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The Black Powers 2 - Chapter 12



The Black Powers 2 - Chapter 12

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by Michael Adeyeye (A.k.a) Mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author! mikelrado contact 📳
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I sat on the edge of the bed looking around the room, everything looks strange to me, I tried to figure things out but the more I try the more confused I get. I stood up and was surprised that I could stand on my feet, though I still feel pains all over my body and most especially my chest. I walk slowly straight to the window, I opened the window blind and look outside, only then did I know I am in a storey building which is a bit tall. I looked father and I could see the busy street, vehicles and people moving to and fro. A bright smile appeared on my face for a reason I couldn’t tell. Just then the door opened and the same lady that has been visiting me all these while came in. *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122*
Talma: it feels good to see that you are back on your feet ***she said smiling***

Me: yeah! I’m feeling much better, thanks for taking good care of me.

Talma: no, it’s nothing ***she said with a bright smile as she walks up to me and help me walk back to my bed*** you still need a lot of rest you know…

Me: thank you ***I said as I sit down on the edge of the bed** she pulled the chair close to me and sit down facing me.

Talma: so what happened, what were you doing on the street where I found you?

Me: I really don’t know, I just woke up to see houses burning, gun shots and people crying for help in the middle of the night. I crawled out and some people helped put me in the car as they were trying to run away. *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122*
Talma: and where was that?

Me: sister, I’m surprised too I can’t remember anything aside that, my head is just blank.

Talma: ***she smiled on hearing me call her “sister” *** well, you can call me Talma, actually we’ve met before and you saved my life.

Me: OK Talma, I heard you talk about that yesterday that we’ve met before but why am I not remembering anything?

Talma: don’t worry we’ll talk about that when we get home, the doctor said you can go home now but he warns that you take your drugs as prescribed.

Me: thanks a lot sis……. Sorry, Talma but where do I go from here? because I don’t know where I am, where I’m from or where I’m going to. My head is just blank.

Talma: don’t worry, we are going to my place we will talk better when we get home.

We left the hospital in about 30 minutes later and it took us 25 minutes to get home, Talma must be a very rich girl because her car looks expensive. We got to a very small building with a very tall fence and a gigantic gate, Talma pressed some keys on her phone and the gate opened instantly we drove in and I was wowed with what I saw. What a very beautiful compand it is, she parked in the small garage in the house. “here we are” she said as she opened the car door and stepped out of the car, I did the same too and all I could do was to stare at the beauty of the compound that I almost forgot myself. “come on let’s go in” she said as she caught me staring at her house. *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122*
Talma : welcome to my little home ***she said as we got in***

Me: your little home is damn beautiful ***I managed to say***

Talma: thank you, I would have loved you to take a shower first but because of your wounds that can not be possible now. Just relax while I get you something to eat.

Me: no need for food Talma I’ve eaten this morning before taking my drugs.

Talma: let me get you something to drink then ***she brought me a chill juice as she switched on the TV*** so tell me, have you remembered anything about yourself?

Me: no, *** I said shaking my head in shame*** *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122*
Talma: it’s OK, you don’t have to feel bad about it. You should be happy that you are alive and I’m here to help you get back to normal.

Me: thank you Talma, it’s just so sad that I don’t even know my name.

Talma: Mikelrado, Your name is Mikelrado.

Me: Mikelrado!! How did you know that?

Talma: well, like I said before at the hospital, we have met before and you saved my life.

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