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Lost in a Shadow - Episode 26



Lost in a Shadow - Episode 26

Written by Chidiogor D-f Nwafor

"My boss is around and would love to meet you. She is like a mum to me so you have nothing to worry about."
"How did she know that I was..."
"She knew when you called. She had earlier said she'd love to meet you after Peace told her about you. She wanted to see the lucky guy." Stella blushed.
"Unfortunate guy you mean." Dave teased and the smile on Stella's face disappeared immediately.
"What did you just say?"
"Just joking." Dave was already cracking up. Stella frowned deeply and threw little punches on his chests. Dave caught her hands and held it to his chest, staring right into her eyes.  Just then Precious came out and informed them that the boss was waiting. They then walked inside and Stella led the way to the boss's office. 
"Where's she?" Dave asked, looking around.
"Shh!" Stella placed a finger on his lips. She pointed to the door and whispered to him. "She's using the toilet." 

Dave nodded and then took a newspaper he found on the desk as he waited for the boss to come. The door creaked opened and an elderly woman walked out. 
"I'm sorry. I had to blow my nose. Is this your fiancé?"

Dave, whose head had been buried in the papers, flinched at the sound of her voice. It sounded so familiar. No! It can't be true. He began to tremble. Looking up, his eyes met with Amanda's who was standing next to him, smiling broadly. 
"Dave!" Amanda exclaimed loudly. 

Dave stood up immediately and before he could think, he was already out of the boutique. He drove out before Stella or Amanda could get close to him. He was shocked. He hadn't expected to see Amanda. He couldn't understand why she showed up every time he tried to escape from her. His phone kept vibrating but he refused to pick up. He turned his car to a different direction and headed somewhere else. 
★ ★ ★

Paul had been watching a movie when he received a phone call from Dave. He was surprised to hear an entirely different voice instead of Dave's. It was a bartender. He had called Paul to come pick up his son from the bar. 

"He's so drunk, he can barely move."

Paul quickly drove to the bar only to see Dave dancing with some women. He was staggering and drinking from a bottle of beer. The ladies were all over him, giggling and dancing with him. Paul angrily forced his way in, taking a protesting Dave home.
★ ★ ★

Dave had woken up with an aching headache the next morning. He saw his father sitting down on a chair, facing him with crossed arms and a deep frown on his face. "What happened?" Dave asked slowly.
"I should be asking you that. You were dead drunk in a bar last night. Why did you do that?"
"Me? A bar?" Dave exclaimed.
"No. Not you but me. I should have left you in the bar so you'd wake up there."
"I was just tired and so decided to relieve myself." He lied.
"By going to a bar? Was that what I taught you?"
"I understand dad. I was wrong. It's okay now. You don't have to worry about me."
"Action speaks louder than words Mr Dave Ndubisi Okafor! Man up and handle your business."

The harsh tone of Paul's loud voice startled Dave. He looked at him with mouth widely opened. 
"Fine." He blurted after some seconds. "I'll just rest then." He muttered and covered himself with a bedsheet.  He heard Paul sigh before apologizing.
"I'm sorry for talking to you that way Dave. I'm just surprised at your sudden behaviour. Please, tell me what is bothering you?"
"It's nothing dad. I'm okay." 

Paul sighed again and then walked out. Dave sat up immediately and held his head in his hands. What the fuck is wrong with him? Why the hell was he changing? Why was he behaving like Daniel in the book he had read recently__ My Roommate.

Just then, his phone vibrated and Stella's name popped up. She was so persistent. She had been calling him since the night before.
"Hello Stella." He began. "I'm really sorry for..."
"Dave! Are you okay?" Her voice cracked as she asked. He could tell she was very worried. He had made her worry for no reasonable reason.
"I'm fine." He muttered.

Silence! None of them saying anything. It looked like they were both deep in thought. 
"I didn't know my boss was your mother." Stella said after some minutes. "If I had known, I wouldn't have..."
"It's not your fault Stella. I'm the one at fault here. I didn't inform you about my mother's recent appearance."
"Why Dave? Why didn't you? I knew it all along that something was wrong but I couldn't lay my fingers on what exactly the problem was."
"I'm sorry baby. I really don't know why I didn't tell you. I thought I was done with that chapter."
"Madam told me everything. You knocked her down and that was how you two met. You were suffering but you hid it from me. You were the one who said that we shouldn't keep secrets from each other."
"This happened when we were apart. You weren't picking my calls. I thought I had resolved the problem when we reconciled. I didn't want you to worry unnecessarily for something that happened in the past."
"If this is worrying unnecessarily, then I want to. I want to suffer with you and rejoice with you." Her voice choked as she said that. Dave's heart was breaking as he heard her cry.

"I'm sorry I'm doing this but I can't just help it. I didn't know my boss was the same woman that abandoned you. She is a kind hearted person and I still find it very difficult to believe she did such a thing. She's been crying Dave. She has been crying since you left. She's in serious pain."

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