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Story: BLOOD - Episode 12


Blood - Episode 12

They both entered the car and moved off heading to see Haliya; and in 15mins he was at her home. He stopped beside a bar gate, he didn’t come out yet. He rested his head on the wheels and took a deep breath and then exhaled through his mouth loudly “I know what you’re thinking but don’t worry am sure she’ll be happy to see you” Luke said “I hope so too, are you coming?” “No, I’ll wait here for you” Luke said and Zeus went out the car and entered the gate and as he approached the building Haliya’s junior sister Arshina came out the house and saw Zeus; she was about to scream in excitement but Zeus signaled her to be quiet; she ran to him and hugged him tightly “Kaifa haloka” Zeus asked “Am fine” she replied in English “Where’s Haliya?” he asked “She’s in the kitchen” she said smiling as they both walked inside They walked to the kitchen and saw her arranging some things in the cabinet “Haliya” Zeus called out and she paused on hearing that voice; she recognized that voice anywhere and anytime. She turned to be sure and saw Zeus standing at the Kitchen door with her sister. She couldn’t believe it as her mouth was opened; her sister quickly excused them. Zeus walked to her and stood in front of her and they both stared at each other in the eyes, Zeus was smiling but she was still in surprise “Should I be happy to see you” she finally said in a straight face “Motashare fatun bema refatek” Zeus said (It’s nice to see you again) “O shut up” she said and walked away “Haliya” he followed her “Don’t you call my name again” she said “Eshtaqto elaika katheera, Haliya” Zeus said (I missed you so much Haliya) “Am serious here, don’t speak Arabic to me Zeus, you left me for 5years; who the hell does that to a woman they love” “I am sorry” “Sorry? Is that all you can say? Well am sorry too because am seeing someone else” she lied “But Aziz said you were waiting for me” “Waiting for you? Aziz is my brother; he doesn’t know everything about me” “Haliya don’t’ say that” he said but she turned away “It’s too late” she said “No way it can’t be too late” he said in a sad face “I am here to marry you” he said; she was hit with surprise there; she turned to face him “Did you mean that?” she said in a low tone “With all my heart” “Show me the ring and I’ll believe you” she said but he had none “It’s not here but am here for you” he said “Argh” she said angrily as she held her head with both hands and then looked at him angrily “Yeah, just say I know it’s in there, let it out” Zeus said “I hate you” she said “I love you” he replied “The only thing that’s going to make me forgive you now is if I punch your face” “Please do whatever it takes that will make me get you back” he said; she walked close to him and looked at him with an angry face for 5secs then smiled and hugged him tightly “I have missed you so much” she said holding him tightly with her eyes closed “I love you” he said “I love you too but why did you leave me all these while” she said as they separated “I didn’t leave you; if I did I wouldn’t come back here” “I want to come to Nigeria with you” she said “Haliya I don’t… that’s how I will know you are true to your words” she interrupted “Okay my love, I’ll take you” he said and just then her phone rang “Hello” “Yes he’s here” “Ok” that was all she said and hanged up “It’s Aziz, he said you should come” she said “Ok but I will be back, ok?” he said and she nodded and he kissed her lips softly before leaving “I love you” she said as he left… Zeus got back to the car with Luke waiting “Everything’s good, huh?” Luke asked “Better than good; we’re getting married” he said and Luke laughed “Wow, seriously?” he was surprised “Yeah” he said and started the car and drove off… He went back to Aziz’s house and saw Aziz waiting outside with two of his men, he then parked the car and walked to Aziz “Good news and bad news” Aziz said “Good news first” Zeus said “We have a man called Dr, Hassan Raji” Aziz said “Bad news” “He says he doesn’t know you” Aziz said “I see… where is he?” Zeus asked “We have him in a house in Khalifa city” “Waw, that’s quick” “Don’t forget Zeus, this is our city, am everywhere” Aziz said “I haven’t forgotten” Zeus said smiling “Let’s go to him” Aziz said “Alright” “Let’s go in my car” Aziz said and they entered a Black Rolls Royce Phantom; Luke, Aziz, and Zeus sat at the rear and two men in the front…

To be continued

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