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His Mrs Clumsy-Episode15


His Mrs Clumsy-Episode15
A short romance story
Written by Simrah Saeed


The place looks like an abandoned building. With fear written all over me, I entered inside. It's really a secluded place and its somehow far from the beach . 

I just came without giving it another thought, it's my siblings we are talking about. Not one but two.

How can I stay without them when I have been living for them? 

" Good you are here Roxanne, you are such a smart girl " I flinched as I heard the voice behind me. 

It's a man to say, he was smiling at me but I know it wasn't genuine as some guys followed behind him. 

The guys caged me to their middle as I stared from one person to the other .

My body became cold as fear engulfed me. 

" W...what did you want please, I ...I am here now. Release my siblings " I stuttered trying to sound bold but deep down in me I feel so scared 

" Not that fast Roxanne, you made a wise decision by coming alone " he said signaling those hefty guys. 

One of them came closer to me, took me and throw me on his shoulder. 

What are they going to do to me? Where is Cory and Zoey?  

I wish I had known, I could have informed Rex at least .

" D... don't hurt me p... please " I pleaded as they took me to a room. 

" Roxanne you shouldn't have come, why did you come now? Your life is in danger " I heard Cory's voice .

Those guys dropped me closing the door behind us. 

My head snapped at the direction I heard his voice. 

He was tied up together with Zoey.


I thought I read that his hand was caught off ? He's very fine, even Zoey. Apart from being weak, they are fine. 

" I'm glad nothing happened to you both, I was scared " I said running towards them sighing in relief. 

My poor little sister, she looks so tired. She couldn't even speak. I feel so terrible seeing them this way.

" They tricked you here Roxanne, y...you shouldn't have come here" Cory said groaning in anger and pain 

" I couldn't let them kill you both Cory, I just couldn't." 

" Now listen " the man said...

" I don't have any business with your two little siblings Roxanne" he said and paused 

" You are the only one I want and I have got you through them " he said. ...

" Since Julia couldn't do the task I gave her by killing you, then I decided to do it my own way " 

My eyes welled up in tears, he was the one that sent Julia? Why did he want me dead? 

I can't remember meeting him anywhere....

" I...I am sorry if I have wronged you s...sir, forgive me a...and l..let us go I beg of you "  I pleaded in tears as he laughed in return .

" Sorry Roxanne baby but that's not possible cause I want you dead, you are a hindrance to me" 

My jaw dropped at his words. How am I a hindrance to him? 

" Don't you dare touch my sister Mr whoever you are, I will make sure you rot in jail till you die" 

Those guys stood stiff, the man laughing so hard.

" You are very stupid to have thought about that young man, I can never let you out of here when I know you are with an information that will ruin me forever " he replied chuckling.

" Please don't harm them, let them go. You can kill me.but release them please " 

" Don't speak again or I will kill your sister right here " he threatened while I kept mute immediately. If anyone has to die here, it should be only me. 

My thought went to Rex, I'm sure he's expecting me. If I die what becomes of him? How will Liam and Adam feel? And Marcus that I have been wishing to see again.

I thought it all ended not knowing more was been prepared for me.

" Pass me the string " he said to one of his boys and they handed him an injection. 

A smile crept on his face as he approached me. 

I tried moving back but was pinned down by those guys... 

This is the end of me. 

" P.. please don't harm my sister " Cory cried. Tears fell down freely as I stared at both of my siblings. Cory couldn't hold it anymore as he burst into fresh tears while Zoey was unconscious .

The man came closer to me. I couldn't protest, I am already weak from fighting this huge people pinning me down. 

He injected me with the string and he smiled in victory .

I was becoming weak, I couldn't do anything. Not able to move just my hand. 

I think I'm feeling sleepy, one last glance at my siblings. I slept off...




" How are you feeling man?" Adam asked coming in with Liam.

" Did I look fine to you?" I asked. I wasn't angry at them but it's just a transfer of frustration. 

