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Cute Bodyguard-Episode 30



Cute Bodyguard-Episode 30

Theme: He Is A Robot

Genre: Romance,18+,Suspense,Full of Drama

Rated 🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞

Written by Authoress Tife


I laid on the  bed in tears. How can he ask me to get rid of my baby? This is my baby, our child. How would he even think like that? 

I couldn't stop the tears the rolled down my eyes. I lost my loved ones, now I am having another one and he wants me to lose this too?

That would never happen even if it means dieing for my baby. 

I suddenly felt my throat run dry. I needed water badly. 

I stood up and walked out of the room, I got to the living room and I saw Khalid sitting on the floor. He had alcohol in his hand.

I ignored him and walked to the fridge to get a bottle of water. I cleaned my eyes as I gulped down the water.

"Maria." I heard him call but I kept mute. I drank the water and when I turned back I saw him behind me.

"You are standing in my way." I said bowing my head in tears.

" Maria I am sorry. I was just scared." He said forcing me to look up.

" You were scared? There is nothing to be scared of! Fear killed my loved ones, Fear made you this! I won't let this same fear take my precious pearl away from me!" I smacked turning my back at him.

" I have heard you. We are keeping the baby, please stop yelling at me." He said in a shaky voice wrapping his hand around my waist.

More tears rolled down my eyes and I felt his tears on my shoulders. I turned my face to him looking into his teary face.

"Khalid I love you. And that's the same way I love this child inside of me. I don't want to lose you, and that's the same way I am not losing this child." I said and he nodded.

" I was just worried. Bringing an innocent child into the world in the time of war." He said and I nodded.

" I understand you Khalid, but killing the child isn't the best option. We will come up with something."

" I am still very strong. This war Is fast approaching than we thought. We will conquer it before they even notice i am pregnant." I stated and he nodded.

" I believe you." He said and I smiled hugging him.

" Thank you so much. I love you." I said happily.

" I love you more." He replied kissing my head.

" Hope you aren't vexed with me anymore." He asked and I shook my head.

" Not anymore." I said smiling.

"Thank you." He replies placing a fast kiss on my lips.

             MR THUNDER 

"Since we failed in the last operation, we need to secure Maria and Khalid. So we will be moving them." Our leader said.

" Sir there is no need moving them. They are well secured there." I said and he shook his head.

" We can't be so sure. I know they are aware of where they are, and are ready to strike at any moment. So we will be moving them." He said and I sighed.

" To where sir?" I asked.

"That won't be disclosed to anyone. I will take care of that, I have noticed we have a triator among us. So our next step won't be enclosed." He said firmly.

"Even to me?" I asked and he nodded.

"But you can't do it on your own." I said and he smiled.

"I have trusted personnels for this." He said walking away.

Why can't he just tell me? What are they planned? And who are this trusted personnels?

I looked around and when I was sure no one was listen I took out my phone.

 We strike immediately. They are moving.


NOW! If it's getting to hard, kill them both.

 The password?

If I can't have it, nobody can.

 Consider it done boss 

I hung up and before I knew it, I felt a punch from behind me.

"I knew you are the betrayer." Our leader said hitting me on the face again.

I raised my hand wanting to hit him, but then I heard them cork their guns.

I stood still knowing I can't win against them, and I ain't ready to die.

"Capture him." He said and they rushed to me holding my hands and handcuffing them.

"You can't win this fight! That stuff is mine! I am the powerful one here!" I yelled as they moved me away.

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They dragged me to a room that had strong iron gates. They threw me in it and search my body. They picked up my phone and smached it on the floor.

They walked out and locked the door from outside.

"Sh*t!" I mumbled. I never thought I would be caught.

But I am not worried, I trust them. If I can't have the password, then no one can.


Ope o

They caught him 

But they are striking now 


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