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Lost in a Shadow - Episode 25



Lost in a Shadow - Episode 25

Written by Chidiogor D-f Nwafor

Meanwhile, Dave and Cassandra were waiting for the next movie which was to be shown by 2pm. The first movie they had watched had ended by 12 noon. While they waited, Dave offered to buy soft drinks and Cassandra went with him to a nearby kiosk.

Getting back to where they sat, Dave asked Cassandra why she had wanted to see a movie with him. They sat on a neatly planted carpet grass, munching a pack of chin chin. They ate from the same pack, holding it with one hand each. 
"You're my new in-law. I wanted to spend time with you so as to find out if you're truly amazing as my sister claimed you to be."

Dave laughed. "I hope I am."
"We're still watching." Cassandra replied and they laughed again. 
"It's good we're spending time together. It unities us as families." Dave pronounced and Cassandra nodded.
"You're studying theatre art right? How is the department treating you?"
"It's pretty nice. Just as I expected. Besides, I can't leave no matter what. I've always dreamt of being an actress."
"Why?" Dave asked.
"Doesn't it fit my personality?"
"Of course it does. That's why Joe calls you a blabbermouth." Dave laughed and Cassandra shoved him by the shoulder.

"See this." She brought her phone out. It was the picture of Dave and Stella eating. 
"When did you take this?" Dave asked surprised.
"At the dining." She smiled.
"And no one noticed. You're cunning. That Kelechi guy has a lot on his sleeve."
"So Stella told you that also? What does she not tell you." Cassandra shook her head. "Well, he's not my boyfriend yet but he will soon be, so it's fine. Besides, do you know how I met him? It was..." 

Cassandra narrated the event once again and Dave kept on laughing.
★ ★ ★

It had been two days since Dave visited Stella's family. What a lovely family she had. They were all fun to be with and laughter flowed in their house reminding Dave of the loneliness and sadness that filled his home. His father had been extremely different ever since Amanda showed up. He looked moody and he kept to himself most of the time. Staying alone in the house gave room for Dave's idiotic mind to imagine lots of things. His mum in the kitchen preparing food, his dad and him playing a video game, his mother walking with a tray of food, she places it on the dining table, his father tasting the food, his father giving his mum a peck and they are all smiling and chatting happily. What a foolish thought he had! That was a dream that would not be possible; a dream he wanted to be in. Sighing, he got out of the house to take a short ride along the road. 

He increased the volume of the radio which played a hip hop music.  Dave nodded his head to the beat of the song. There was a young guy on the road  Hawking garden eggs. Dave halted to get some and then turned to go when he sighted a familiar figure standing by the roadside. She seemed to be waiting for a cab. He drove to where she stood and called her attention. He smiled as she turned to look at him. It was Mrs Bola, the lady from his welcome party. She was on a flowering gown and heels. She smiled broadly at him and walked to his car.
"Dave! Long time."

Same charming cool voice he fell for always. He asked her where she was heading to and she informed him that she was going home. He then offered to take her for he was idle and had nothing to do. She agreed and got into the car. Fastening her seat belt, she asked him where he had been going to.
"No where in particular. I'll just drop you home and head home myself. Have some please." He offered the garden egg and groundnut he had bought.
Smiling, she took a bulb. "Since you asked so sweetly, I'll help you with it."

Dave chuckled. "What were you doing at the front of a hospital?"
"I went for check up."
"Are you sick?"
"Not really. I've just been feeling funny lately. I feel dizzy and my body feels heavy. I've also been vomiting so I suspected I was pregnant. My suspicion was true, I'm three weeks gone."
"Wow!" Dave exclaimed. "That's good news. Congratulations!"
"Thank you." She smiled. "You're the first person to know actually. I haven't called my husband."
"I'm special! Didn't you know?" 

She hit him slightly on the hand making him laugh.  She then asked him why he had refused to work with his father at the bank for the meantime.
"I don't just want to work with my dad. I don't think anyone loves working with their parents."
"I do. I would love to work with my father. I'm really close to him."
"I just need freedom a bit. Like a little space from my father. I'm not a fan of my father's face." Dave smirked and Mrs Bola laughed a hearty laugh. 

She gave him a peck immediately they got to her house. "Thanks for the ride. Take care of yourself also." She told him as she got out of the car and walked to the gate. Dave watched her as she walked. Despite the fact that Stella was his fiancee and Bola was married, he couldn't stop admiring her. She always looked so good. Dave waited for a while before he drove out. He wanted to ensure she got into her house safely. 
★ ★ ★

Few days after the meeting with Mrs Bola, Dave felt he should visit Stella. The day was bright and breezy and the birds sang beautifully passing signs to him that that was indeed the best time to visit any one. 

Paul was just driving in the moment he came out of the house with his keys. Dave wondered why he came early. 
"It seems you're going out." Paul observed.
"Yes. What happened? Why so early?"
"It's my day off. I'm on the good side of my boss." Paul winked and Dave rolled his eyes. 
"How do you intend to spend your 'off day'?"
"I'll just rest. I really need it. Before I forget Dave, do you remember Mr Jimoh Jegede?"
Dave looked at him, totally confused. "No. Who's he?"
"He was my fellow coworker  and good friend at the bank in Lagos. He used to carry you a lot."
"Oh! So what about him?"
"It's his daughter's sweet sixteen birthday. It's a three day celebration and so he invited us. We should go. It's next month."
"Oh... No problem. " Dave nodded as he got into his car and drove out. 

Dave hadn't informed Stella that he was coming. He wanted to surprise her. On getting to the boutique, he called her and informed her that he was waiting outside. Stella squealed as she ran out of the boutique into his arms, throwing lots of kisses on his lip. 
"You look beautiful." Dave took a long glance at her. She was on a sky blue summer gown and makeup.
"Thank you. Guess what?"

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