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Cute Bodyguard-Episode 37



Cute Bodyguard- Episode 37

Theme: He Is A Robot

Genre: Romance,Suspense,Full of Drama

Written by Authoress Tife


We landed and rushed into their camp silently. The camp seemed silent than normal, I just hope it isn't what I am thinking.

We don't have another betrayer right?

Khalid as the team leader held his hand up making us stop. We laid on the floor and only our heads were up. I had this helmet on my head and so did everyone.

He began to use his hand signal to direct the men East and West.

They began to spread out running to the main camp with their heads bowed.

"Come on." He said to me and the other three men with us. 

We began to run North behind our bodies behind the wooden fence.

I had a silent gun with me and of course a sniper from our side was located at a very far degree.

There were some men at the door, they had guns with them and they were very at alert. We rose up our guns and began to fire.

Almost all of us had silent guns with us. Soon all the watch men were down and we got to the door.

Khalid gave one of the men an head signal and he approached the door ready to kick it down. It was a wooden door, that shouldn't be hard for him.

"One, two, three." Khalid counted raising his fingers. And at the count of three he kicked down the door.

It opened and we rushed in with our guns ready to kill some b**ches.

We sighted some men and we began to fire. They began to scream with another language and alerted the others.

We began to hear sounds of gun shots from behind us, they have also met with our men at the back.

We were done with the once in the first room and when we thought we were heading somewhere, they began to rush out with guns that I keep wondering where they got them from.

"Maria stay close." Khalid said to me.

"Drop your guns." One of them said as they surrounded the five of us. 

"We ain't dropping no f**king gun." I though waiting for Khalid's orders.

" Drop your guns." He said and I was forced to look at him.

"Do it." He said bending down to drop his gun. Okay this is so unbelievable, but since it is from him, I trust him.

We also bent down and was almost dropping it when the other guys that went in from the back began to fire hitting them one by one.

"Fire!" Khalid said, and in delight and happiness i rose up my gun and began to hit them on the head. The gun shooting became intense and we began hiding behind shields.

"Team C3." I heard Khalid call.

"Copy." They replied.

"Move in." He said and and after few seconds they bursted into the house with continuous gun shots.

"Come, let's get the Stuff." He said holding my hand and pulling me from where the drama was taking place.

"The stuff is on the way to third floor, the first room. Be careful there are heafty men at alert." Mr Young said in the microphone.

" Copy that." We chorused as we kept moving.

" Don't go far, can't lose you now." He whispered and I smiled.

"Have you forgotten am better than you now?" I asked and he smiled.

" At least not on the bed." He said and I giggled.

" Guys you are at war." Mr Young said.

Sh*t I forgot we had our microphones on.

"We gat this uncle." He said as we got to the door. 

" Let's do this." I said and he kicked the door off. He began to fire not waiting to see who or what was in it.

I followed behind him and I saw a lady at the corner bouncing.

"Come here b**ch. We shouldn't be needing guns." She said and I smiled.

"I love the sound of that." I said smirking and I placed my gun on the floor approaching her.


See my bby o, fight is now sweeting her


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