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Cute Bodyguard-Episode 27



Cute Bodyguard-Episode 27

Theme: He Is A Robot

Genre: Romance,18+,Suspense,Full of Drama

Rated 🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞

Written by Authoress Tife


        AT MIDNIGHT 

I corked the guns and placed them on the couch. I walked into the room to wake up Maria. She fell fast asleep last night.

"Hey babe." I said tapping her slightly. She moved and opened her eyes smiling.

"It's time." I added smiling.

"Am coming." She said and I nodded walking out of the room. 

I picked up the rifle and carried it to face the targeted area that I made on the wood.

I pulled the trigger and it hit the target perfectly. I heard Maria clap behind me making me laugh.

"Wonderful." She said smiling.

"I didn't know I would still be this good after some years now." I said smiling.

"I can't wait. Teach me already." She said happily.

"So we will be starting with the pistol. Here have it." I said passing it to her. She took it and carried it up aiming the wood.

"Maria you need to slow down." I said and to my surprise she shot it and it hit the red target.

"Christ! How did you do that?" I asked in shock making her laugh.

"I didn't tell me I also read books on how to handle a gun?" She asked and I nodded.

"No wonder you carried it perfectly well. Is there any need teaching you?" I asked folding my hands.

"Of course, I am not that perfect, and I don't have speed at all. It can be a shot in the dark ten minutes." She said making me laugh.

"Okay then. To have a greater speed, you release your muscles. Your hands should be straight, your right hand straight and your left hand under it as a support." I explained adjusted her grip on the gun.

"Now breathe in and out in ease." I said and she did so.

"Now Fire." I said and she shot hitting the red spot.

"Perfect. Now keep shooting that spot. Shout if five times and then move your hand slightly to the side and shot in a round form." I said and she nodded.

She began to shoot just as I said and when she was about to move her hand she moved it too much making her lose the target. She stopped sadly and I looked at my wristwatch.

"You shot the red spot in less than a minute." I said fully impressed.

"Was it okay?" She asked looking at me.

"It is the best for a beginner." I said smiling.

"But I missed the next shot." She said sadly.

"Don't be sad Maria. You are just starting, you will know it okay?" I asked and she nodded.

"Okay." She said smiling. I moved close to her and helped her adjust her hand back to face the red spot.

"Now you move slowly. Your eyes shouldn't leave the target." I said holding her hands up from behind.

"Pull." I said and she pulled the trigger. It hit the target and she laughed happily.

"I told you, you will get it so fast." I said releasing her hand.

"My hands hurt already." She said dropping her hands. She placed the gun on the couch and sat tiredly.

"We haven't even trained up to an hour Maria." I said laughing.

"Go softly on me, I am a lady." She said pouting her mouth.

"Of course I will. You know virtually everything about how to hit your target, that is more than enough." I said and she smiled.

"Thanks." She replied.


"We need to give them more time. It is possible the force thinking of giving them more security now that they weren't able to get the good." 

"They know we would strike anytime soon, and they are preparing so hard. So we will strike when they relent."

"No action will be taken until I give orders." I said and they nodded.

"Yes sir." They chorused.

"Dismiss." I said facing the flat screen in front of me. The island was looking peaceful as ever other night, and I know they would be asleep.

We will attack one of these nights." I said to myself.

"Sir why don't we strike now that they are yet to send more supports?" One of the men asked.

"She is yet to know what the password is. If we capture her now and kill Khalid she would never say anything to us. We need to wait till she knows what this password is." I said.

"But how do we know when she gets this password?" He asked again.

"I will take care of that. Just wait for my orders." I said and he nodded. He walked away leaving me to my thoughts.

Maria what is this password? 


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