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Musical Fairytale-Chapter 2




Musical Fairytale-Chapter 2

Rude brat, Dummy 

Written By Lilly

 Aiden's POV 

I rolled over in  bed and  slowly opened my eyes to see the time

It's already past 8 in the morning

The door to my room opened and Jason came in

"Come on Aiden, how can you still be in bed by this time, I told you the Chancellor wants to see us this morning" Jason said and I slowly stood up 

"We can still meet up with time so can you stop nagging and get out of my room I need to get ready" 

"Hurry, Michael is ready, it's you we are waiting on" Jason said and went out of the room

"Aisshh, I have a headache" 

I looked at myself in the mirror and my hair was messy, still wearing clothes from yesterday

I dipped my hand into the pocket and brought a rumpled cheque

That girl is really a dummy, how can she refuse a 100 thousand dollars

Am sure she must be one of my crazy fans that wants to get close to me at all cost

This is the reason Michael, Jason and I decided not stay in the dorm, to avoid such unnecessary drama, we have a separate apartment built by the school although we are still in the school environment 

We don't also have classes with the other students, instead we have our own private classes and teachers

I went to the bathroom took a bath and styled my hair

I wore a red shirt, jean shorts and a long black jacket

I took my phone and went to the living room

Jason and Michael were seated in the living room

"Why do you think the Chancellor wants to see us?" I asked

"Don't know" Michael said with a shrug

Michael is not much of a talker

"Let's go then if we want to find out, we can go for our classes from there" Jason said

"Am actually planning skipping classes again, why don't we just go out for a meal together" I said

"We've hardly attended any class for the past week, I don't think we should miss classes again today" Michael said

"Let's just go to the Chancellor's office first, we'll discuss about this later on" Jason said

We walked out of the house and entered our car and Jason drove out of the apartment

The Chancellor's office isn't that far from the apartment but we don't want to attract unnecessary attention by walking there, we are celebrities afterall 

We got to the building and Jason parked the car

We came out of the car and walked into the Chancellor's office amidst whispering and wows from the passing students

We got to the Chancellor's office and met our band manager, Bryan seated with the Chancellor

"You guys came at the right time, have a seat" Bryan said and we bowed a little to the Chancellor before we sat down

"Look at this" the Chancellor gave us an iPad he was holding

I collected it and read it aloud

"Truth Revealed: Famous and widely loved music band known as the music fairies aren't actually students of Rochester musical academy" 

"What kind of headline is this, everyone knows we are schooling here" Jason said

"Calm down Jason and let Aiden continue" Bryan said and I continued

"We got information from a source inside the school that the music fairies never attend classes, this apparently means that it's either they aren't really students which means they lied to the whole world or they are lazy students whom the school turned a blind eye to them because of their celebrity status" 

"This absurd" I said and dropped the iPad

"How can they say we've never attended classes" Michael said

"For the past week now you guys haven't been attending any of your classes" Bryan said

"But that was only for a few days, but they are trying to say we've never attend classes at all" Jason said

"Am not sure if you know how consequential this matter is, people are saying we discriminate among our students and it's affecting the schools reputation" the Chancellor said

"What do they expect, we are celebrities afterall" I said

"This isn't the time for jokes Aiden, to be honest you all have been really lazy recently, it's been long since you guys released an album, you have a concert in Australia next month but you still haven't come up with a new song" Bryan said and I scoffed

"I don't just sit down and come up with a song Bryan, I need inspiration and I've been lacking that, that's why I haven't come up with any songs" I replied

"Enough, am more concerned with the school's reputation than how you come up with your songs" the Chancellor said "So from now on, you won't miss any of your classes and you won't be having separate classes either, you'll receive your classes with the other students" 

"What!!" Jason, Michael and I exclaimed

"How can we receive lectures with the others!" Jason said

"You'll have to do it, I've already invited a reporter and he'll be taking pictures of you guys in class with the other students so that we can counter this stupid news" Bryan said

"This is ridiculous, I refuse to be part of it" I said and I walked out of the Chancellor office

I decided to take a walk around the school to cool off my head though I kept hearing wows from the passing students but I don't care about that right now

 Emily's POV 

I stood up from the bed and stretched my hand

I woke up really late, its almost 9 already

Thank goodness my first class is by 10

I looked over at Lucy's bed, she's still asleep

I guess she doesn't have any classes this morning

I went to the bathroom and took a quick bath

I came back and their was a knock on the door so I went to open it

"Good morning Mia" I greeted on seeing Mia

"Morning can I come in?" She asked

"Sure" I said as I let her in

"You're already dressed, are you having a class soon?" I asked

"Yeah, history of music by 10" she said

"Wow, am having the same class too" 

"And you aren't ready yet? Get ready Emily, we can't afford to be late for classes in this school" Mia said

"Sorry, I'll get dressed quickly" she said

I quickly opened my wardrobe and brought a pink top and a black trouser

I wore it and I quickly brushed my hair

No matter how many times I brush it, it still looks somehow bushy so I left it like that

I packed all the books I'll be needing and I also decided to take my guitar since I'll be having a guitar lesson later

"I guess the instrument you are majoring on is the guitar" Mia said

"Yeah, what about you?" I asked

"Piano" she replied

"That's amazing" I said as I hanged the guitar on my shoulder "let's go"

We left the dorm and started walking to class then Mia suddenly stopped

"Am sorry I need to go back Emily, I think I forgot take my textbook" she said

"But I don't know the way to the class, maybe we should go back to the dorm together" I said

"That's not necessary, just wait for me here, I'll be back soon" she said and quickly ran towards the dorm

I sighed as I looked around, this school is damn beautiful

I decided to walk around a bit till Mia comes back though I made sure not to wander too far so that I won't get lost again

There are so many flowers around and the view is amazing so I decided to take a picture and send it to Dad later

I brought out my phone and went to the camera but it wasn't working, everything was black

"What's this! Did the camera also break when it fell yesterday?" I sighed "this is all because of that rude brat"

I turned to go back to the spot where am supposed to be waiting for Mia and then I saw someone

Rude brat?!

