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Lost in a Shadow - Episode 24


Lost in a Shadow - Episode 24

Written by Chidiogor D-f Nwafor

Stella went inside her room to change while Cassandra followed her mother into the kitchen. Joe and Clara sat on a couch, watching a programme therefore leaving Dave alone with Mr Effiong. Mr Effiong then asked Joe to get a glass of water for Dave.
"I'm glad you children are back together and most importantly, I'm glad I finally got to meet you."  Dave smiled at him and nodded. Just then, Joe brought the glass of water and Dave accepted it.
"I'm so glad to meet you sir. I'm sorry I didn't come earlier."
"You're here now so there's nothing to worry about." Mr Effiong smiled. "Stella said your dad is a banker."
"Yes sir." Dave waited patiently for Mr Effiong to ask for his mother but he didn't. Dave was glad for he couldn't bear undergoing the torture of explaining his misery.

Cassandra and her mother came out with food and after setting the dining table, they all sat down to eat. Efosa with the strange thought that Dave must have been eating just carbs,decided to prepare a local dish for him. She prepared the famous Ogbono soup and Dave seemed to really appreciate this for he ate more despite the food he had in the restaurant.

As they ate, Cassandra held her phone up and Stella pinched her gently. Efosa kept on filling Dave's plate with food until Dave couldn't eat anymore. She kept on telling him that he looked lean and needed to eat. After the meal, Dave asked for their attention and Mr Effiong nodded at him. 

Clearing his throat, he began by apologizing for not visiting earlier. "I promise to visit more often." Dave paused. "Father and mother, I would like to marry your daughter. I hope you give her hands  in marriage to me."

Cassandra held her mouth. Her eyes widened in shock and surprise. "Stella! You're getting married?"

Efosa was filled with happiness as she looked at her husband and then back at Dave. Mr Effiong laughed heartily as he grabbed Dave's shoulder. 
"There wouldn't be a better son in law my boy. She's all yours."
"Thank you so much sir." Dave smiled broadly as he looked at Efosa.
"I agree with my husband. Stella had made her choice and she chose you. Her happiness is also my happiness so Dave, please take care of my daughter." Efosa pronounced. 
"I was really sad when Stella told me about the breakup." Cassandra popped in. "But I knew it wasn't for long. I'm glad you two have settled your differences. Please, no more quarrels." She pointed and everyone laughed at that.

"Thank you very much. I'm also glad I'm back together with Stella. We would never break up." Dave assured.
Mr and Mrs Effiong asked Dave and Stella to kneel before them so they could be blessed. After the blessing, Clara and Joe took care of the dishes while Stella and Cassandra stayed in the verandah. It was a cool evening and the moon was at its finest. Dave was with Stella's parents in the living room. Stella smiled as she took a peep from the window. She was glad that Dave and her parents flowed.
"You're happy right?" Cassandra broke her thoughts.
"I guess I am." She replied, staring shyly at the moon."
"I'm glad you two are back together. I envy you." Cassandra blurted and they both laughed.

"You'll make a great mum." She complimented.
"And Dave will make a great dad." Stella added.
"What a shame that his mother abandoned him. Someone as handsome and special as Dave."
"She doesn't know what she threw away. She's really shameless." Stella retorted.
"What would you do if she returns after you guys had married?" Cassandra asked and Stella stiffened. "Just asking. No offense!" Cassandra held her hands up.

What would she do? She hadn't thought of that. "Well, I don't know. It's Dave's to decide. I'll just stick to what he decides on. I hope she doesn't show up though. Let her live in the thin air she vanished into." Stella muttered.

"Oh! That ring you have there is so beautiful. What a ring! Dave has nice eyes." 
Stella was taken aback by Cassandra's sudden change of topic. 
"I'll upload this on social media. " Cassandra held her phone in front of Stella's face. Stella gasped as she stared. It was a picture of Dave and her eating on the dining table. 
"How do you get this?"
"How else?" Cassandra  grinned broadly.

★ ★ ★
"Cassandra had stolen Dave from me." Stella blurted. It was early in the morning and Stella was at the boutique. She was already getting fed up with the second in command post. She wondered why her boss was yet to come. She had informed that she was leaving for just three days but it had been two weeks she had gone. Peace stood next to Stella chewing some candy as she listened to Stella's bicker.
"How do you mean?" She asked.
"Dave promised to spend the day with me but that little sly went behind my back. I don't know what she told him but they are on their way to see a movie right now." Stella replied.

Laughing, Peace choked, "At least you'd concentrate on work."
"He's going to drop by before he leaves finally." Stella rolled her eyed defensely. 

As they busied themselves in a work or two, a car pulled out in front of the boutique and an elderly woman walked in. "Madam!" They all screamed in unison as they rushed to meet her. They took turns in hugging her as she laughed heartily.
"Did you girls miss me?" She smiled.
"Yes madam. You took so long. Why..." Stella paused as she peered into her boss's face. 
"What happened to your lips ma?" She asked.
"Yes madam. What happened to your lips?" Ruth agreed.
"Nothing much." Her boss smiled at them. "Have you girls been well?" She changed the topic.
"Yes ma." They chorused as madam walked into her office with Stella tagging along. It was time to give records of all the sales they had been having in her absence. 

"Good job Stella! I knew I wasn't making a mistake making you my personal assistant."
"Thank you so much ma. But what took you so long? You said you were spending just three days."
"Yes Stella. I planned to spend just three days but there had been an emergency. Don't trouble yourself though. It had been resolved." 
"Thank God. But your lips ma?"
"I was involved in an accident. Nothing much. I'm fine now."
"God be praised." Stella pronouced.

Just then Stella's phone buzzed. It was a message from Dave.  It read__ I wouldn't be able to drop by. Cassandra wants to watch something else. I'll make sure to come visit you later. Take care.
"That sly!" Stella muttered under her breath.
"Are you okay?" Her boss asked 
"Yes ma. I'll take my leave now." She replied as she turned to go.

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