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Cute Bodyguard-Episode 34



Cute Bodyguard-Episode 34

Theme: He Is A Robot

Genre: Romance,Suspense,Full of Drama

Written by Authoress Tife


We got to the room and he shut the door behind us.

"Sit." He said smiling approaching two chairs at the middle of the room

 I walked to the chair and sat wondering what he really wanted to know.

"Don't be scared, I am not going to hurt you." He said and I smiled.

" I am not scared." I replied and he nodded gladly.

" Okay let me start this way. You said something when you were with Khalid which got my attention." He said and paused.

" I said many things when I was with him. Which of the said things exactly?" I asked eagerly.

" The part you said "be strong for us." I mean for you and the baby." He said and I nodded.

" Yes I said that. Why?" I asked calmly.

" Is it true? You are carrying his baby?" He asked and I nodded.

" Yes." I said and she smiled.

"Wow. I didn't expect this anything soon, he doesn't have human feelings." He said and I smiled.

" Like a robot right?" I asked.

"Exactly." He replied.

" I melted him." I said grinning.

"Wow, you did a good Job and I really appreciate that. I am so happy for both of you." He said.

" You are?" I asked.

" Of course I am. I am his uncle." He said and my mouth dropped open.

" You are? Is he aware?" I asked in shock.

" No he isn't. We never met until his body was built scientifically." He replied.

" And why didn't you let him know after that?" I asked.

" It wouldn't change anything. If you know Khalid well, you will notice he trusts no one. So he may even think I am lying or something." He said and I sighed.

" That is kinda true." I replied.

"I am so happy he met you. He never loved any other person after his ex." He said and I sighed again.

" He told me."

"That apart. We will be going on the attack in the next 48 hours, to get the stuff." He said and I smiled.

" I want that." I replied.

"But have you gotten the password? We need it as soon as we get the bomb too. We need you clear off these guys once and for all." He said and I bowed sadly.

" I am yet to get it. I am trying so hard to guess but it won't come." I said sadly.

" It's okay Maria. Just help us keep thinking about it, while we do everything to keep that good safe. So once you get it, we imput it as once and that's all." He said smiling.

" Thank you so much." I said smiling.

"Thank you daughter In-law. And sorry about your parents death. They were amazing people." He said and I breathed out loud.

" That is fate for you." I said and he smiled.

" I am happy you have gotten over it." He said and I nodded.

" Of course I have. I am another loved one in my belly." I said touching my belly.

" Thank you for making Khalid human again." He said and I laughed.

" He was human before. Just a robotic attitude." I said and he laughed.

" General we have reached." Someone said from behind the door.

" Time to move out Maria. Come on." He said standing up and I did the same.

We moved out of the room and headed to where Khalid was laid.

I got there and I saw he was been moved out of the helicopter. His body had been cleaned and I guess the bullet extracted.

Though he still looked unconscious and has lots of tubes attached to him as they carried him down.

I walked to where our bags were and lifted it heading to the door.

I looked outside and I saw it was another island. It looked so beautiful, more beautiful than the last one.

"What is with us and islands?" I asked walking down the stairs.

" They are the best location for times Like this." He replied and I smiled.

They moved Khalid into the only house which was there, which I assumed to be ours.

The house looked like the former one, but this was more built and beautiful.


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