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Lost in a Shadow - Last Episode



Lost in a Shadow - Episode 30

Written by Chidiogor D-f Nwafor

Paul smiled a defeated smile and then resumed his eating. 
"You don't have to apologise Dave. It's your choice. I can't choose for you. So how was the visit? Did her family treat you well?"
"She has none."
"What?  That can't be true."
"He left her. The guy she left you for, left her."
"What an irony!" Paul smiled broadly, obviously glad about Amanda's misfortune.

"I invited her for breakfast tomorrow, dad. Hope you don't mind?" Dave asked, quite unsure.
"I don't. I'm not part of it so why should I?" Paul replied,completely nonchalant.
"You're part dad. At least endure for just tomorrow. I just want our family to share just a little current memory together. It's just what I'm asking for and nothing more." Dave pleaded.
"Dave. What you're asking for is..."
"Too much. I know but please."

Paul sighed heavily.
★ ★ ★
 There was a knock at the door and Dave got up to get it. He had woken up early that morning just to make sure everything for the breakfast was intact. Paul, who had been nonchalant about the whole meeting, kept sleeping until Dave came to wake him up. It was a bright Saturday morning and cool breeze blew.

As Dave opened the door for Amanda, his jaw dropped. She was on a blue junk suit and a matching bag. She left her hair down and she looked much younger and prettier and Dave didn't fail to commend her. 

Dave ushered her to the table where Paul was already seated, his eyes fixed directly on the clock. Amanda greeted him but he didn't respond. Dave brought a cup of tea for each person. He had earlier fried eggs to take with the bread Paul had bought. As he served everyone, he smiled in order to lessen the tension.
"I'm glad you came." He said to Amanda.
"I'm glad I came too." She smiled at him.

Paul remained silent as he watched Amanda. Her presence provoked and unnerved him. Sitting with her on the dining brought back memories. 

Suddenly, Amanda looked at him. "I need to apologise to you, Paul and also to thank you for taking perfect care of our son."
"I didn't do it for you." Paul snapped.
"I know but I'm really grateful for that. I'm really sorry for all I put you through. I don't know if you can find a place in yiyr heart to forgive me."
Paul looked at her ruefully, "This is Dave's decision not mine Amanda. Don't get it twisted. Do you by looking pretty and putting a sorry look, I'll forgive you and forget everything you put me through? No  Amanda. I'm not that stupid. I'll never forgive you Amanda. Never!"
"Dave! Don't interfere. I told you I didn't want to join this breakfast or whatever but you insisted. Was this your plan? To match us up?"
"That wasn't his plan, Paul."
"And who was talking to you? I'm talking to my son for Christ sake."
"It's okay. Please, it's okay." Dave held his hands up. "I understand dad's anger."
"No, you don't."
"Please, mum! Dad! Let's forget whatsoever anger or bitterness we have towards anyone. Let's just eat like a family." Dave begged.
"We are no family." Paul spat.
"I know that dad but we could be a pretend family. Right?"

Meanwhile, Amanda sat  quietly, watching Paul. She nodded slowly for she knew it would take a thousand years for Paul to forgive her. She would have to do her best so she could earn his forgiveness in future.

Paul on the other hand, sat fuming. He wished he could leave but he didn't want to hurt his son's feelings so he nodded in agreement to what Dave said. He watched as Dave held his cup up for a toast. Amanda reciprocated this action and they both stared at him; waiting eagerly. He sighed deeply as he held his cup and they made a toast for a happy family which they all hope for.

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