Machine, Evil spirit were present but Zeus was yet to arrive and so was Ade, God-Eye and Luke… Zeus came out of the house and walked to his car with Luke and Ade, Ade entered the drivers seat and then Zeus stopped to talk to Luke “Hey” Zeus said to Luke “Jameel told me something” Zeus said and Luke’s fear heightened “she told me you both are having a relationship “ “It’s not what you think Zeus” Luke said “C’mon luke don’t lie am not against you guys” Zeus said and Luke was surprised “Seriously” Luke said “Just don’t break her heart so I wont have to break your head “Zeus said smiling and tapped Luke’s shoulder “lets go Zeus said as they entered the car and drove off … They arrived at the venue and it was filled up and had people outside the whole place, everywhere was crowded with people and cars but it seemed the people recognized Zeus as he stepped out of the car and they cheer him for the good he has been doing ; polices were everywhere as they escorted them into the stadium and led him to the platform to speak. The whole place was filled up even the field and the people cheered and applauded them as they climbed the platform…\ \ God-eye came out of his mansion with his girlfriend and then there was a knock on the gate and the security men opened the gate and the next thing they saw was the security men falling to the ground with blood. Some men then entered the compound and started shooting at God-eyes and he quickly dodged with his girl and they both ran back inside and the men headed for the door. “Who are they “ she asked with fear “I don’t know come with me now” he said and they went through a back door into another room and he took her to the back door and opened a small gate that leads to the outside but then some men opened fire at them, he then knew they were surrounded. They both entered into a small house at the backyard and then he asked her to stay in the bathroom and he locked the door he then opened a wardrobe and revealed a collection of guns, he armed himself with two berretta in his hand. Three men entered through the back gate with guns but God-eye shot them dead immediately and moved into the house , he could hear movement as he climbed up a set of stairs and he saw ten men with machetes and guns moving round the house then one of them climbed upstairs, God-eye quickly entered into a room and close the door. He called Luke number but it wasn’t going through so he decided to call Hades but it was switched off. His adrenaline ; he came out of the room but didn’t see anyone he then went through the stairs that led to the back and went back to the room to meet his girl and they both came out and moved slowly to the front where they saw the men , they quickly hid themselves but after sometime the men left… \ Thank you Zeus said smiling as he stood behind the puppet with a mic installed on it “I know a lot of people must be wondering who I am and why I have been organizing parties and giving out things. Well, we all know that things are hard these days and I had a lot that I cannot finish so the best way to make use of them was by giving to those who are in need. We all know that if you close your pocket nothing goes in and nothing comes out but the best way to receive is by giving” “But that is not the reason I have summoned you all here today” “The reason we are here today is to discuss a change for this nation, a real change and not the ones our plutocratic government promised and failed to do. The last general election took place two years back and the ADP (Action Democratic Party) was declared the win, even before the election they had promised you all change that will restore the country better than before but those were empty promises as usual, instead they gave us change in negative form. In 10months of their leadership, Nigerians cry out in regret; you all voted them in with your thumbs all because we believed their lies and now they are satisfying their selfish ambitions. It has been 2years now and it’s gotten worse than ever; the president promised #5000 stipends to all unemployed youths which he later admitted he was not the one who made such promise but it was the party. A man who denies his own words can only bring disaster to us. A month after President Sanusi Babangida became president, electricity became better but then 9months down the line it became worse. The electricity we enjoyed then was the last effort of the former President, it became time for the new President to work and he couldn’t, is this the change you want” “NOOO!!!” the people voices roared “In a short period of time, Nigeria has experienced multiple fuel scarcities, is that the change you want?” “NOOO!!!” “Presently we are even experiencing fuel scarcity; your minister of information, Saheed Ganiu has officially declared that they never promised employment but rather job opportunities” “The banking sector is witnessing all manner of charges and the most painful is the #50 postage duty, is this the change we want?” “NOOO!!!” “The naira is tumbling against the dollar because President Sanusi Babangida is using 1970s economic style to direct a 2016 economy” “The market has been seriously affected as common house hold food are as expensive as eating one square meal a day. A bag of water is now 200 naira, a bag of rice is at 13,000 naira and still climbing; even a 100 naira bread is now 120; Ladies and Gentlemen, in this period food is fast leaving our tables, is this the change we want?” “NOOO!!!” “That is why I want you to join me in bringing change in it’s positive form to the nation. I am not here to campaign for presidency but I am here tt inform you that there is a solution to all these bullshit. A new political party will arise and will be governed by the real leaders, for we are tired of being leaders of tomorrow, we want to be leaders of today” “YEEES!!!” “As many of you who are tried of the suffering and want a change should register him/herself as a member of the NGL (New Generation Leaders) and then we will meet to discuss the change we will bring. I promise you that a real change will unfold in our lives for the better. Thank you” the crowds applauded loudly as he left…

To be continued

>>>>EPISODE 19/20

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