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 Episode 1
Kane rubbed his hand all over the surface of the short gun, he gently placed it to his mouth as if he was trying to kiss it, he return it to his laps and tied up his shoe lace just as the other three gang were dressing up.
He check the gun again and smile, he drop the tip of the cigarette in his hand before stepping
on it. Two of his gangs noticed and began to laugh and Kane laughed too before saying
“You won’t understand the joy and fulfillment I have just having this precious thing in my hand, just one hit and my victim is gone, no mercy…one hit
The two other gangs began to hail him…
“Kaka the kaka…area destroyer, the giant scorpion himself…the thorn in human flesh, money bag…the creative master…
Kane smile while dancing to their praises, as they were still singing the main gang leader came in, puffing out weed smoke from his mouth.
“Hope we are all ready, few minute from now it will be twelve mid night, and we move at exactly 12:30am. Just as usual, I need to make sure the road is clear and quiet, python you will mount the gate, Razor blade you will stand by the door to make sure no escape route, grass cutter you will stand close to the car and give signal when necessary, don’t give a wrong signal because tonight operation is going to be fire for fire, this man is freaking rich, and the dollar is right in his house as I speak, grass cutter once you jump in through the fence… you will unlock the gate for us… me with Kaka will come inside through the gate, we have to be careful with those barb wire, I have explain it to you all on how to move…I don’t need any mistake at all…me and Kaka the scorpion we will go inside together, get what we went there for and vamoose, no shooting until you are attacked first and if the man tries to prove stubborn, then he is a gunner, he will go down in defeat… you know how much is involve Kaka…don’t mess it up, that was why I got you a sound gun which I call baby boy, I just want everything to be accurate, I know your father has money Kaka and all this money we have here is nothing to you compare to your father’s wealth but…
“Tiger..Tiger my main man… wait, sorry to interrupt you…but I don’t depend on my father’s money…he said he will never buy me my dream car until I start doing well and stop my arrogant behavior, my father is mad…he is a mad old man, he thinks I depend on his stupid money…no way, I want to make my own money and show it to his face that his money is worthless, I will buy my dream car, the latest model and drive right into one of those his fine Lexus jeeps in his garage, I will crash it and dare him to do his worst…I am Kaka the scorpion…area destroyer, I am the giant scorpion…no one dares me…not even my father…after tonight operation, the next hit will be at my father’s house…we will drain half of that money he think he has…I will give you all information when the time comes, I need to go home within that time and check around on how our movement will be…but tonight with this baby boy in my hand…hahaha.. One correct hit and my victim is gone…no mercy…my head is full…please pass me some more weed there…let me smoke the final for tonight trip…
They started hailing Kane again as their leader ask them to hurry up, they did their normal notorious cheer before checking to make sure everything is in order.
Olivia brought down the food from the fire, she called her mother
“Mom, the food is ready should I dish out for you and Dad or you want to eat with me today…
Olivia’s mother came to meet her in their small kitchen, and began to say something to Olivia quietly
“Olivia just dish for both of us, your father said he is not hungry…something seem to be troubling him…
“what could that be mom, work, my school fees or is it your health issue that is troubling him, i know I just newly gained an admission and he spent so much to make sure I get in there, being in the university and also your health challenges now which I now will pass just with time…is never easy, I understand Dad and I feel his pain, his pay is little compare to all the expenses, is not fair on him to be…
Olivia’s father came into the kitchen and they suddenly pause, he walked to his wife and gently squeezed her shoulder, he smile at Olivia before saying
“the two girls in my life are beginning to gossip with my name…isn’t that surprising, my two sweet girls, my lovely wife and my precious daughter, the two most important people I have in this world…please what is my offence and I will amend my ways…I live for two of you and all I want is to do all I can to put a smile on this beautiful faces here…
“Dad, we are just worried about you…something seem to be troubling you…you mean everything to us just as we mean to you…what could be eating at you…
“Nothing my daughter, i…I am fine…or maybe I am not…but I can’t place it…something maybe troubling me but is neither my work or anything I can think off, you are not the problem, Olivia… you are my biggest blessing, and I am not worried about your mother’s health because I know she will be alright soon, is just typhoid which was not noticed on time and it got into her blood, her health is bouncing back and her beautiful color is gradually returning again…hmmm. I just don’t know what is wrong with me this past two days but I will be fine…okay? none of you should worry over me please…face your studies Olivia and do well in school, become a lawyer as you have always dreamt to be…make your mother and i proud…alright…?
“I will dad, I promise…I will. Thank you for being a great dad and I will do all I can never to disappoint you and mom…
Kane drove down that night with his gang to their victim’s house, they parked at a distance before proceeding to the gate, all of them with their facial mask, which shows only their eyes, nose and mouth. they plan to scale the fence, they have already study the compound from outside and know how to jump in to avoid the barb wires that was used to round the fence.
The one they called Grass cuter stood with his gun close to where they parked their car, Python mounted outside the gate, Razor blade was going in so that he can stand by the door of the house, while Kane and Tiger will go inside the main house.
Their victim is a wealthy man, who live with his family, information just got to them that the man who just return from abroad brought back dollar in boxes, which he intend to take to the bank once the weekend is over so the gang decided to strike during the weekend.
