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Episode 2

The fine male doctor smiled at her again as usual and she returned the smile before proceeding down the corridor, she wonder why the young man always smiling anytime he sees her but never bother to say a word, she was already getting irritated with the constant smile.

She opened the door and entered, everything was becoming a ritual for her. This was not her first or her second doctor’s appointment so she was use to the routine.
Doctor Kate exclaim happily on seeing her walked in
“Look who we got here…our beautiful Miss Olivia…how are you doing today…
“I’m doing better than I was yesterday…I keep improving everyday…
“yes, you should…not just for yourself but also for your unborn child…you will finally meet her few weeks from now…aren’t you excited about it…
“I am…of curse I am excited doctor… Looking forward to having her…hmmm…do you think I will make a great mom to her…
“You will be a fantastic mother…don’t worry you will forget all your worries, pain and lost when you finally hold her in your arms…
“I feel relief…I’m glad to hear that…sometimes I have clouding thoughts…terrible things cycles my mind and I just need a little assurance…just to be sure that I know what I’m doing, I don’t want to think of the frightening past, which still threatens my sanity…you know doctor…things like having a baby without father, a product of rape, lost both parents same day and…and I could have flushed it out when I found out that I was pregnant… I felt it was a bad omen, it was evil to carry such child but I couldn’t get myself doing it…I tried to take my own life severally but I just couldn’t until I was introduced to you and your counselling sections has helped me greatly, ever since you started counselling me I have not have thoughts of suicides but I still have fears of the past…and terrible dreams…I think of my dear mom and dad everyday that passes by…I miss them… i could have being in school now pursuing my dreams and working hard to make my parents proud but here I am, a school drop out…carrying pregnancy by an unknown man…isn’t that so sad…is really sad doctor…I am not doing too well in letting go of the past but I’m pushing…I am working hard in finding purpose in life again…
“ you are doing so well my darling…and I am so proud of you…your late parents will be also proud of you too because if you have hurt yourself there won’t be you today…they want you to be happy and I know someday your dream will come true….it was a tragedy to have lost both parents same day, it look like your dreams was going to be cut short but don’t let it happen, when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry tell life you got a thousand and one reasons to laugh…you are wining and let nothing stop you Olivia…this child you carry maybe a product of a bad and evil man who only came to kill and to destroy but when you push her forth she will be a new beginning for you…and new sunrise…do you understand me…don’t ever throw a bad man sin on her shoulder rather love her as you will love your life…and in that way…the past will let go of you…life threw a lemon at you turn it into a lemonade or a lemon pie…hahahaha…yes…i love that smile on your face, you are a beautiful young woman and even your pregnancy can not hide that fact, a man can still walk up to you and say…”hello lady, you look so hot and classic, beauty is understatement when it comes to you, I don’t have words to describe you but I like you a whole lot, do you mind if I have your contact or we hook up sometimes…oh forget about the big tummy thing, it look more of a fine fashion than what it really appears, so what do you say to my kind humble request…
Olivia burst out laughing at Doctor Kate who was putting up some manly attitude as she tries to cheer her up, they both fell into a serious laughter.
Doctor Kate was always having words to say to her, things that keep her going, she was married with two kids, a counselor and a great mother, who takes great pleasure in talking to young women in an unfortunate situations and she was good with what she does.
Olivia likes her a lot and never miss any appointment with her, in that way she has being able to meet other women who needed counseling, and she had a close friend who she met in Doctor Kate counselling class, Helen came from a broken home, she lived with her mother and step father who abused her severally, when she found the courage and told her mother about it she was surprise that her mother did not believe her, instead she was more protective of her abusive husband than her own daughter.
Helen’s mother threaten to throw her out if she ever tells anybody about what her step father was doing to her.
When Helen couldn’t take it anymore, she ran away from the house and her mother never bothers to look for her.
She was suicidal, she wanted to take her own life, she was found on the day she put a rope to her neck and tries to hang herself but was seen on time and rush to the hospital where Doctor Kate met her.
Her step father had a ghastly accident a year later and died and Helen’s mother started searching for her daughter everywhere and when she found her, the woman pleaded for her to return home, it took time and with Doctor Kate’s encouraging word for Helen to return back and started living with her mother again, she got a job and now she is taking care of herself and her mother.
Helen was Olivia’s close friend, who comes around whenever she is not at work.
After Doctor Kate was done speaking with Olivia, she did her normal check up on her and book her for her next visit, which Olivia looked forward to
As she was leaving she met the male doctor again who never stop smiling at her anytime she comes around.
This time around Doctor Mark decided to summon courage and talk to Olivia
“Hello Miss or Mrs…pardon me…. I guess you have being seeing me but may not know my name…Mark is my name and I am kind of curios about something…forgive my manners…I am not always like this..is just that we can not be smiling at ourselves every time you comes around without a proper introduction…so I decided to do that today…but I do want to make sure that I am not trespassing my boundaries, I mean no harm just trying to be a friend…I have checked your ring finger and I did not see a wedding band and all the while you do come here no man comes along with you…except that your slim friend…I hard you mention her name one time…Helen. And I also know your name Olivia…I hard Doctor Kate call you that…I’m sorry for this long speech but I just want to know you better…hope you don’t mind…please…
“I’m glad you finally summon courage and speak out…I was already getting uncomfortable with your continues stare and cheerful attitude…it looks suspicious and was getting irritating too…I’m not married and yes my name is Olivia…and I do come around with my friend, Helen. is nice to know you are not a psycho finally…Doctor Mark. lastly I am not interested in male friends…I don’t feel comfortable around them, so don’t try to get closer than this please because I may end up hating when I suppose to be liking you, male friends doesn’t work for me so please respect that…but we can remain hello and smiling friends as usual…
