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Lost in a Shadow - Episode 21



Lost in a Shadow - Episode 21

Written by Chidiogor D-f Nwafor

An hour later, she heard a voice in the boutique which sounded like Cassandra's. She was tempted to check but she decided to finish up before checking. Suddenly, someone wrapped her palms around her. The smell and the shape of the hand looked like that of her sister's.
"Sandra!" She called out and Cassandra groaned.
"Why don't I ever get you?" She pouted.
"Because you're so noisy." Stella laughed as she drew her cheeks and hugged her.
"What happened? You stopped calling."
"Yes. I had to balance some account." 

Just then, Peace came in and told them to leave.
"I can see you're about to burst with your sister."
"You're such a darling Peace." Stella smiled at her but she shook her head.
"Don't flatter me. abeg." Peace had retorted with a smile.

Stella and Cassandra walked into a nearby eatery. Stella sent the order and the waiter brought their food to them. Stella had ordered for a hot peppery soup while Cassandra ordered a native food__ Edikang ikong. 

While they ate, Cassandra broke the silence. "Guess what!"
"What?" Stella asked eagerly.
"I said you should guess."
"I can't guess. Just spill the beans." 
Cassandra rolled her eyes. "Okay, there's this guy I met at school. You wouldn't believe this. The guy is a quiet person but..."
"What about Kelvin? Don't tell me you've broken up with him." Stella interrupted.
"That cheat. I caught him with one of my friend. He thought I wouldn't go on without him. I hope they have an awkward time together. Anyways, as I was saying. His name is Kelechi. He is in the same department with me but I didn't know because he rarely talks. I got to know when I saw him one day in the class." She spoke so fast. It was clear she was excited about the new guy and Stella envied her.
"How did you meet this Kelechi?"
"Actually, it's really funny and embarrassing. I was returning to my hostel from the library. I was on a phone call so I wasn't paying attention to the road. I tripped on a stone and so fell right on him. He was sitting on a pavement. I had been too shocked to get up. I was also fascinated by this gorgeous guy. I guess I stayed on him for like three minutes before he stammered, 'I...can't...breath." She mimicked.  "I quickly stood up and he began cough as he got up. I was so embarrassed, I guess because of the amused look on his face. I thought I wouldn't see him again until luck shone on me."
"So are you two now an item?"
"Well..." She blushed. "He hadn't said any thing yet and I'm not also in a rush. But I know he'd say something sooner or later. Well, look at him!" She brought out her phone and showed Stella his picture.
"He's more gorgeous than Dave. Don't lie."
"Yes, he is." Stella said with a sad smile. Now that Dave had been mentioned, her entire demeanor changed.

"How's Dave by the way? Don't leave anything out." Cassandra asked, provoking Stella more.
"Haven't you heard about table manners? If your food isn't peppery, mine is." She snapped.

Cassandra was taken aback by that outburst. "Gee Stella, Chill! I was just asking about Dave. It has been ages I heard about him. Was it wrong to ask?"
"We broke up. Happy?" Stella looked at her.

Cassandra nearly choked as she drank her juice. "You what?" She screamed before comporting herself. People were already staring at her. Whispering, she asked again.
"You heard me." Stella replied.
"What happened?" She asked so fast.
"Why are you so surprise? You broke up with Kelvin after all."
"Yes I did but Kelvin and I weren't as madly in love as you and  Dave. Besides, Kelvin cheated. Did Dave cheat? Tell me what he did?"
"We aren't right for each other."
"What made you think so?"

Taking a spoon from her plate, she blurted out. "Dave has more important things to do. Things more important than me. So I ended the relationship to save him the stress. Every girl wants to be the first thing on their guy's mind." Stella ended with a tear hanging on her eyelid. She wiped it away quickly. The last thing she wanted was to cry over Dave. She needed to get over it just like Cassandra did with hers 
"Are you okay?" Cassandra asked really concerned and Stella nodded. She needed to be fine. 
"Dave's a jerk." Cassandra spat and Stella agreed.

That day, after Cassandra had gone home, she cried secretly at the boutique. No matter how she pretended, she thought about Dave always. She wondered if he felt the same way.

Few days later, Stella sat with Peace, taking her usual record of sales.  Imafidon and Ruth were carrying out their normal business too. Ruth hadn't looked her in the eyes ever since the fight while Imafidon ignored her like she was invisible. Thankfully, her nose was alright now.

A car drove into the boutique's driveway and Imafidon rushed out with Ruth tagging along. Peace chuckled as she whispered to Stella.
"Have you noticed that those two tend to respond only when it is a male customer?"
Stella nodded in approval. "They are trying to strike their iron while it's hot."
"I pity whosoever the poor guy is. He doesn't know about it." Peace said and they both fell into fits of laughter.

The young guy walked up to Imafidon and Ruth, for they were the only available people he saw. 
"What do you need sir?" Imafidon asked with a broad smile. Ruth stood by her side, striking a pose she thought was sexy. They were clearly trying to flirt with the guy.
"I'm looking for Stella. Does she work here?"

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