"Speak of the devil and he appears" 

I walked up to him and he looked surprised on seeing me

"Aren't you the dummy from yesterday?" He asked

"Aren't you the rude brat from yesterday?" I retorted and he scoffed

"Do you really not know who I am or are you just acting clueless?" He asked

"Who are you? The president's son? A big time celebrity? Or the heir to a big company? I don't really care about who you are rude brat, all I want is the money to repair my phone, I just found out today that the camera isn't working too" 

"How can you put that on me, who knows maybe the camera wasn't working before it dropped on the ground" he said

"It's a new phone my Dad bought for me few weeks back so I can assure you that it was working before, so I think 1 thousand dollars should be enough to repair everything" 

"I already gave you a cheque and you refused, I don't have 1 thousand dollars on right now" 

"Then just apologise" 

"What!" He said suprised

"Apologise and I'll forget everything" I said and he scoffed

"Me? Apologise? Not even in your dreams" he said

"Then give me the 1 thousand dollars" I said extending my hands out to him

"I really don't have the time for your bickering right now dummy, don't you have a class to attend?" he said pointing to the books I was holding

Oh my God, I have a class, Mia must be looking for me now

"This is not the end of this rude brat" I said as I quickly ran to the place am supposed to be waiting for Mia

 Aiden's POV 

"She is such a dummy" I said as she ran away

"Aiden" someone called and I turned to see Jason and Michael coming

"Why do you always lose it so easily, we were looking for you all over school" Jason said

"Let's just do it Aiden, it's not like we have a choice" Michael said

"I just don't like it, receiving classes with the rest of the students is going to be so stressful" I said

"We'll just have to put up with it for now" Jason said

"Fine, do we have any class now?" I asked

"Yes, history of music by 10 and it's almost time" Michael said

"Let's go then" I said

🎙️ Emily's POV 🎙️

I went back to the place but I couldn't see Mia

"What have you done to yourself Emily, what if she went to the class without you, you'll be lost here again, this is all because of that rude brat if not I'd have being back earlier"

"Emily" I turned back to see Lucy

"Why didn't you wake me up when you woke up now am almost late for my history class" she said

"Oh am sorry, I thought maybe you didn't have any morning class" 

"Aren't you having any class now?" She asked

"I do, history of music" I said

"Then let's go, we are having the same class" she said

"I was waiting for..."

"Emily" Mia called as she ran up to us

"Sorry for coming late but you won't believe what I heard" she said

"What?" I asked

"The music fairies, they'll be having the same class with us today!" Mia squealed

"Wow! Really!!" Lucy exclaimed

"I'm a big fan of the music fairies and I can't wait to finally see them" I said

"Let's quickly go to class then" Lucy said and we started walking to the class

"Who's your favorite among the music fairies?" Mia asked "As for me, I really love Jason but my favorite is Aiden, he's the lead singer and he's so handsome" 

"I think Michael is cool, he's my favorite and he plays the guitar so well" Lucy said

"I haven't actually seen them before so I don't really have a favorite, I just really love all three of them" I said

"Am sure you'll love Aiden when you see him, he's the most handsome and he has highest number of fans though he's kinda rude and he has a girlfriend too" Mia said

"That's exactly why I don't like him that much, he is the rudest of them all but at least he's loyal to his girlfriend but I heard Jason is a total player but my Michael is so cool and quiet, he isn't dating anyone" Lucy said and chuckled

It seems she's really a big fan of Michael

We got to the class and everyone seemed to be talking of the music fairies

There were some photographers and reporters waiting outside too

We sat down in the class and almost everyone was waiting for the music fairies arrival

"They are coming, the music fairies are in the hallway!!" A girl ran into the class and announced and everyone rushed out to see them

"Let's go too Emily" Mia said as she held my hand and we ran out of the class with the others

We struggled through the crowd and I ended up letting go of Mia's hand cause of the big crowd

The students started shouting,  the music fairies are close now

Am at the back and I can't see them though I really want to see them

So I struggled through the crowd to the front and someone in the crowd pushed me and I fell to the ground in the middle of the hallway

Everywhere became quiet, they must looking at me, this is so embarrassing

I stayed on the ground without standing up, I was too embarrassed to

I heard footsteps by my side and I peaked

There are six legs coming towards me, which means they are three people

Could it be the music fairies!

I can't believe I embarrassed myself so much in front of them, am just going to pretend I fainted

One of them knelt beside me

"Are you okay?" A familiar voice asked and I couldn't stop myself from turning to look

And I was dumbfounded at who I saw

"Rude brat!" I exclaimed


........to be continued........

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