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Daniel known as Senator Daniel

Someone from the Past
It was more than a month since I messed things up with Debby, but people still asked me where she was when they were looking for her. It was annoying, and I wanted to snap at them, but I guess it wasn’t there fault. Debby and I must have made a strong impression in the minds of a lot of people, and it was hard for them to erase that memory from their minds.
My accommodation processing was taking too long to pull through, so my parents made arrangements for me to stay with one of our family friends that lived just ten minutes from campus. They gave me a vacant two-bedroom apartment where their mother used to live, downstairs their house. It was great times for me. I no longer had to go through three hours traffic on my way home, and I could stay in school real late before going to my new home.
My clique now comprised of six people; Me, Sope, Babatope, Fair Kunle, Dare, and Ladi. Babatope, Fair Kunle, and Dare always studied with Debby, and her best friend, Toyin after classes as the five of them were determined to leave our department, and they were seriously gunning for that 4.0 GPA by the end of 100 level. So, now I spent most of my time with Sope and Ladi. Sometimes I would be with my new female friend, Desola, and we would talk about people from our church that were in University of Lagos, and some times talk about school work. Even though I spent a lot of time with her, people still asked me about Debby. I didn’t understand why they couldn’t assume Desola and I were an item, until one day when someone in class told me Desola and I looked a lot alike. I guess people just assumed we were siblings or related in some way.
One day, while I was talking to Desola, Sope and Ladi came to drag me away from her. They said it was time for what we had discussed yesterday. I had forgotten what it was, till I looked at their feet, and saw they had on different colour Timberland boots on each foot. The day before, we had had a discussion on what to do to get people’s attention, and we had come up with an idea for Ladi and Sope to come to school wearing different colour Timberlands- Sope was wearing coffee colour on one foot, and butter colour on the other. Ladi had on the more uncommon colours- paprika and navy blue. It seems stupid to me now, but as teens, it was really cool considering the fact that a pair of Timberland boots at the time was selling for eighteen thousand Naira.
So, after telling Desola I had to go, I started a tour of the whole school with my guys. We left the art and social science faculty for the law faculty, and then to Business Administrations, before heading to Sciences, and then taking a cab to the school gate, where the Diploma students had their lectures. That was our last stop and it had about three big halls. At the time, this was where the rich kids who couldn’t get into Unilag with Jamb paid a quarter of a million to study for one year, before getting into 200 level. It was a great bargain, and people that had the money made sure their kids enrolled for the Diploma course. The place had a lot of rich kids, and we wanted to impress them.
Being a shy guy, I stayed back while Sope and Ladi walked with all the confidence in the world into the first Diploma hall. I had on blue chinos and a sky blue Thomas Pink shirt that I had bought for seven thousand Naira. It was one of my favourite shirts, and it gave me confidence, but I still wasn’t confident to walk in with my friends. I was still standing back, watching with keen interest, the reaction of the diploma students to the stunt my friends were pulling when I heard a sweet sounding female voice shout out, “Kunle!” I looked in the direction the voice was coming from, and I saw this sexy looking girl smiling at me about twenty meters away. She clasped her hands together, and had her mouth open in shock for a second before heading towards me excitedly.
I looked behind me to make sure I was the one she was calling out, and then when I focused back on her, I remembered her. Her name was Darasimi, and she was my friend briefly at the jamb tutorial centre I had attended last year. But my o my, her body had totally transformed since then. The best way I can describe her is to say she went from having a body like Beverly Osu, to having a body like that of Yemi Alade. She still had an ample amount of pimples on her face, but her body was amazing. She had on a purple mini gown that had a V shaped neckline which exposed an ample amount of her b-----s.
She came over and gave me a full body hug that left me embarrassed. I had stayed back because I didn’t want eyes on me, now all eyes were on me. I guess I had also grown more attractive since she last saw me, because I couldn’t remember us being as close as she was acting.
While I was talking to her, catching up on old times, Sope and Ladi walked up to us, and her attention shifted to them. She held back a laugh when she looked at their feet, but she was more amused than anything about what they had done. She and Sope kicked things off immediately, and I even left both of them together for a minute while talking to Ladi. When we were leaving, she wrote down the name of her hall and room number on a piece of paper, and asked me to come see her after lectures that day.
Later that evening, Sope and I went to a place called New Hall; it consisted of five halls- two for girls and three for boys. Darasimi’s hall was one of those halls, but we were heading to one of the boys halls called Sodeinde to see one of our friends. Just before we got to the hall gate, Sope ran into an old female friend and walked off with her. I was waiting for him to return when he reappeared with Darasimi on his arm. One look and I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere with this girl. She was too wild and sexy for me to handle in a school like Unilag.
When they got to me, and Sope let her go, she came to my side, and I tried to make myself hold her by her waist like Sope had done, but I just couldn’t. I also couldn’t make her laugh the way Sope had been doing. After a few boring minutes, she said she had to go finish her assignment. Sope and I saw her off to her hostel gate, and when we were heading back to out, Sope asked why I let her go like that. I didn’t say anything. I had no words to explain the kind of person I was. It was like the Universe had a job to throw girls at me at every corner, and it was my job to screw up every of those opportunities.

To be continued


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