It's been two hours Roxanne left and she's yet to return ...

" What's the problem Mr Kings?" Liam asked. That name pisses me off right now.

" I'm not Mr Kings Liam, stop being professional " I snapped

" Uhh, I'm sorry Rex " he corrected

" So what's the problem?" 

" It's Roxanne, she left two hours ago and supposed to be back after 30minuts but she isn't " I replied worriedly . 

" What? Maybe she was caught up in some things " Adam said 

" That was what you said the last time she was kidnapped " I grumbled pacing about. I believe she's not alright.

" Are you saying she's been kidnapped again?" 

" I ... I don't know " 

" What do we do now?" Liam asked..

" Well, I actually told one of my boys to follow her every movement in case of another attempt " I said ruffling my hair. 

" Then call him already " Adam suggested.

That's a good plan but what if he didn't follow her ? Anyways, I brought out my phone and dialed his number..

📲 Good afternoon boss. 

📲 Yes, Roxanne. Did you follow her home? 

📲 Yes boss I did but when she came out, she hailed a cab and left to Miami Beach..

He replied and I glanced at them. Miami Beach, the last time I checked. She doesn't have any business there.

📲 You followed her there right? 

📲 Yes boss, she's gone into the uncompleted building since two hours and yet to be out ..

📲 Are you insane? She's gone into an uncompleted building and you didn't care to inform me? 

📲 I'm sorry boss.

📲 Alert the cops and make sure they surround the house. It's risky, they might have tricked her to get her killed. 

📲 Sure boss...

📲 Will be coming there in a jiffy. ..

Roxanne! Why didn't she tell me about it? She risked her life for God sake.

" What's happening dude " 

" Let's go already, to Miami Beach"  I said dashing out of the room. At this point, I don't care if I'm a patient 


I woke up with a pounding headache. I feel so weak and tired. I wasn't tied but was lying on the floor. 

Cory and Zoey were still here. 

"  Amigo " I called. She's awake. She might even be hungry and I can't do anything about it. 

This wasn't what was written on the later, they supposed to be released but look at us.....

" Sis " she muttered faintly

" How are you?" I crowled to her 

" I.. I'm fine b..but I'm tasty "

" Oh you are tasty little one? Here is some water " 

Wait! We're they here? 

Those guys untied them and they fall to the floor . Ah! Step one. 

Zoey collected the water gulping it down in haste. 

" Zoey you are fine right?" Cory asked touching her...

" Y...yes " 

" Well, well, now to why we are here Roxanne " he said clasping his hands together.

" From your real origin, you are my niece " 

What? H..how? What did he mean by that? 

" Your father was my younger brother and we grew up together" 

" He got everything he wanted,he was the most loved which made me hate him. That wasn't all, when we grew up, he became rich and famous while I couldn't be like him " 

" I had nothing when he had everything and so I became jealous and killed him so I could take over his property. Yes I succeeded but not until I found out that a woman gave birth for him " 

" I became afraid of loosing all the wealth to her and you " 

" I don't know how but your mother was wise enough to have given you out to Cory and Zoey's parents before I could find where she was. " 

" I killed her! Yes I did, and it's remaining you Roxanne. I could have let you be but Nathan wrote a Will and in that Will, it was stated that 70% of his wealth should be given to you and 30% to me "  

" How can he give me his brother just 30% of his wealth? It wasn't enough for me and I can only have the whole 100% if you and your mother is dead " 

" So that's it, I want you dead Roxanne " ...

My eyes were blazing with fear and sadness... He killed my parents and he wants me dead too? Because of some wealth? 

" Y...you can keep everything to yourself, I don't want the wealth sir. Please don't kill me" I begged

If there is life, I will always make another money right? 

" You think so? I won't let you survive it dear niece, you will one day come back for it Roxanne " 

" Guys " 

He called..

" Rape her to death and wipe those idiots memory with the antidote " .......


Where is Rex and Co now 

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