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Cute Bodyguard-Episode 19



Cute Bodyguard-Episode 19

Theme: He Is A Robot

Genre: Romance,18+,Suspense,Full of Drama

Rated 🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞

Written by Authoress Tife


I cuddled Maria in my arms and while we were at the edge of sleeping we heard some noise from outside the house.

"What is that?" She asked tiredly.

"Stay put. I will check it out." I said walking out of the bed. I walked to my closet to take a shirt and trousers to wear.

Maria stood up covering her body with the duvet.

"Stay here Maria." I said and she nodded fearfully.

I walked out of the room to the dark living room carefully. I looked outside the transparent window to catch a glimpse of anything.

Soon I heard a bang on the door. I rushed to the side of the door holding the door knob carefully.

I opened slowly ready to punch any mother f**kers face.

I opened up and I heard some crash into the house, under the moonlight that entered the living room I grabbed the person by the neck holding him to me with my arm.

"It's me! Its me." The person managed to say.

Suddenly the lights came on and I saw Maria at the switch wearing my singlet and only pants.

"Mr Thunder?" We both chorused and I quickly released my hand from him.

"Are you okay?" Why are you bleeding?" Maria asked looking terrified.

"He was shot! Come on." I said carrying him in my hands to the couch.

He groaned as I reached for his shirt. I tore it off and I saw the hit of the bullet right on his left arm.

"Who did this?" I asked in anger.

"We went for the Good in their camp and on the long run I was shot." He explained panting.

"We need to get this bullet out of him." Maria said rushing to her room.

"Where were the soldiers?" I asked.

"They were all attacked. They knew every of our move, they have an informant from us." He explained and I felt great anger.

"Why must they f**king betray!! What would they gain!" I smacked giving the wall several punches in anger.

"Khalid listen. You need to be careful, they are out there." He said and Maria rushed in with some clothes in her hand.

She knelt beside him using the clothes to stop the blood.

"How did you get here?" I further asked.

"I escaped and flew the helicopter here." He said and I furrowed my brows.

"You flew it here? Sh*t!" I yelled.

"What's wrong? That was the only way to escape." He stated.

"They f**king traced you here! They are coming for me! For her! For us!" I yelled.

"Khalid can you please stop yelling, we need to save him first." Maria said and I held my air in frustration.

"Please get this thing out of me." He groaned and I rushed to him.

"Let's move him to the table, I can get it out." I said carrying him to the table and placing him right under the lights.

"Get me the scissors." I said and Maria's mouth dropped open.

"What scissors?" She asked.

"Trust me Maria. Go on." I said and she nodded running to the kitchen to get the scissors while I stared at him in doubt.

"Here." She said passing the scissors to me. 

"Thanks." I replied.

"What do I do?" She asked as I moved the scissors to him arm.

"Do me the favour of a stitch. A needle and thread." I said and she nodded running to her room again.

"You know this will hurt right?" I asked 

"Get it out already." He said shutting his eyes tight.

I moved the scissors into the opening and he yelled holding on to the table so tight.

"Be thankful. It didn't go too deep." I said as the scissors struck the bullet. I pulled it out and dropped it on the table.

He kept groaning and I reached for the clothes to stop the bleeding.

"Maria where are they?" I asked.

"Am coming!" She replied storming out of her room.

"Am sorry. I had to search for it." She replied and I nodded.

"Now I need you to stitch him up " i said and her mouth dropped open.

"What? I can't do that." She exclaimed.

"You stitched a dress when you were little. This shouldn't be a big deal, his life is at stake." I said and she looked at the hurting Thunder.

"Okay." She said reluctantly.

"Thanks." I replied moving back so she could take over.


Are you thinking what I am thinking ? 


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