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Lost in a Shadow - Episode 19



Lost in a Shadow - Episode 19

Written by Chidiogor D-f Nwafor

Stella wanted to remove all suffering from her family. She was tired of seeing her family members suffer. Cassandra had to work part time so as to buy things she needed. Joe and Clara's feeding money had been reduced too. 

She promised herself that she would get a bigger shop for her mother and also send a lot or money to Cassandra's account so she didn't have to work anymore.  She promised herself that she'd increase Joe and Clara's feeding money so as to avoid Clara locking herself in the room with an excuse of not having the dress code or money to buy gift for her friend's birthday. Joe wouldn't complain also about lack if money to visit a play station or buy a baseball cap. 

The salary from the boutique was substantial but she wanted more. Due to the fact that she hadn't gone for her service, some companies refused to employ her and so she had no choice than to settle for the boutique offer. Peace had connected her to the boutique after she complained about her unemployment issue and that was why she felt bad that her madam placed her as second in command instead of Peace. 

The boutique was quite big. Different kind of clothing were sold including Italians and German wears. Kimonos weren't left behind.
After attending to customers that came to the boutique that day, Stella sat on a chair, chewing her pen. She was idle and she hated being idle for it gave opportunity for her mind to think about Dave. She missed him so dearly, his smiles, his silly talks and his handsome face. When she was idle, past memories flooded her mind and left her aching for him. He had called of recent, though she hadn't been around to pick the call. She had gone out to get some food for dinner and her battery had been low, so she had left her phone in her room. When she saw that she had missed his call, she refused to call him back for she was determined to forget him just like she had informed her parents.

The day she broke up with Dave,  she had locked herself in her room and had refused to open up for anyone despite their pleas. Her parents had been so worried while Clara had been upset for she wasn't let into the room. She tried  to beg Stella to open up for her but to no avail. Stella had refused to open up because she hadn't wanted any of her family to see her that way. Sitting on the bed with folded arms, she faced the wall; crying. Cassandra had been in school and so there had been no one to comfort her. 

She had apologized the next morning and had announced  her break up with Dave to them. She had refused to be consoled by anyone and had warned them never to mention Dave's name again. 

She had tried not to think about Dave since then. She had dreamt many dreams of them coming back together but she had dismissed each of them as a bad dream. It had been weeks since Dave last called and so she deemed he had found someone else. She wished she hadn't taken the relationship with Dave so far. She wished they had remained friends and nothing more. Was she overdoing this? She didn't know.

She had met Dave in a public transport. He had sat down next to her in the bus while she was going to school for the first time. Sitting next to a handsome guy had made her uncomfortable for reasons she couldn't understand. The tight bus made their shoulders bump countless of time and she could feel his sweat pour on her skin. He had been on a long phone call with a girl and Stella had been jealous for strange reasons. There had been a time he had fallen on her shoulder while sleeping and she had pushed him away, hard for reasons  she didn't understand also even till this day.

When she alighted the bus, she had heard a voice calling unto her but she had refused to respond. She had been scared and had quickened her pace into the school's gate. The caller began to run to her. Frightened, she turned on her heels but the guy had been faster and had caught up with her in no time. She tried to scream but noticed it was the handsome guy from the bus. 
"Why are you chasing me?" She had barked.
"You dropped this while alighting the bus." He had informed and she gasped. 

It had been her purse. She looked at him abjectly surprised, amazed and grateful for all her money had been in that purse. 
"Thank you very much. I didn't know when it feel off." She told him softly. "I'm sorry also for not responding while you were calling.  I'm new here and so didn't want to get into trouble."
"I understand. Fresher?"
"For now. You?"
"For now." He had replied and she had laughed.
"I'm Dave. Accounting." He had offered his hands.
"Stella. Adult Education." She had taken his hands. If only she knew it would lead to this.
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