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1. If she says "I love you" during sex just keep in mind that she is talking to the penis.... not to you.
If you know
You know
2. Girls only fart around guys they love.. So if you never heard your girl fart.. I got news for you my brother..
3. Men who date slim
girls should be
rewarded...it's not
easy to be sleeping
with plywoods
4. Some girls will be thinking they're getting younger just because they are light skinned and still beautiful. May God open your eyes to see how old you are my sisters.....
5. Blessed are those boys that have no girlfriend for they shall enjoy their pocket money
6. Someone just told a girl that she’s so ugly even if she swallowed magnets she won’t be attractive
, 7. " IT'S better you keep silent, because anything you say will be use against you in the court of law " Move it
That is the only English Nigerian police can speak fluently
8. This people that keeps asking can u exchange me for 1million naira,can u slap me for 10million naira, they don't even know that with the present situation of nigeria now i can exchange them with bread and minerals
9.Everything is changing, even pregnancy is no
longer 9 months again Somebody will get
married in April & give birth in August
::;;;::::::;;;:;::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
10.Some parents want their daughters to get
married but don't allow them to go out. What do
they expect them to do? Sit at home and
download the husband?*
11.The devil that make everyone fall asleep in
Church and Mosque is the same devil that
keeps them awake at night clubs
Devil is Real
12.Please for those of u
Studying Nursing, Pharmacy
& Medicine at what level
Do they start teaching u people
Bad handwriting?
13: Life after being forgiven for cheating is hard…You can’t even suggest a new sex position
14:Avoid guyz dat always turn off their cars in every small traffic, sister u will not get even one naira from that relationship.
15:have you eaten, Nigerians relationship can not survive without this question
16: imaging that awkward silence when Abraham and Isaac were walking home after he tried to sacrifice him..
Abraham," i love you son"
Isaac"make you no tell me that shit
17: i mistakenly send my Pastor a porn video ten minutes later he replied thank you my son you understand the weather
God biko forgive for I dunno wat I spoken
18: girls name on Facebook
American girl: Adriana Cole
Japanese girl:Natasha jin s√ľng
Nigeria girl: Itz Dah sexy Pweedy Curvy ass chocolate slay Queen is a bae Emprezz*
sister are you ok
19:Welcome to Nigeria the only country where people reduced the volume of the T.V to smell if something is burning
20 :if you don't know how to laugh better go and learn which one "kikikikikiki" are you starting a generator?
21:Dating a slim guy is cool but not until you remove his clothes and discover that he is using belt to hold his boxer
:::;;:;;;;;; ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
22:you can not use Fainting to play with Muslim's before you wake up,Bloom they've buried you
23: dear guys if you want to test the power of a woman try pulling her trouser when she already know that she is wearing a dirty pant she will fight until she dies
24:Dating a short girl is really good but not until you enter bus Dem tell you Oga pls lap your daughter
25:Nigerian goats will be staring at you as if you look familiar,you will even start suspecting your self
26:Some girls will not kill me oo which one is Happy engagement dear more Rings to your finger
27:if not poverty what else will make a Nigerian girl to be arguing that Second hand clothes (Okrika)is better than new one
29:all those girls sleeping naked, continue ooo when rat will give you belle you wil now say that Itz ur innocent bf that's responsible
30:you will be the most wicked person on earth after reading this post and refuse to and comment Below.


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