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Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 3




Roommates With The Ceo-Chapter 3

Genre: Romance, Betrayal, Lust S€x

Theme: The Secret Room

Racheal Dennis.


Claire POV

After I get Derrick's number, I return to the bar and I shuddered at the thought of what happened yesterday I approach the bartender.

"Hi... I left my luggage here yesterday" I told him, I pray they haven't thrown it away.

The bartender does a double take when he sees me, he point it my luggage behind the bar.

"I'm really sorry about what happened yesterday. Rest assured, a police report has been filled and those men have been barred entry from any bars in the vicinity" the bartender explained.

" Thank you" I told him smiling a little, I checked through my luggage to see if anything is missing and as expected my wallet is missing. I raised my head.

"And my wallet?"

"Sorry Miss, I didn't see no wallet around" he told me.

" Damn...... " I cursed "Then do you happen to know who was that man that tried to help me?"

He dig in his apron and brought out a note pad "Here, he left his number behind in case you came back".

He pulls the page where he not down the number and hands it to me. I took it and thanked the bartender and left the bar dragging my luggage behind.


After a twenty or twenty five minutes can ride, I finally arrived at the penthouse. I quickly went to my room and toss my luggage in a corner.

'not bad for a first day at work, if I dare say so myself' I sighed and fall on my bed with a soft thud.

Things are finally looking up now. I take out the piece of paper the bartender handed to me, I typed the number in my phone and decide to send a message.

Me:_ Hi there, it's the girl from the bar.

Me:_ Safe and sound now.

Me:_ Sorry I left abruptly last night, but thanks for helping me. Let me buy a drink sometime:)

Or is that too suggestive?

I scoffed, whatever! I pressed the send button. I wondered if he'll reply.........

I instantly received a notification on my phone.

Stranger:_ Glad to know you're fine now.

Stranger:_ There's no need to buy me anything. I did what anyone would do.

Me:_ Can I at least get your name?.

There's no reply for a while, maybe his phone battery died.

Oh well.... I better get started on my chores before the owner gets back. It's great to have my luggage back, I can change into something more comfortable now.

Before I begin my chores, I plug in my head phones and select a pop music. These headphones are really amazing, I can barely hear anything else. Let me find something to dance to.

The music blast in my ears, I moved to the time as I begin to vacuum the place.

It's not long before I wind up in front of the master bedroom. I entered the room, it's dark inside and I'm fairly certain that it's empty, but I feel my heart palpitating excitedly as I take a step in.

' what's wrong with me? '

It's neat inside, but then again, the entire penthouse is impeccable I'm not too sure if a housekeeper is even necessary. My eyes land on the king size bed in the middle of the room as Lucas's words play back in my head.

"He wouldn't like it if he found you naked in his bed one morning" Lucas had told me.

Hmmm.......... As if that is ever gonna happen. The furthest I've ever gone with a boy was hold his hand and that was way back in preschool.

Morfield was a small town and the idea of dating my neighbor or someone my mom knew turned me off.

I'd never...... I can't possibly get naked......

But I can't shake the image out of my head.

What if..........

I imagine myself naked under his sheets one morning. But in my imagination the mysterious owner doesn't hate it, he loves it.

"Claire" he whispers.

He tries to take a peek under the covers but I playfully wrap it around myself. He cheekily plays along, we both know very well that he can rip them off me easily if he wanted to.

It starts off with a light kiss but it's not long before it turns into a full blown make out session. He simply can't help himself when he is around me. I never knew someone could taste so addictive. Soon I'm clinging into his bedsheets desperately, writhing uncontrollably, as he pleasures me. A forbidden Romance between me and my boss..........

I smack myself in the forehead and woke up from my imagination. I need to stop behaving like a hormonal teenager. I begin to vacuum the room. Tucked away in the corner, I saw a door.

What's this? A closet door,?

I turn the knob, but it's locked. That's strange.....I wonder what's on the other side......

I try again but it's locked shut. Well whatever that's in there isn't my business. I quickly finish up the rest of the room and leave.


Some time passed and I'm just about done with the rest of my chores when I find a suit jacket lying on the sofa.

What's this doing here? It wasn't here just now. I'm certain this belongs to the owner. I head back to the master bedroom with the jacket. When I got there, the door is open, I remember closing it after I finish cleaning. I step in and search for a hanger for the jacket.

Wait a sec..... The locked closet door is open!!!

Curiosity gets the better of me as I inch towards the door carefully.

I thought the closed door will lead to a secret room and something dirty must be going on there, but as I step in I saw something amazing, it's a home theatre with shelves filled with films.

Not just any films.....

Classic romantic films?

I take a closer look at the titles, I've watched some of these films. I picked two of the films, looking at them. This is the movie that made me cry when the main character died. And the other one is the ultimate go for a break-up.

Why does the owner have a collection of classic films in his bedroom? And not just any films, romantic, cheesy ones! And why does he keeps them locked away?

All of a sudden I find myself trapped against the shelf. I turned and stifle a gasp as I take a closer look at the man responsible. He was wearing nothing but a towel hanging dangerously low around his waist.

"Who are you and what are you doing in here?" He asked, I close my eyes, I'm too scared to face him, cause judging from the sound of his voice, he's pissed as hell..........

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