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Blood - Episode 14


One Week Later… Zeus was arriving today and had informed the others of his arrival and had asked them to wait at home, he had a surprise for them. By 12:17pm, a black limousine entered the compound and stopped at the front of the house; Ade was outside in front when they came in “They are here” he said loudly to the others inside; the Limo door opened and Zeus came out with Haliya who was dressed in a bright green gown “Haliya!” Ade was surprised as he walked to her and hugged her tightly “Lam naraka mundhu muddah, kaifa haloki” Ade asked (Long time no see, how are you) “Jayed” she replied “Ayna-l-Jameel” she asked and just then Jameel came out with Hades; Jameel was surprised to see Haliya and she screamed in excitement and ran to her and hugged her tightly “Lam naraka mundhu muddah, Haliya” she said smiling “You all ran away from UAE” Haliya said “No, it’s all Zeus’s idea” Jameel said pointing to Zeus with a sad face “We’re married” Zeus said “What?!” Jameel and Ade said loudly “Yes” “Am so happy” Jameel said and hugged Zeus and Haliya and so did Ade; Luke and Hades just stood watching the family reunion “But why get married without inviting me” Jameel said punching Zeus lightly on the chest “A, sorry dear, but the celebration is still on” Zeus said “Excellent” she said “Welcome man” Hades said to Zeus “Hey Hades, how you doing?” Zeus replied and hugged Hades “Am good” ‘Haliya meet Hades, my friend or should I say a brother” “Nice to meet you” Haliya said in her feminine Arabic voice “Same here” he said and shook her “Hey Luke, welcome” Ade said and hugged him “Thanks Man” Luke replied “Hey smart guy” Hade said and hugged Luke “Good to see you again man” Hades said “Yeah same here” “Where are the others?” Zeus asked “They’ll join us later” Hades said “Alright, let’s go in and celebrate” Zeus said… One Week Later… Another meeting was fixed a week after they arrived in Nigeria “And we were able to meet up with him in his office and he told us that the meeting was a plan to assassinate Dr. Jason” Hades explained “Did you kill him? Zeus asked “Yes we did but we also had him transfer all his money before we killed him” ‘Very good; I and Luke also caught up with Dr. Hassan Raji with the help of a friend” “Did you get anything from him” “A lot” Luke said “Yes, he told us about General Afeez Usman” “And who’s that?” God-eye asked “I don’t know but he said the General was the master planner, the back bone of everything” “Do you have his location?” Machine asked “Yes, he talked about one Franklin Orji who works in Union bank and is a close associate to the General” “Then we’ll have Franklin talking soon” Hades said “Yes but one more thing” Zeus said “There was a video of the killing” Zeus said “What? A video” God-eye asked with surprise; they were all surprised “Where’s this video?” Drummer asked “With a girl” Luke said “A girl?” Hades repeated “Come on Luke, show some respect, it’s a lady not a girl” Zeus said smiling “Yeah Lady Sarah Oscar” Luke said “Where can we find her?” Drummer asked “Leave that to me” Ade said “I’ll find her for you” “Thanks Einstein” Zeus said “Let’s deal with Franklin First” Luke said “Yeah right” Zeus said “Hades, drummer and God-eye, you are up for this, I want you to track down Franklin and bring him straight up to me” “Done” Hades said “It should be done this week, please” Zeus said “Piece of cake” God-eye said “Evil Spirit, I have something for you; I want you to Take down a man Called Joseph Yusuf, the managing director of Zack steel industries, he lives in Lekki and is always early” Zeus said and handed a file with Joseph’s profile in it and Evil spirit collected it and nodded in agreement “Machine gun and I will be going to Edo state to have a chat with Governor Charles Balogun” Zeus explained “You can all go prepare; Machine, I’ll call you later today” Zeus said and they left except Luke “Hey what about me?” Luke asked and Zeus walked to him “I have another mission for you” Zeus said smiling and put his arm around Luke’s shoulder “I want you to keep an eye on my sister” Zeus said and Luke was a little surprised ‘Yeah I know it’s weird but I’ll be travelling tomorrow and you are the only one capable of this job” he said “Did you know that Jameel was in Abu Dhabi with us?” Zeus asked and Luke was surprised. He saw Jameel but refused to believe it was her but he didn’t know that Zeus knew too “What? Where did you see her?” “At Aziz party” “I knew it” Luke said to himself; he knew it was her but his mind didn’t want him believing it; how could she have followed them all the way and for what? “I saw her but pretended I didn’t” Zeus said “Why would she follow us?” Luke asked “She wants to be part of what we doing but I don’t want that” “I understand” “She’s a woman and this blood spill is not for women, it would be a very big shame if a woman is involved. If I needed women in the team then she could be one of them but no” “I understand you” “Thank you and that’s why I chose you” “I’ll do it” Luke said as they walked outside “Good but don’t make her know you’re following her because I know she will leave this house once am out, so help me keep an eye on her. I don’t want those men touching her” “Ain’t gonna happen” Luke said “Zeus?” Haliya called from a balcony upstairs and they both looked up “Hey baby, what’s up?” Zeus said ‘Don’t baby me, I need you in the room now” she said with authority ‘Yes her royal highness” he said “Stop goofing around and get up here now” she said and Luke laughed “Hi Haliya” Luke said “Hey Luke how you doing?” “Am okay thank you” “You look cute” she said “Thanks” he said “Really? Am over here” Zeus said “What are you jealous?” she said “Of cause I am” he said “Well, then stop bringing your look alike to the house” “Please guy I don’t wanna be a marital problem” Luke said “(Laughs) In your dreams, get out of here” Zeus said smiling “Have a nice day Luke” “And you too” he said “Zeus, come up here, we got unfinished business in the room” she said “On my way” he said running inside…

To be continued

>>>>Episode 13

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