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BLOOD - Episode 3


Blood - Episode 3
Just that moment when Luke taught he had made a friend nut suddenly he was left alone “Oga person don die for here o” one of the cell inmates said pointing to their leader “Make e die na, wetin concern me” he said and walked away Luke sat down there just thinking while the inmates just stared at him and after 5mins the leader woke up and was as calm as a dove and after another 15mins the police man came back “Na who be Luke?” he said and Luke stood up with surprise and happiness “Oya follow me” the officer said and Luke followed him “No be the person wey you say don die be that” the police asked “Yes, him don come back to life” the inmate replied Luke and the police man left; they gave him his clothes and asked him to go, he happily left but was surprised; as he stepped outside he saw Ade with two men dressed in black suit and dark glasses and stood beside a jeep “Hey Luke? Come over here” Ade said and Luke walked to him “get in the car, let’s go” Ade said as they entered the car but Luke didn’t, he just stood there with surprise and didn’t understand what was going on “Come on, I just saved your ass” Ade said and he entered the car Luke and Ade sat at the rear and the car headed east, Ade knew Luke was not comfortable “Come on relax, you’re safe” Ade said smiling. After driving for 10mins, they arrived in a compound, a very beautiful large compound with a mansion; they stopped in front of the house and entered the house. They entered into a large sitting room, Luke saw 4 good looking men sitting down; two sat on a sofa by the left and one on a sofa by the right and One on an arm chair at the far end facing Luke, they sat as if they were waiting for him to come and indeed they were “Welcome Luke” the man who sat on the armchair said and stood up and walked to Luke then hugged him with a smile but Luke didn’t smile back, he got the feeling that these were cultists and this man was the leader. He was also wondering how he knew his name “Don’t be surprised; Ade here told me about you” he said but Luke was still not getting it and he didn’t show it. The three men who were sitted just stared at him with a straight face “Why am I here?” Luke asked “We wanna offer you a job and make you part of the family” the leader said “What kind of job?” “A big job” he replied demonstrating with his hand “What kind of big job” “A job that’s gonna fetch you millions in one shot” “Millions? What job is that?” “Why all the question?” “Let me know this job am about to take” Luke said and he smiled “It’s called TAKE” ‘Take? Never heard of such job before” Luke said “Ha ha ha” he laughs like a villain “It’s a special kind of job for men with big balls” he said with googled eyes “Do you want the job?” he asked “Yes I want the job” Luke said “(Laughs) that’s my boy” he said smiling “But you have to prove to us that you are worthy to be called a TAKER” “What do you want me to do?” Luke asked “I want you to kill somebody” he said; Luke pretended not to be surprised by the word KILL “Here is a picture” he said and handed Luke a picture he picked from the glass table. Luke smiled on seeing the face in the picture; it was the picture of the guy who almost killed him by raising false alarm on him “What a coincidence” he thought to himself “What’s his sin?” Luke asked “His time on earth is way past it’s expiring date” “Alright. I’ll do it” “(Laughs) I love this guy” the leader said “You will go with two of my men; the leader handed him a gun and he left with the two guys who brought him and Ade followed them “the guy is good” the leader said sitting down “Let’s just hope, he doesn’t get killed” one said “”It ain’t gonna happen” the leader said with pride in Luke…

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