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Blood - Episode 15

At about 7:00am Zeus and Machine had left the house to the airport, leaving Haliya, Jameel and Ade as home. 10:00am, Luke was on his way to Zeus’s house and about 10mins later he was almost at the gate when he saw a car come out and then turned towards his direction and was heading his way, he watched as the car passed and he saw that it was Jameel so he started his car and turned around and followed her. He was 50meters behind her then she entered the main road and after 10mins she stopped by a supermarket and then entered the place. After 20secs Luke came out of his car and entered the market too; it was a very big market, he moved in and stood behind a large item rack and saw that she came shopping so he walked out the supermarket and went to his car and waited for her and after 10mins she stepped out with a small white bag and then a man ran out the store and went to her, Luke watched them as they talked and she shook him, they laughed together and the look on Luke’s face was jealousy (you can’t blame him because when you’re in love you get a lot of combined feeling when you see you loved one with the opposite sex) He wanted to walk to them but he kept cool since they just talking and then the guy enters her car and they drove off, Luke was surprised so he followed them and they stopped at a club downtown and they both entered the club; Luke quickly followed them. The club was sound proved and the inside was dark with few people dancing; it was the multicolored lights that brightened the whole place. Luke saw them sit down and started talking again and after ordering some drinks they walked into another door and Luke followed; they entered into a small room and closed the door. Luke stood outside and waited outside, he was really getting angry because of what they would be doing in there, he then barged into the room and was surprised not to see anyone but just a red rug, a bed, a small fridge and one arm chair and a door into a bathroom; the light in the room was very bright. He pulled out his gun and walked to the bathroom and then Jameel came out of the bathroom and looked at him and he froze “I know you’d come” she said smiling; Luke didn’t know what to say or do “Stanley come out” she said and the young guy came out of the bathroom “Hey Luke” he said “Who the fvck are you and what are you doing with her?” Luke said angrily “Hey relax dude, it was a plan to bring you here and it worked” he said “A plan? What plan” he asked “Yeah a plan” he said and walked out the room and shut the door. Luke stared at Jameel and she smiled and walked to him and then passed him and went to the door without a word; Luke was buried in oblivion and didn’t know what was happening, he just held the gun with a lose grip and stared at her as she walked seductively to the door, he was staring at her large butts, he was already sweating; Jameel locked the door twice and pulled the key and threw it on the chair and walked back to him and stood in front of him smiling. Luke then knew what was up. He had rashes of sweat on his forehead , she moved closer and then pressed her bosom on him and put her arms around his neck and that sent pulse down his pants. “Why are you sweating?” she said in a low sexy tone as she used her finger to clean the sweat on his face “I… Zeus” he tried to speak “Sssshhhh” she shunned him “Forget Zeus, he wouldn’t do anything, he wouldn’t even know” she said as she looked deep in his eyes and she was very good at it especially with the beauty she had. She kissed his upper lip and he accepted it by kissing her lower lip and he could taste her pineapple wet lip; she smiled because she knew she had him She turned her back to him and said “Unzip my dress” and he obeyed like a good child, she then dropped her dress and Luke had a good view of that bright skinned ass; his eyes widened and he swallowed the saliva gathered in his mouth. She turned to him and he was amazed at the sight of her large breasts pulping from that small blue bra. Luke was gone, his John Thomas was ready to tear his pants open; the gun he was holding had fallen from his hand. She then used one of her fingers to pull down her bra and revealed one of her full breasts and the put his hand on her butts “I have been waiting for this moment, to catch you off guard” “You succeeded” he managed to say and she giggled and then kissed him passionately and he did the same, they kissed each other like it was their last; they both got on the bed and he made love to her… “Mr. Franklin is in the fourth floor” God-Eye said “What’s he doing?” Hades asked “Talking to someone but I think he’s on his way out” “Good; Drummer where are you” Hades asked “Am in the car waiting for you guys” “Good, God-Eye step out of the bank, we’ll wait outside” Hade said. After 5mins the target was out of the bank premises and he entered the back seat of a carand the car moved; Hades and God-eye got in their car “Follow him” Hades said to Drummer They followed the car until they got to a traffic jam “Alright, am going in on him so once the car moves you follow us” Hades said and stepped out of their car and walked to the target’s car, he opened the door and entered the car “Excuse me, who are you? You can’t just come into my car like that” Frank said and then Hades brought out a gun and pointed it to him “Shut the fvck up” Hades yelled “Wined down those glasses” Hades said to the driver and he quickly obeyed and then the traffic cleared “Move the car and head for third mainland bridge” Hades said and he obeyed “We’re heading for the bridge” Hades said to the others through the Bluetooth pod “Please who are you? What do you want?” Franklin was scared but Hades was silent as he watched the road ahead “Please, I have money, I can give you anything you want, please don’t kill me” he begged and then Hades hit him with the gun on the head and he fainted “Money is not my problem Asshole” Hades said; the driver constantly glanced at Hades through the mirror “Focus on your driving, you wanna kill us? You look at me a again I’ll bust your brains on those glasses” Hades said and he focused. By 11:05am they were at Zeus’s home; they entered the compound and drove to the back of the main building and took the man out with his driver and moved them into a room… Luke was probably the luckiest guy in the world to be laying with such a beauty. They both laid on the bed silently; Luke was lying on his back and looking at the roof while Jameel was lying on her side and looking at Luke, he constantly glanced at her “What are you staring at?” he finally asked and she smiled but he didn’t smile back. He then stood up and sat on the bed and backed her; Luke was muscular and well built; he then put on his trousers and then sat on the bed quietly probably thinking of what to say. “Luke that was good” she said and he turned his head to look at her and then looked away again ‘You’re the second guy am having sex with” she said “(Chuckles) You want me to buy that?” he said “It’s the truth, there’s no buying it” she said and sat up “When I was in Abu Dhabi, I was dating a guy called Raman but after two months of our dating, he wanted me to have a threesome with him and his friend but I refused, he then tried to force me but I had managed to escape and I made a mistake by telling Zeus about it because he got so angry that he and Aziz visited the guy and beat him up with a crowbar and almost killed him; they were arrested but my father got them out” “I see… so you lost your virginity to that asshole” “Not really” she said “When I was in high school there in Abu Dhabi, I had real bad female friends who introduced me into porn and lesbian sex” she said and Luke looked at her with surprise “I was a lesbian for two years but I stopped, I knew it wasn’t my thing; I never told my father or Zeus” “You lost your virginity to a lady” he said “Does that change your feelings for me?” she asked and he was quiet then climbed the bed and held her “I love you and it doesn’t change my feelings but your brother would not approve of this” he said “Then we won’t let him know” she said touching his face “You don’t understand, nothing can be hidden forever, if he finds out, am so dead” “I promise you, he wont” she said and kissed him “How did you know I followed you? And who was that guy?” he asked “I knew my brother would put a watch over me when he travels and I knew it was you because he likes you a lot. Stanley is Ade’s friend whom I borrowed so I can make you jealous and follow us so as to lure you here” she explained and he kinda felt stupid for falling so cheaply but he was happy he did “You got me” he said smiling and kissed her passionately and they had sex again…

To be continued

>>>>Episode 14

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