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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 19




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 19

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


I sat in front of the mirror, combing my hair, with smiles all over my face. Honestly, I never thought I would be stood up for.

“Are you that excited, Allison?” I heard a voice, and quickly turned back.

It was Aunt Maggie, she walked in with a tray of freshly baked cake and a glass of lemonade. She sat beside me, and patted my back, then asked. “Have you really fallen in love with Atlas?”

I choked immediately. “W… What? In love with whom?”

“Come on, Allison. It's too obvious to you to hide it. I mean, it is written all over your face that you have fallen for him.” Aunt Maggie smiled.

Gulping hard, I replied. “Of course not, Aunt Maggie. I can't even dare to fall for him. Have you forgotten that I'm a slave? Why would he want to have anything to do with a slave like me? Besides, he has a mate, right?”

“A mate? Does he?” Aunt Maggie stared at me in a confused manner.

Blinking rapidly, I nodded my head. “Isn't Harper his mate? The first time I saw him, she was with him too.”

“Oh, Allison. How could you make such a conclusion? I have been with Atlas ever since he was a child, and Harper is not his mate. If she is, I don't know about that.” Aunt Maggie shook her head.

I scratched my head, confused. “Is that so? Even if she's not his mate, they are so fond of each other. There's no way they don't have feelings for each other. Aunt Maggie, I really don't want to come between them.”

“Whatever you say, Allison. I just know that you have fallen for him.” Aunt Maggie replied.


The alarm clock rang noisily, and I groaned angrily. I was still feeling sleepy, so with my eyes still shut, I quickly turned off the clock and zoomed off, covering myself with the duvet.

A few minutes later, Sophia rushed into my room and shook me vigorously. “Allison! Oh, my gosh! Why are you still fast asleep? Didn't I see your alarm at 7am?” 

“I can't get enough sleep with such an alarm. Please let me sleep.” I growled at her.

She freaked out. “Do you really want to get punished so badly? It's the Pack's training this morning, and since Alpha Atlas already lets you eat together with the pack members, you ought to be present and punctual to the training ground.” 

Upon hearing that, I flung my eyes open and jerked up from the bed. “Oh, no. Sh*t!”

“Move it! Go ahead and take your bath. I already prepared your breakfast.” Sophia said.

Furthermore, I ran into the bathroom and shut the door noisily. “I'll be out in a jiffy. Get my dress ready, please.”

In a few minutes, I was already dressed in sportswear as directed by Sophia. Weird enough, I have never been allowed to train in my previous Pack. I guess that's because I was just a slave, and they didn't see any reason why I should train to protect myself.

With my pace faster, I rushed into the training ground. The moment I got in, all eyes turned to me. My legs went jelly, why were they all staring at me like that? Did I do something wrong?

Trying to cover up the nervousness I was feeling, I forced a smile at them. Oh, but no one reciprocated. “H… Hello, everyone!”

“Why are you late for practice, Allison?” My heart skipped a beat because without being told, I knew it was Alpha Atlas.

I bit my lips. “I'm… I'm sorry, Alpha.”

“This is just your first day, and you're already sorry. Is this how you plan to practice?” Harper snapped at me. 

Gulping hard, I bowed my head. “I didn't know it was today and…”

“Will you shut the f**** up? Atlas, I think it's a bad idea for this slave of yours to become our Pack member. It's best if you think twice.” She rolled her eyes at me.

Without any utterance, Alpha Atlas turned his gaze away. “Continue the training. Allison, put on the boxing gloves and face the punching bag.”

My heart raced faster than ever. I have never punched a bag before. Of course, I would rather not do it wrong and get punished. Trembling, I walked to the other side and put on the gloves. 

Likewise, I had no choice. Even though I was shaking, I didn't want anyone to notice. I walked to the platform, and started boxing on the punching bag. It was painful because I didn't know how to.

I felt a warm breath on my neck region. “Let me show you how to.”

The moment he held my hands, I felt butterflies in my tummy… there was a strong connection. Yes! I could feel it. I wished my wolf could say it out that we've found another mate. Furthermore, I turned around and saw a handsome looking young man with a wide smile. Who was he? Why do I feel so connected to him?

“Hi, I can teach you how to do it.” I stared at his lips and gulped hard. Why can't I control myself?

Alpha Atlas walked towards us. I was too absentminded to even notice his presence. “What is going on here?”

On hearing his voice, I let go of the handsome looking young man's hand. “My… My Alpha?”

I could see jealousy in Alpha Atlas's eyes. He was obviously fuming.  “What is going on here? Why are you here, Jordan?”

“Jordan? So that's his name?” I bit my lips.

He replied. “Alpha, I just wanted to help her. I found out that she was having a hard time with the training.”

“Go back to your task, Jordan. I can help her by myself.” He ordered as Jordan waved at me with a wink before leaving.

I found myself staring at his disappearing figure, and smiling insanely. The attraction I felt was beyond my control. The Alpha grabbed my arm, and dragged me out of the training ground. “Come with me.”

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