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Exclusively Yours - Episode 24



Exclusively Yours - Episode 24

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Riccardo's POV

I think I'm in trouble.

When I first met and fell in love with Olivia, I never thought things would get so...out of control.

In the best way possible.

It has been three weeks since I, in her words, "barge into her life," and every day, I find myself falling deeper and deeper for her charms, her rare smiles, her adorable and not-so-adorable anger, her pouts, her eyes—everything about her is so fascinating and I can't help but fall more in love with her.

As I stood in front of her, her small figure compared to mine, she stared at me with anything but love. She even rolled her eyes when she opened the door.

"Is there anything I can do to change your mind?" Olivia asked, expectantly.

"About what?"

"This." She waved her hands frantically between us. "Us. This wedding."

Not a chance.

"Nope." I intentionally emphasized the word to elicit a glare from her, and when she did, I smiled.

"Stop. This is not funny."

It is when she acts so unbearably cute with that little pout on her lips that I'm 80% sure she doesn't know about. With my head cocked to the left, I have an amazingly great view of her face.

"I never said it was."

Olivia lifted her hand to brush her fingers through her hair, but changed her mind and clenched it instead. I sprang up on my feet ready to stop her from hurtiñg herself, but she took one step back.

"Marriage is a big deal in every human's life, and you doing this is spoiliñg the whole dreamy concept for me," she said with her hand on her chest. "What is the reason to get married when we are divorcing in two years?"

"We won't."

"What the fúck are you going on about now?" Olivia snapped, pañic and horrór laced in her voice and on her face.

I almost laughed.

"Remember our challenge?" My question took her by surprise, but it only lasted for two or three seconds before recollection dawned on her face, and she timidly nodded her head. I pushed myself off the wall and took one step closer to her. "If I can get you to love me within a year, then why would we need to get divorced?"

"I will never love you."

"Never say never, sunshine."

"I will say whatever I want to say!" she exclaimed. "Riccardo, please, please let's not do this."

"Olivia, I've already made up my mind, and nothing on Earth is going to make me change it, not even you. I'm sorry, but we are getting married today, and that's final."

"Was I the only girl at that bar? Why couldn't you get obsessed with any other person there? Why me?!"

No matter how many times I look at her, I still end up completely marvelled and absolutely enthralled by how captivatingly gorgeous she always looks, especially now when she is in a black dress that hugs her body in ways that make her even more beautiful. More sinful. More addictive.

As a habit, I wrap my hands around her waist, pulling her closer to my body. A gasp escapes her mouth, a little gap between her lips. I don't know why, but whenever I'm close to her, I feel more...I don't know how to explain it...serene, light, free, and everything else fades away. She's the only one I see.

"Because you are you."

Her breath hitches. "That doesn't make any sense."

I tilt my head to her ear and whisper, "Have I told you that you are absolutely breathtaking today?" My hands place themselves possessively around her waist, showing and reminding her who exactly she belongs to.

The whole world already knows because I made sure they know, but she is the only one refusing to acknowledge that very glaringly bright fact.

Olivia has a tendency to act stubborn and bràtty, always trying to get on my nerves. However, one thing I appreciate about her is that her eyes never lie. Her chocolate brown eyes reflect her true feelings; she's not a good liar.

When I gave her a gentle squeeze, her breathing hitched, and she froze in my arms. Her caramel brown eyes dilated as if searching for something within them. I delicately brushed the wavy strands of hair behind her ear, and her lips parted as her palms rested on my chest.

She's soft, everywhere I touch is soft. It makes me want to protect her from all the hàrm in the world, except for myself.

"Riccardo..." Olivia called my name, her palms clenched tightly on my shirt. "W-what are you doing?"

"What do you want me to do?"

"Anything but this."

"What is 'this'?"

"Just leave me alone." Her voice came firm and ordered, but her eyes gleamed with desire and a strong longing for me.

"I'm afraid I can't do that."

"Riccardo, leave me alone."

"God, I love the sound of my name coming from your pretty little mouth."

"Then you won't hear it anymore. Now, let go of me."

"Alright, Mrs. Torrence."

In a few hours, when she signs the marriage certificate, she will officially become Mrs. Torrence – my wife.

Her face scrunched up in a scowl, and she pushed me away from her with her palms on my chest. "Do not call me that."

"This should be the last time you push me away from you. Next time, I won't be a gentleman."

Olivia laughed, as if she heard the funniest joke of the century. "You're never a gentleman. You haven't been, and I doubt you ever will be."

"Olivia," I warned.

"A gentleman wouldn't stàlk a girl for years. A gentleman wouldn't break into a girl's house in the middle of the night. A gentleman wouldn't nearly strangle a girl half to deàth. A gentleman wouldn't forcé a girl to marry him when she clearly doesn't want to and hatés him. A gentleman wouldn't..."

The anger I tried to suppress suddenly overwhelmed me, and before I knew it, Olivia's back was pressed against the wall, and my hand was wrapped around her pretty little neck. I was squeezing it, making it difficult for her to breathe or talk.

"A gentleman wouldn't what?" I teased her, urging her to continue her rant, knowing full well that she couldn't while I was strangling her.

Tears swelled in her eyes, and for a moment, my grip faltered, but I couldn't let her see that I hatéd her tears. "You seem to be forgetting something, sunshine. Don't worry, I'll remind you."

Tears streamed down her face in a zigzag line, and I fought the urge to release her neck and pull her into a hug. I lifted my other hand to brush away the strands of hair covering her eye. She turned her head away just as I was about to touch her, freezing my hand in midair. "Look at me."