They both laugh and Mark said
“There’s no problem Olivia, I totally respect your wish and I will stay off…Please, here is my complementary card…just in case of any emergency and you can’t reach Doctor Kate immediately…you can always call me…
Olivia smile before collecting the card, she went home and try to open her small kiosk where she sell beverages, recharge cards and few other things to keep herself going.
Later that evening Helen stopped by on her way from work
“I got you some fruits, doctor Kate said you should eat enough fruits to avoid constipation….hahaha…that baby needs a very healthy environment to form properly…don’t go and suffocate her with wastage that needs to be passed out…
“Your biology teacher need to be arrested, she thought you wrongly… upside down. the only correct thing you got here is that I needed fruits…that’s all…thank you for always supplying me with enough, my baby is safe in the womb and waste are kept far different from where babies are formed…by the way how was today’s work…
“fine…just as usual, how was your appointment with doctor Kate…and also did you meet the fine man with a cute smile…he is always smiling…and he seem to like you not minding your condition…you are cute babe, and this pregnancy looks good on you…you seem to be slaying with it… isn’t that fantastic..
“don’t flatter me…you know how much I hate that…but Doctor Kate said something like that today and the smiling doctor…we finally met today…you won’t believe it…he said his name was Mark and he gave me his card to call for any emergency…but I warned him to stay away from me because I do not want him to get hurt…I am trying to concentrate on this child, I don’t need men for now and maybe that’s the way it will be, men destroyed my family and almost succeeded in destroying my life…I’m struggling to let go but doctor Kate said it will take time but eventually I will pull through but for now I don’t need doctor Mark…he looks at me in a way I don’t feel comfortable in…
“You don’t meant it…I said it…I knew he likes you and was too shy to admit it…Olivia, you need to loosen up and make friends, not every man is a killer and a rapist, my step dad was a rapist, he messed up my life for three years but I still know there are good men out there who are better than the terrible men this generation raised. wait… did Mark ask you other personal questions…
Olivia and Helen talked into the evening before Helen left.
Olivia was certain of one thing she will revenge her parents death is she ever come across the evil man that unleashed terror and took everything she had but she knows coming across him will never be possible because she did not even get to see their faces because of the mask, the man that raped her had an injury on his face and arm and before she passed out she hard his friend call him “Kaka”. Kaka doesn’t ring a bell to her, is a nick name and not a common name.
She just want to move past everything that happened that night but whoever “Kaka” maybe will not go free. Her revenge is the only thing that will give her peace of mind and even if she did not meet Kaka or whoever he is she will certainly hold onto her inner anger and pain which push her forward everyday to be better and make her father and mother proud as she has wanted to do.
Few weeks later Olivia gave birth to a baby girl whom she named Emerald, she was so happy as she held her baby girl, Doctor Kate was right, she forgot the trouble, pain and shame behind her conception and embraced the beautiful being. She was turning her bitter lemon into a sweet Lemonade as Doctor Kate has said.
Kane drove around the neighborhood, is being two years since his father sent him out of the country after he got into a police case and he was almost locked up. his friend python was caught and locked up in prison, the rest of the gang are dead, his father have to send him out of the country and he stayed there for two and half year before returning.
He still remembered the family him and python attacked, the image of the young girl never leaves his memory, she was so slender and beautiful, no day passed without remembering how terrible he was. He raped an innocent girl and his friend python shot the man as he tried to shoot him. All he wanted to do was to save his daughter but the evil in him over took his whole being, his past still hurt him everyday.
He deserved to be dead or locked up just as all the gang members got their share but his father saved him by flying him out of the country until the chaos died down. his inner man still hunt him everyday.
He can’t right his wrongs or undo what has being done but he is ready to live right and throw off his old ways, he has quit smoking and other bad habits. He was trying to concentrate in the present and take over the father’s company as he has always wanted him to do. His father is becoming more proud of him everyday than he has ever being.
Today he was driving around this long quiet street, he planned to check out one of his father’s old properties which he wanted to renovate and turn into a big supermarket. The old building was in his name and his father has said he should do anything he likes with it.
as he was speaking with his father’s estate surveyor over the phone he ran out of airtime, Kane tried to buy from his bank but the network was bad in that area.
He asked around where he can get a recharge card and he was directed to a kiosk which was not too far from where he parked.
He drove down to the kiosk, whined down his glass and saw that the small kiok owner was a beautiful young lady with a little girl about two to three years, she was plaiting the little girl’s hair.
She quickly stood up to answer him and after paying for the card he bought, he decided to drop extra money for her which she rejected but as he insisted she collected the money.
she thanked him with a sweet smile that got to his heart.
He wanted to stay and just stare at the young lady with her beautiful daughter but decided to drive on, since he has business in this area he will always stop by and say hello to her.
He silently prayed that she wasn’t married although he did not see any wedding band but he still wish she wasn’t.
He will visit the area more often because of the young lady with a cute smile which was taking over his mind.
Olivia returned to her daughter’s hair with a deep smile, she was happy to have extra cash which she will gather tomorrow with her little savings and register Emerald in the kindergarten class which wasn’t too far from her street.
If she can’t attain her dream of being a lawyer she will make sure Emerald will.
The man was staring at her as if she was a goddess and she was use to such attentions but there was something different about him.
she wish to see him again to thank him for his kindness.
If all men were so nice like him her parents will still be alive and she will be rounding up with her law school by now.
Olivia thought within herself as she continued with her daughter’s hair.

To be continued


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