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Blood - Episode 13

Khalifa City, 2:37pm… Aziz takes them to a quiet street; all the houses on the street were the same in structures and designs but different colors; it was more like an estate as each house had a bar gate and flower fencing about 6ft high, there are three columns of trees arranged horizontally hereby creating two roads and pedestrian lane on each side of the road. The tall palm fruitless trees covered the sky and protected the ground from the hot sun light. You couldn’t see into the compounds except through the bar gate. Their car drove down the street and stopped at a house labeled R2 as this was the numbering pattern of the houses; the first two houses facing each other were numbered A1 and A2 followed by B1 and B2 and so on… They got to the house and stepped out the car and the two men from the front were the first to go in before Aziz and others; everywhere was calm and peaceful, not even the wind made a move at any object. The house was made of red bricks and a white metal door. One of Aziz men knocked on the door and someone from inside opened the door for them and they walked in “Anya-l-howwa?” Aziz asked and the man walked into the sitting room and they followed and he led them into a room where a man was tied to a chair and blindfolded with a blue ribbon. Two of Aziz men dressed in suit were standing behind the man and another on his left; there was a table in front of him where Aziz, Zeus and Luke were standing “Remove the blindfold” Zeus said and one of the men removed it The hostage was a black man in a white shirt with blue tie which was loosened a little bit and his shirt was dirty and he looked rough; he opened his eyes and looked around the room and the looked at the faces of the men in front of him “What is going on here?” he said; Zeus smiled “He said he doesn’t know you” Aziz said “Dr. Hassan Raji” Zeus said smiling “Who are you? Why did you bring me here?” he asked “Who am I? You don’t know me again?” Zeus said “I don’t know you” he said confidently ‘Is this not the Ex-minister of information?” Luke said “Of cause he is and he’s a good informant” “I want you to tell me all that you know about my father’s murder” Zeus said “I don’t know what you are tal… araagh” he didn’t finish the statement before Zeus landed a punch on his left eye and he shouted in pain “Will you tell me now” “I don’t know you” he said “Zeus allow me” Aziz said “Listen Mr. Hassan, don’t make this harder for yourself, tell us what we want” Aziz said “I don’t know what you’re all talking about” he said; Aziz called one of his men close “Get a knife” he said and the man left and came back with a knife “I won’t ask you again or I am going to cut your thumb into slices like a bread” Aziz said as he put the knife at the tip of his finger “Ok I’ll tell you” he said “Good” “General Afeez Usman is the man you need to get for your father’s death, he is the mafia behind everything. He only gave me orders to kill your father, your father was not assassinated as they told the world; he was murdered in the meeting with the executives present. I was the one who carried out the killing on the orders of the General, he asked me to stab your father in the heart. Everything that happened was not hidden because your father saw the faces of his killers” “I see, so you are the obedient servant. Are you a soldier?” Zeus asked “No” “Then why did you carry out orders from the General?” “He would have killed me” “So what do you think I would do to you” “Wait, there is one more thing” he said “Speak up” There was a complication after the killing” ‘What complication?” “In the hotel where we held the meeting, there was someone who recorded the killing secretly without our awareness but it was one of the General’s comrades who discovered a lady with a video camera” “And did you kill her?” Zeus asked “She ran away and they couldn’t get her but she is still being hunted; we managed to track down her address but she was alert and knew she was under attack so she escaped” “So there’s evidence against them, what’s her name?” Luke said “Sarah Oscar” “Good but how can we get to General Afeez” Zeus asked “I don’t know, am not a very close associate to him” “Then you are of no use to me again” “please don’t kill me” he begged “Did my father beg?” Zeus asked but he was silent “Answer me!!” Zeus yelled “No he didn’t” “then what were his last words” “He said we would be haunted” “Yes, he’s right and am the hunter” Zeus said “Tell me how to find General Afeez and I might spare your life” “I don’t know but there is someone who works closely with him” “Who” “Franklin Orji, he works at the Union bank head quarters in the Island in Lagos” “Good” Zeus said as he turned away “We can’t spare him” Luke said “Yes we can’t” Aziz agreed “What do we do with him?” Zeus asked “Let me deal with him” Aziz said and Zeus nodded in agreement “Feed him to the tiger” Aziz said and his men took the man away “No! Please I beg you” he pleaded but it fell on deaf ears… They walked out the house and got in the car and drove off “How did go with my sister?” Aziz asked ‘We’re getting married” he said and Aziz laughed with surprise ‘Nice one, very good” “We’ll do a quick wedding then we’ll fly to Nigeria” “That’s okay”…

*To be continued*

>>>>Episode 12

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