She didn't.

"Look at me."

No movement.

"Olivia, look at me!" Her whole body trembled at the sound of my command, and her eyes snapped to mine, surprised and shocked by the tone of my voice. "I've said this before, and I'll say it again. I haté it when you defy me like a bràt. Just a reminder, I have the legal rights to shut down that bakery. And if that doesn't húrt you enough, I have other options. So, I suggest you be a good girl."


It's done.

I can't believe it's finally done. After waiting for close to two thousand days, Olivia is officially my wife.

We had a small court wedding because I didn't want to take away her dream of a once-in-a-lifetime wedding. We'll have a proper ceremony when she eventually loves me the way I love her.

After signing the marriage certificates, we headed to the reception party I had planned, mostly for her. The moment she saw her friends and family, a smile spread across her face, filling me with pride. I internally patted myself on the back.

Before greeting my family, I grabbed a drink from one of the waiters and happened to meet the last person I wanted to see today. Instantly, my mood shifted, and a frown etched its way onto my face as we glared at each other.

Axel Morris.




I won't let him spoil my day. I'll spoil his instead.


Watching Olivia slump heavily onto the sofa, exhaustion etched on her face, was dissatisfying and painful. She had put up a good front today, and everything went according to plan. I got to see her family, and even if they don't like me now, they will eventually. I like everyone she surrounds herself with, except for that one person. I need to handle him soon before he causes any problems.

Running my slightly wet fingers through my messy hair, I watched as the tub slowly filled with water. After it was filled, I added some fragrant oils and left the bathroom.

My sunshine deserves relaxation after behaving so well today.


A grin spread across my face as I heard a soft knock on my door. Ever since we moved into the new house, there was only one person it could be.

The door creaked open after a few seconds, and Olivia entered wearing a hoodie and sweatpants, her hair up in a messy bun. I leaned back in my chair, a smirk on my face as she approached with slow, adorable steps. Her index finger was between her teeth, giving me a perfect view of the ring on her finger.

"Woah!" I exclaimed cheerfully. "You knocked."

Olivia rolled her eyes, taking her hand out of her pocket. "Thank you for the bath. I really enjoyed it."

"Well, that's good because I really wanted you to," I replied, forgetting all about my work as I fixated my gaze on her.

"Have you eaten?"

"Oh." I sounded amused and stunned at her question. "It's only been a day, and you're already assuming the position of my wife. That's great."

"Forget I asked," she said, turning to leave. I quickly stood up and stood in front of her.

"Sorry. What did you prepare?"

"Why should I tell you?"

I pinched her cheek, and she frowned, slapping my hand away.

"Don't do that."

I tugged at a part of her hoodie between my fingers, whining. "Baby, I'm hungry."

Olivia slapped my hand again. "I ordered Chinese food. And don't call me 'baby'."

"Alright, sunshine. Let's go eat. I'm starving."

"Good for you."


Olivia and I sat across from each other, against my wishes, as she wanted her space. I gazed at her in silence, finally breaking it with a question.

"Can I ask you something?"

"You kind of already did."


"Fine. Ask."

"Actually, I have two questions. First, what does your aunt's husband do for a living?"

"I can't tell you," she replied after swallowing her food.

"Why not? Is he involved in some secret agency?" Her silence and her eyes gave away her answer. "He is!"

"I didn't say anything, Riccardo. What's the second question?"

"You might get mad."

She sighed tiredly, shaking her head. "If this is about Axel, then don't even start."

Suppressing the large smile threatening to take over my face at her immediate knowledge, I responded, "But why?" I drawled, stabbing at the food I didn't recognize.

"He's my friend, and you're not going to ruín our relationship with your possessiveness and unnecessary jealousy."

He doesn't feel the same way about her as she does about him.

"I can be possessive because you're mine, but I'm not jealous for the same reason. However, the 'relationship' you have with him doesn't sit well with me."

Nothing about that cowàrd feels right to me.

"Why did you put air quotes around the word relationship?"

"Nevermind, it's not important."

Olivia hummed unconvincingly, nodding her head as she pinned her eyes on me, trying to coax the words out of my mouth before returning her attention to her food.

"Guess what's for dessert," I chimed excitedly after we finished our meal.

"Red velvet cake," she replied simply.

"How did you know?"

"I saw it in the fridge."

"You ruiñed the surprise."

"Well, lucky you, I suppose."

We sat in silence as we enjoyed the cake, partly because I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to see the sparkle in her eyes when she saw her favorite dessert, and partly because she was engrossed in the cake.

It was a beautiful sight.

"When do you usually sleep?" I asked.

"Why do you want to know?"

"Just curious, that's all."

"I'm not telling you then. Wait, you're not planning on forciñg me to sleep with you, are you?"

"What?" I snapped in surprise. "Do you really think I would forcé you to do something like that?"

"You forcé me to kiss you all the time," Olivia muttered under her breath, her words barely registering in my head.

"You enjoy kissing me."

"I do not."

"You do."

"No, I don't."

"Yes, you do.

"Riccardo, I've said it before, I don't enjoy kissing you."

"And I've said before that you do enjoy it. Deep down, even if you're trying to deny it, you know you do."

"I said no."

"I said yes."

"You're childish."

"And you're beautiful."

Her mouth opened and closed twice before she huffed angrily, turned her back to me, and walked away with folded arms.

God, she's so adorable.

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