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Hidden Motives-Episode 03




Hidden Motives-Episode 03

Written By Amah's Heart

He reluctantly opened the door with his heart in hand.

Seeing who was at the door, Jerome gasped out and that was when he realized that he had been holding his breath.

"Oh, it's you Kago..."

Kago looked from Jerome to Lucinda.

"Hey Kago, Good afternoon. How're you doing today...? Lucinda said while going outside

"I... I'm fine..." Kago replied as he try to ascertain what exactly was going on.

He walked in and Jerome shut the door.

Kago looked at Jerome with so many questions in his eyes.

Just then something in between Jerome's legs caught his eyes.

He began to laugh sarcastically

"Woooahh, my guy...Jj the baller, hope you didn't score on top of another man's wife? 

Jerome ignored him, he walked to a chair and sat down.

"... you can't talk again, cat chopped off your tongue? Aah...my guy, hope you did do anything with that woman? 

"Nothing happened... relax. Jerome said as he stood, walked to the winery shelf, poured drink into two cups, brought one to Kago.

"I can't relax my guy. You're beginning to piss me off. This is very wrong... you're disgracing yourself and it's not cool at all. You've being crushing on your neighbor's wife right from the first day... that's  ever since they moved in, you haven't stopped admiring her. You did all you could to get into their lives, home and now you are trying to get into her pants. Another man's wife...Are you cursed?..."

Jerome angrily threw his cup with the drink in his hand on the wall close to him.

The drink flashed on Kago's body, staining his shirt.

Jerome face Kago angrily

"Is your brain melting, what is it? We're friends does not give you room to start acting like my parents or teacher. Why are you trying to school me, do I look like a kid? I told you that nothing happened, nothing happened between I and Lucinda. Why don't you get it. She will be resuming in my office by Monday and I was just putting her through some of the things we do in the company... just to have foreknowledge. I got carried away in the process and it resulted to what you saw. I was shaken when I heard a knock thinking is Silaz. It was a great relief knowing it was you and know you're making me regret letting you in. Is enough already guy..."

Kago sighed ignoring him. He walked inside Jerome's room, took one of his office cloth and used it to clean his body.

When he was done he checked his wardrobe again and collected another of his shirt and wore.

He came out and went straight to the food on the table that Lucinda brought.

Jerome looked puzzled when he saw his friend with one of his expensive office shirt.

"... What is the meaning of this? He swear under his breath, stood and started walking towards Kago.

"Guy, if you come near me...I will break your skull. I don't want to react the way this whole thing is making me feel because you know if I do, this whole house won't contain us. Just keep your distance let me eat first and have strength. I even used one of your favorite white shirt to clean off the drink you spilled on me...is on your bed. Wait,  Lucinda also brought this food for you right? Hahaha, Guy, you don't like your life. Silaz will gun you down, that guy will kill anyone that gets close to his wife. But before you die, make sure that I'm included in your will. If I don't benefit anything during your lifetime at least let me get something in your death. this food is very delicious. You're really enjoying your neighbor and his beautiful wife...."

Jerome did not say a word as he went to clean off the mess he made on the ground.

"....by the way, why is Lucinda resuming in your office? 

Jerome told him her reasons.

Kago began to laugh again. He laughed so hard that he fell off the chair, stood up and return to the food.

"This is tragedy comedy movie, is intriguing and  so hot. I will watch it to the very end. I just hope you don't get burnt my guy. There's still time to quit acting and focus..." Kago said as began filling his mouth with turkey meat.

"There's absolutely nothing to worry about Kago, the way you're even taking this whole thing is pissing me off. Yes, I like Lucinda, is a normal thing to like somebody right? That's all to it. Is well registered in my head that she is another man's wife...I will trade with caution. Thanks for your concern Kago. Now, can we end this conversation and please make sure you don't finish that food..."

There was silent as Jerome went to join Kago on the table.

"... Kago, this food was specially for me... you have eaten enough. You're here condemning me but still filling your stomach with a married woman's food..."

Kago who was done eating cleaned his hand with a serviette and turned to Jerome.

"Let's leave joke aside J', what of Maria... your wife and your kid? You're acting all single now because Maria traveled. I know you did not tell Lucinda and her husband that you've a family... A beautiful industrious wife and a cute little girl. How can you deny your family because of selfish interest in another man's wife? What will you do if Maria and your kid returns...? 

"My wife is not coming back soon. Before she will finish with her PhD program it will take a while. Beside, I'm not doing anything wrong. I didn't tell Lucinda or Silaz that I'm single, they just presume that I am and I decided to flow with it. I'm not playing any game, I understand I got family but please keep it to yourself. Don't go telling anyone...I know you're not a snitch..."

Kago stood and started moving to the sitting room. "may God have mercy on you. You're not acting like a man who has a family man..."

Jerome began to laugh while holding a spoonful of food in hand "please, tell me how a family man supposed to act. Maybe I should have written it on my forehead to let the world know. Don't judge me yet Kago until you're married. You're still a single guy...relax until you get there..."


Kago sighed as he took the remote control and began checking television channels.


Two months later, Silaz silently watch as his wife carefully arrange her office cloths on the bed.

Everything was carefully set out articulately. she paired each attire in a fashionable manner with so much joy.

She totally forgot that her husband was seated there in the room.

He breathed sharply, making noise in the process yet Lucinda did not turn to look at him.

"Babe... babe..." He called, bringing her attention to him.

"Yes..." She replied and went back to what she was doing without turning to look at him

"Is everything ok... with you, with work? You seen so happy with this new job of yours..."

Lucinda replied, as her eyes travels back and forth from her husband to the clothes. "Isn't that a good thing? You want me to be happy right...and I'm happy. You should be happy too. I love my new job...it gives me joy. Some day, I will get to thank Jerome for bringing happiness to my life. I'm setting out my weekly wear, I need to look good. Looking good is a good business..."

Silaz was silent for a while as he continued to watch her.

"You need to be careful babe, you're a married woman working for a single guy. I'm not saying Jerome is that kind of guy that will have anything to do with a married woman, Jerome is single but he respects boundaries. I'm more concerned with other guys in his company. Dress properly so it does not send a bad message to any of them..."

Lucinda appeared offended. Silaz had to apologise.

She said as she move closer to him.

"My dressing is very appropriate. I understand clearly that I'm a married woman but that does not mean that I should start dressing miserably. I'm a learned, pretty, classy lady. I am a queen and you know that already. my dressing should speak of it at all time. Don't allow your imagination to run wild...I know what I'm doing. Look at all the clothes I arranged, if you don't like anyone... tell me and it will be removed or exchanged..."

Silaz pointed at three, Lucinda removed only one and left the others.

She turned to her husband and said.

"... Jerome maybe single but he's not a flirt. He's a honorable young man. He respects me and also respects you. None of my male colleague had ever made any kind of flirty advances at me. Quit worrying my love, I'm all yours..."

Silaz heaved a sigh of relief as his wife kissed him on the lips before returning to what she was doing.

She continued setting out the clothes happily.

 She looked forward to Monday with so much joy.

(Do NOT take credit or plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories),

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