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Lost in a Shadow - Episode 23



Lost in a Shadow - Episode 23

Written by Chidiogor D-f Nwafor

She watched as he signalled a waiter to come. He placed their orders and the waiter hurried away. Dave then stood up and informed her that he'd be right back. She took the opportunity to admire him and his boyish appearance. As he walked, his shoulders moved a bit and she smiled. She was really lucky to have someone like him. Hardly would he pass without someone staring at him. He had no shade of fault__ except his never keeping to an appointment of course.

The waiter dropped the tray of food on the table and left. Dave came in some minutes later and began to devour his food. She smiled as she watched him eat. It felt like ages since she saw him and so, she decided to drink to the fullest this great opportunity. Dave looked up suddenly at her. He looked at the untouched ice cream and back at her. Her cheeks flushed as she looked down. She knew he knew she had been staring at him. She slowly began to take her ice cream as she resolved to look at him again. But his eyes were still on her and they both laughed. The ice cream was so nice that she closed her eyes to savour the vanilla taste on her tongue. Suddenly, she felt a hard object in her mouth. Was it a  stone or bone? What was a stone or bone doing in her ice cream anyways? 

Spitting it out, she was shocked to find a ring on her palm. A diamond ring. How possible? She looked up to inform Dave but he was busy with his meal. There was an amused look playing on his face as he ate his food, pretending to be oblivious of whatever was happening. When he saw her staring at him, he looked away, choking.
"Jeez Stella. Your stare is intimidating." He took a glass of water.
"I was worried you'd swallow it."
"Dave!" She kept on looking at him with the ring resting on her palm. Sighing, Dave took the ring from her and wiped it with a handkerchief. 
"This is a ring."
"I know that."
"Oh you do? Nice. Cause you were looking at it like it was an oracle." Dave chuckled.
"Alright Stella." He paused. "I don't know if I'm doing this right but I just want to tell you that from the very first day I met you, I felt this connection; like are were meant to be more. My life has changed greatly because of you and ever since you left, I've not been myself. Each day seemed to unravel how miserable I was without you. I can't live without you Stella and I want you to know that. I love you and want you to be the mother of my kids. I know I'm lacking in some aspect but I'll try my best to change. I promise to make you happy." Bringing the ring next to her fingers, he asked if she would marry him.
"Is this a joke Dave? Are you being serious?" Stella gently asked.
"Never been this serious in my whole life. Please say yes."

Stella brought her hands to her mouth to avoid letting an excited squeal. Was this real? Was it really happening or was it a dream? 
"Why would you ask Dave. Of course yes! A thousand yes. I'll marry you." She spoke so fast. Dave gently slipped the ring into her finger and she brought it to her lips.
"It's beautiful Dave." 

People who had been staring at the young couples began to clap and cheer as Dave smiled at her and stared deeply into her eyeballs. He drew closer to her and she moved into him. They were so close; close enough that their breath fanned each other's face. Dave leaned in and kissed her. She gladly opened up to him, savouring his tongue which was sweeter than her ice cream.
★ ★ ★

Dave got more ice creams and snacks for them both as he sat looking so relax. It was already so late and she was worried he would get home very late. She hated night journeys due to the scary things that happened at night. Her cousin had once been attacked by highway robbers while traveling to their village. His phone and other valuables had been collected from him. God forbid, such thing should happen to Dave. 

"Dave." She called out to him. His eyes had been glued to the television set. A Nollywood movie was showing.
"Aren't you going back home?"

Dave shook his head to her horror. "Don't tell me you're sleeping here?" She asked.
"Why not? It's quite comfortable here." He replied and she stared, wide eyed at him.

Laughing, he told her not to be ridiculous. "I'm sleeping  in your house today. I noticed that I had been so stupid not to visit my in-laws since. So I'm coming to right the wrong. I'm spending the night with you." He winked at her.

Surprised, she asked why he was just saying so. Shrugging, he stood up to get more ice creams. 
"Dave, your teeth will soon fall off. Don't worry." She teased as she watched him go. 

Picking her phone, she called the family number and her mother picked the call. Speaking fast, she began. 
"Mum! Dave is spending the rest of the day with us. I want something delicious to be prepared for him and also, Joe should vacate that room. It's only for today, he would stay with us."
"Calm down and talk one by one. Besides, Joe could stay with us." Efosa replied.
"Better. Let him dress up that room well o. I don't want to see that boxers of his that he's always dumping about."
"Why didn't you.."
"Mum! I'm just as shocked as you are. Dave is something else. Just inform everyone." She ended the call.

Dave returned with a plastic nylon in both hands. 
"What are these for?"
"Your siblings babe. What should I get for your parents? What do they like?" 
"Just get anything Dave." She watched him as they walked out of the restaurant. He wasn't looking as tired as he had been earlier. 

Cassandra opened the gate immediately they got home. She looked so happy to see Dave and she hugged him immediately. They walked into the living room and was warmly welcomed by Mr and Mrs Effiong.

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