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The Hottie Next Episode 9



 (Extremely Hot )

The Hottie Next Episode 9

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Suspense

©️Authoreres TiFe


"One!" I yelled and they moved punching the air with their right hand, all students at the same time.

"Two!" I yelled again and they punched the air with their left hands, all at the same time.

"That's enough for now. We gathered at 5pm for the last trainings before calling it a day." I said smiling and they all nodded happily.

I sighed feeling all thirsty and sweaty. I sat on a chair close to where I was and I heard footsteps approach me.

I looked up and I saw Rosaline. She had a towel and a cup of coffee I guess in her hand. She had her ever welcoming smile on her face.

"You look terrible." She said throwing the towel to me before sitting next to me.

"Yeah I know. Haven't had some reasonable rest since we started training." I said using the towel to clean my sweaty face and neck.

"And you don't think of taking a shower?" She asked passing me the coffee as soon as I was done cleaning my body.

"You know I won't take a shower here. That will be at home. When I am done with all trainings." I said and she smiled.

"Okay. Was just trying my luck." She said and I laughed. She looked away staring into space looking kinda sad.

"Are you okay?" I asked and she nodded shutting her eyes.

"Yeah. I'M good." She said and I knew it was a lie.

"Laureen?" I asked looking at her.

"We broke up. Last night." She said and my mouth dropped open.

"What? Why?" I asked in shock.

"I was done taking his shity character. Had to let him go." She said in a shaky voice.

"Am so sorry right now." I said and she nodded placing her head on my shoulder.

"Ewww am sweaty." I said and she giggled. 

"I don't really care now. I just need comfort from someone." She said and I sighed nodding.

"You should have left me to destroy his teeth. No one hurts my best friend." I said and she smiled looking at me.

"You know If I wanted that, I would have done that myself." She said and I nodded.

"Sorry. I almost forgot you are a boxer too." I said and she smiled holding my hand.

"I will be less busy this night. All by myself, alone. Can we go out to grab some dinner?" She asked and I smiled.

"If that would make you happy. Then I am in. Cheer up okay? You will find a better man than that lowlife who has no remorse." I said in anger.

"Thank you Kel." She said and I smiled letting her rest on my shoulders.

Laureen has been with Rosaline for more than two years now. She was madly in love with him until she noticed some b*tchy behavior in him.

He was dating other ladies. She was so hurt because she pictured a family with him.

Such a pity.

Why would he do that to Rosaline? She is damn beautiful, my best friend is damn beautiful. I should give him a punch on his face before all this dies down.

"Are you sure I shouldn't give him a punch? At least one?" I asked and she smiled.

"Just a punch from you would kill him Kel. Just forget about it. I will try to move on, with my best friend by my side." She said and I smiled.

"Okay then. I won't destroy him anymore." I said and she nodded.

I looked at my wrist watch and I saw it was 5pm already.

"It's time Rose. Stay here, I will be done in two hours." I said and she sighed.

"Two hours? That's too long. I would have passed out " she said and I laughed.

"Okay 1hour thirty minutes?" I asked and she shook her head.

"One hour. You have been training till 7 for more then five years now. Closing 6pm today won't kill you. I am sure the students will be happy." She said and I smiled.

"Find. For you." I said walking away to where the students were getting ready.

"So guys. We would be using just an hour, and after then we move out." I said and I saw great Happiness on their faces.

I looked at Rose and she gave me this "I told you." Look.


I was off at the office at 6. It has been a very rough day working with Diego. He stressed the sh*t out of me, making sure I was in his office all the time.

I didn't hate him before, but now I am becoming to. If their is anything more than hate, then that's what I feel for him right now.

I walked into the elevator carrying my bag, ready to cool my head at home. The door was about closing when a hand stopped it.

"Diego." I thought in anger.

He walked into the elevator grinning before the door finally closed up.

"I hope you enjoyed your day as my assistant." He said and I clenched my jaw saying no word.

He was pissing me off so bad. But silence will do now.

"You know you look beautiful when angry." He said again but I kept my eyes on the floor imprinted on the door.

"So you plan on getting me angry by keeping quiet?" He asked and finally we got to the first floor and the door opened.

I walked out and then took a last look at him.

"Today was full of sh*t because I kept seeing you." I said within gritted teeth before walking out.

I guess that would do for now.

"Taxi!" I waved one down and it came to an halt.

"GERARDO NURNO STREET. House 11." I said and he nodded. I opened the door and sat in it sighing heavily.

"At least I will be off his face till tomorrow." I mumbled resting my head on the window, staring around the streets.

Right now I really need someone to talk to.

"Lucia." I thought bringing out my phone. I dailed her number waiting for her to pick up but she didn't, so I dropped a message.

Hi Lucia. I hope you're good. Just called to tell you, I really need someone to talk to right now. Things has been so ugly lately. Please call me back once you get this.

I sent it and dropped my phone in my bag again.

My mood was nothing to write home about. Then I remembered the Hottie Kel.

"Wow I almost forgot I had a hot next door neighbor. We could do something together this night." I thought Happily.

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