Razor blade was the first to jumped into the gate carefully, he went to the big gate and tried to unlock it but found out it was locked with a code, Tiger must have forgotten to notice that the gate is coded. The gang leader after waiting for Razor to unlock the gate but no result he urged Kane to scale the fence and jump in with him so they proceed to the fence, tiger carefully scale the fence avoiding the barb wires before jumping, when Kane manage to get to the top of the fence, he was about to jump in when he saw two giant dogs gently coming behind tiger and Razor, and they did not know because they were waiting for him to jump down before they proceed.
Kane wanted to scream but realized that it will be getting them into trouble, so held his mouth as Tiger and Razor urge him to be fast and jump down, just then they hard a terrifying sound and quickly turn and before they could shoot the two giant dog jumped on them, their scream went high into the air as the beast started tearing them apart…Kane began to shoot at the animals, out of the four bullets in his gun, he missed one, one mistakenly hit his gang leader who was battling with the dog then another bullet hit one of the dog before the police siren started blazing from afar. He had only one bullet left inside the gun.
The owner of the house has already called the police and they were rushing down.
Kane tried to jump down but the barb wire tore his skin, and cut part of his face, he fell from the high fence and broke his legs
The other gang were trying to escape but police caught grass cutter, Kane manage to escape with python, they were being pursued by the police and they ran into a small house by the third street, the police who did not see where they ran into went to another street to search for them with their torch light and gun
As Kane and his partner in crime ran into the small house they started threatening to shoot anybody that shout or makes noise.
The house they broke into was Olivia’s house. She was asleep in her room when she hard the heavy sound which made her to sit up quickly, it sound like somebody just broke down their door, she started hearing voices and threats, followed by her father’s pleads.
Olivia rushed out to know what was happening and saw that the two men has mask on, the other taller man has a cut on his left cheek and blood has s----d up his facial mask, and he also have a deep cut on his hand and he was leaping in one leg, she tried to scream and the man with the deep cut pointed gun at her, her parents held onto each other shaking in fear and Olivia father was saying with a whisper
“Please we don’t have money, we are poor family, struggling with life, search the whole house we don’t have anything in this house please have mercy…don’t hurt us…please I beg you don’t hurt my only child…take it out on me but spare her…please I am begging you on my knees sir… I beg you in God’s name…have mercy…have mercy…
Python slapped him and asked him to keep quiet while Kane went over to Olivia who was shaking and moving back.
He forcefully grabbed her and she screamed again, he hit her hard and she fell to the ground, he unbutton his belt and pounce on her like a prey, he tore her dress before going down into her, she cried but couldn’t get away from the beast on top of her, and just then Olivia’s father rushed at Kane and threw a chair at him which made him to cry out in pain, he fell off from Olivia who has passed out and her nightie ruined in blood, Kane’s gun fell off from his hand as Olivia’s father hit him and as Olivia’s father tried to grab the gun Python shot him with his own gun, he shot him again and the man fell in his on pull of blood.
“Kaka we need to leave here now… he is dead and the gun noise will attract the police…let’s leave now…there’s no more bullet in my gun…
“Where’s my gun…you killed him…python…his dead…you shouldn’t have shot him…
“he could have killed you if I wasn’t here, you should be thanking me for saving you sorry a-s…the plan was to take a shelter and leave here why do you have to rape the poor girl…they are not part of the plans, this is not part of the plan Kaka…if things goes wrong now…your wealthy father is ready to spend all he have to save you but I got no wealthy parents and that’s why I’m doing this…it was risky, I have known someday luck will run out of me but I did not care all that matters is to make the money and enjoy myself to the full now all our plans has failed…tiger, grass cuter and Razor are out there…dead or alive I can’t tell, we manage to escape the least you could have done is to stay cool here and not hurt this poor family, now you made me to kill an innocent man who tried to save his daughter…you are a bastered…with all this injuries on your body and danger around us you still have the appetite for a woman…because you know you may get away with anything…Kaka now look…the man’s wife has passed out from the shock and that girl has fainted after the father was shot…if she survive she will be left with nobody, her mother may also die because she was already gone before I gun down her husband…you really messed up the plan…big time…you messed up…
“shut up…are you feeling sympathy for them…oh you are feeling sorry for people you don’t even know…let me remind you that sympathy is not part of this job…that girl was too sweet to be resisted, the moment she entered I went all hot…and stop all this petty talk it doesn’t suit you, you did what you were suppose to do by killing the man because I would have done the same for you if I was in your shoe…we need to have each other’s back…that’s the game…we will get out of here…please don’t start with that your emotion talk…it doesn’t suit you and that’s not who you are…you are python…stop acting like a cockroach that can be easily smashed…let’s find away and get out of here..i still have one bullet left in my gun…we will use it wisely to attack if there’s anything…
As they left Kane felt a pack of pain clouding his heart, he felt so guilty but was trying not to show it. No matter how he tried to wave it off the pain was still there, he wanted to go back and see if he can save the man or his wife, most important the beautiful girl he just hurt.
Kane felt like a beast as he tried to escape with his friend.


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