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Lost in a Shadow - Episode 29



Lost in a Shadow - Episode 29

Written by Chidiogor D-f Nwafor

Amanda directed Dave as he drove. Dave didn't know where they were going but he refused to ask any questions. They stopped at a huge black gate and a young man opened the gate for them. A beautiful bungalow was situated at the far end of the compound. There was a statue of a woman holding the hand of a young boy. Dave walked to it and read the inscription written beneath__ it read "mummy and son." 

Dave traced the beautiful sculpture with his finger while Amanda stood beside him, watching him. 
"Welcome to my humble abode." Amanda remarked and Dave nodded as they both walked into the house.

The sitting room was neatly furnished and there were various photographs of little Dave on the wall. Dave walked up to them and touched it. He never knew she had photographs of him.
"I took those photographs along with me. I don't know why but I'm glad I did. "  Amanda explained and Dave smiled. The next photograph was a picture of them both holding a bicycle. Dave ran his hands over it and Amanda asked him to make himself comfortable while she prepared something for him. He obliged and watched her disappear into the kitchen. There was a photo album on a chair next to him. The way it was positioned showed that it had been looked at recently. Dave took the album and busied himself with it. There were many pictures of them both. One of the pictures pierced his heart so greatly that he felt he was choking. He was sitting at the middle of both Paul and Amanda and they had been grinning so brightly in the picture. There was another picture of him and his grandma. Then one more of him and Amanda standing beside an old man he didn't recognise. He deemed it was Amanda's father due to the resemblance. He couldn't remember meeting any relatives from his mother's side. 

Amanda walked in with a large tray of food. Dave dropped the album he had been holding since she left to cook on the chair it had been before. He walked to the dining and sat down. Amanda had prepared a wholesome meal of pounded yam and egusi soup. Dave smiled for that was what he had wanted to eat. As they ate, Amanda kept adding more fishes and meats into his soup. She watched him eat the whole time. She didn't have much appetite to eat for she had eaten before Dave came. This was a dream come through for her. She had imagined herself cooking and feeding her son for so long, it hurt. She was extremely glad and felt her chest would burst from excitement. Dave had grown so well and she was gladdened by that. To top it up, he looked like her. He had her pointed nose and full lashes. He was beyond handsome. 
"I'm filled up." Dave exclaimed

She smiled knowingly then leaned in to wipe his mouth with her palms. Her palms lingered on his lips and she caressed slowly.
"Mum!" Dave began. "Let's watch a movie together."

Amanda's lips widened with happiness as she nodded joyfully.
★ ★ ★

Dave got home smiling to himself. His father was yet to be back. Due to Dave's happy mood, he decided to do something extraneous; something he had never done in that house. He decided to cook; to prepare something nice for Paul and also to surprise him. Memories of the day's event flooded his mind as he whistled in the kitchen.

Paul got back late in the night, completely tired and exhausted. Dave rushed out to take his suitcase from him and this gesture amused Paul.
"What did you win?" Paul asked as he walked to get a glass of water.  Dave had dished out the food in plates and had settled it on the dining, just as he had seen his mother do.
"You cooked?" Paul asked, completely shocked.
"Yes." Dave smiled.
"Jesus! Is this my Dave? I bought bread thinking there would be nothing to eat when I get home. I never knew that my wonderful son had..."
"Stop the flatter, dad." Dave laughed.
"I'm seriously shocked Dave. What inspired you?"
"I'm just in a good mood today. I'll tell you about it later, first go and have your shower, change your cloth and eat."
"Now you're acting like a housewife." Paul remarked and they both laughed.

Dave tightened his fist as he waited for his father to taste his food. 
"Not bad." Paul complimented. "Not bad at all. In fact, this is good Dave. It tastes like madam make dem talk's food back in Lagos."
"What kind of name is that?" Dave laughed. "And that was obviously a flatter."
"No, it's not. The food is so good."
"I thought it was a bit salty?"
"It tastes pretty good to me." Paul replied and Dave gave a contented sigh. 

"Dad!" Dave called after some minute. "I'd like to discuss something with you." 
"I knew it. All these aren't for free. How much do I need to pay?" Paul teased and Dave laughed softly.
"Not that dad. I just did this because of my mood and that's as a result of the woman I met today."
"Amanda. It's Amanda, dad. My mother."

The spoon dropped immediately from Paul's hand and landed on the floor with a sound. Paul looked down and picked it up gently. He laid it on the table and looked at Dave. 
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you I planned on meeting her. I didn't want to actually but after thinking so much, I came to a conclusion."
"Which is to visit her, right?" 
"I'm sorry."

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