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Blood - Episode 4


Blood - Episode 4
They drove to a small club down town and saw their target outside the club chatting with a girl “Ok Luke, you’re up” Ade said and Luke stepped out the car and crossed the road to the other side. They watched him as he walked to the guy “What’s he doing? He should shoot” Ade said Luke walked to the guy and as he was getting close, he picked up a bottle he saw and broke it on the edge of a gutter and walked to him, people started giving way and some girls screaming; it was the noise around that drew they target’s attention so he turned and saw Luke but before he could do anything, Luke grabbed his afro hair and stabbed him on the neck three times and then punched his face and he fell dead; people screamed but Luke wasn’t bothered. The stab was so deep that on the first strike blood pumped out his neck like a punctured tyre giving out air. Nobody attempted to come close but they stood at a distance watching him, he had blood all over his right hand as he held the broken bottle firmly, he was angry; he looked around and walked to somebody standing and gave the bottle to him “Take it” Luke said and the guy collected it out of fear that he might stab him; he then walked back to the car and got in and they drove off; even they were impressed… They arrived back at the house and as they entered, the leader and the three men sat down quietly without a smile and staring at them, they saw blood on his hand “He did it, he did it real good” Ade said and they stood up smiling and applauded him. The leader walked to him and kissed his cheek “You have made me proud, welcome to the family” he said smiling and Luke was happy but he knew that he was in a dangerous game but wasn’t worried about that. The leader brought out a small bag and dropped it on the floor “Take this money and have some fun” he said and Luke picked up the bag and opened it and was shocked to see 1000 naira notes bundled in bulks; he had never seen such money in real life “You earned it” “Ade drop him at his home and tomorrow go pick him by 9:00am, so we can celebrate the New blood” the leader said smiling… As Ade drove him home, he felt so happy like never before, he remembered his factory work where he earned 26,000 naira monthly and he remembered his one room apartment where he stayed and he knew that his poor life had died today “You feel good, huh? Ade said “Yeah” he replied “Now that you are part of the family, life is gonna be so good” “I believe so”… They arrived at his house and Ade left, he walked into the compound and into his room and jumped on his bed and closed his eyes to sleep but there was a furious knock on the door that brought him back, he walked to the door and opened it to see his Land Lord “Looku-Looku” that was how the Landlord addressed him” your time for this house don expiry, if you no comot I go carry area…” Luke slammed his door closed before he could finish; the man was surprised “Looku-Looku! You dey mad? You close door for my face” he yelled and then Luke opened the door and threw something to him and out of reflex he caught it and was shocked to see a big bundle of a thousand naira notes. Luke went back into his room and went to his bed but then felt his pains again, he then rose up and went for a bath and then dressed his wounded head…. … At exactly 9”00am, Ade arrived at his house and he was ready and came out. He put on a white round neck shirt that fits his muscular body, he then puts on a black trouser and a black pair of shoes, he then put on a black leather jacket. He had a small plaster by the side of his head. “Nice” Ade said as he entered the car. They both drove off and arrived at the boss’s place. They entered into the massive sitting room and he saw everyone present, they were dressed in different English clothes. They stood up as Luke entered “Haaa, my boy is here” the leader said smiling “Let’s welcome Luke” he said and they walked to Luke and shook him one after the other “Welcome to the Family” they said and shook him firmly After that, the leader walked to him and handed him a glass of champagne “Let’s make a toast to a bigger and better future” the leader said raising his glass as he put his hand around Luke’s shoulders “Let me introduce you to everyone” he said to Luke as they walked to the first person “This is Hades,35, he has killed more people than the underworld itself” the leader said smiling; Hades didn’t smile, he just had a straight face and a long scar across the side of his face “He’s dangerous and Friendly” “He’s also trustworthy” he said and they moved to the next “This is Drummer, he’s 35, he’s a professional drummer, the best ever and he can kill as he can beat the drum” “This is Machine gun; he’s 30 and a body builder. He’s our Machine gunner, he handles the machine gun like he was born with it” “This is Evil Spirit, he’s 32 and a representation of evil, he doesn’t speak and he has magic and is very good with escaping” “This is God-Eye, he’s 28 and that makes him the youngest in the field, nothing passes his eyes without his notice and when we need to infiltrate and organization he’s a professional. His favorite gun is the Desert Eagle 5.5mm and he never misses or should I say I’ve never seen him missed” “Ade here is Einstein, he’s our scientists, a professional computer scientist, he keeps us connected in the field but he ain’t always in the field, and he is the youngest 25” “Everyone of us are educated so don’t underestimate anyone amongst us, we hold degrees” he concluded “What about you? You never said anything about yourself” Luke asked and he smiled “I am Zeus” he said “I am the leader of the TAKERS and Hades is my commando” “So hence forth, you will address me as Zeus” “Today, we celebrate and tomorrow we work”…

To be continued

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