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Lost in a Shadow - Episode 16



Lost in a Shadow - Episode 16

Written by Chidiogor D-f Nwafor

Amanda shifted uncomfortably on the bed as she stared at him. She had suddenly become gloomy. She shifted her gaze from him and then returned it back to him. She held her chest as she stared at him.
"I'll take my leave now, wonderful mother." Dave smiled bitterly at her and walked away. 
"Wait!" She called out but Dave had left.
"Wait! Wait!!" She called out again, this time around louder. This shout attracted the nurses who called the doctor. 

"Madam, are you alright?" This doctor asked, coming closer to her. Amanda looked scared like she had encountered a ghost. She brought a trembling finger to her lip and placed her left palm on her chest. Tears began to rush out of her eyes, as she trembled.
"Madam, Did Mr Dave threaten you in any way?"

Amanda flinched immediately he said that and the doctor looked aghast, totally confused about the current situation. 
"Madam, are you okay? What's going on? Talk to me." 
"Dave! Dave!! My God! He looks so familiar, he sounds so familiar and his name is so familiar. No this can't be. It can't be Dave. It can't be my Dave. My God! Doctor, Dave what? Is he Dave Okafor? Is it Dave Uchechi Okafor?"

The doctor ran his hands through his head, staring at his patient who was already acting mad. He wondered what Dave had told her to make her so agitated.
"Answer me doctor. Please, answer me." Amanda burst out into tears, dragging and pulling her hair. "Is it Dave Okafor? Is it my Dave?"
"Yes madam. It is Dave Uchechi Okafor. How did you know this and what do you mean by your Dave?"

Amanda let out a little scream as she held her head tightly. "Jesus! My God! Precious Lord! It's Dave! It's my Dave." Her face was tear streaked and she was wailing bitterly.
"Madam, you need to reduce your voice. This is a hospital, not a bar. What is your problem? Is your fever back? Do you need some drugs? What's happening to you?" The doctor tried to calm her down as he held her. Amanda continued to wail bitterly as Dave's embittered words haunted her. "Wonderful mother!  My mother abandoned me. I had to grow up without a motherly figure. She's a useless and disgusting person who has no shame and I feel like strangling her. You must have taught your own son some good principles right? Of course you would. Didn't you?" 

She felt she was suffocating in pain. She felt  like she had been stabbed, like a thousand nails had been shoved violently into her heart. She needed to see Dave again. She needed to speak with him. Turning to the doctor, who looked wearied and tired, she begged,
"Doctor, this guy is my son. It's a long story and I know this is strange but doc, I really need to speak with him. Can you help me with his address? Please doc, you guys keep record of patient's address and so on? Please, let me have Dave's address."
"I can't do that ma. I can't disclose such private matter to you."
"Okay, can you at least call him? Let him call back. I need to speak with him so terribly. Help me doctor. I'll never forget this favour. Help me." 

Doctor Martins stared at the crying woman and shook his head slowly. All these sounded so strange.  Dave, the patient's son? The patient's son, Dave? So strange! He sighed defeatedly.
★ ★ ★ 
Dave trudged into his room, sighing and wiping his wet eyes. He slumped to his bed and fastened the pillow tightly to his chest. Lying on his back, eyes squarely on the ceiling and right hand on his forehead, tears slipped rapidly out of his eyes. Shutting his eyes tightly to stop the tears, he yelled and jumped out of the bed, throwing his pillow to the floor.  Seeing and talking to that woman again weakened him.  Why now? Why did she have to show up now? He had patiently prayed and waited that she would show up while he had been growing up, but she never did. Why now did she have to come and ruin everything he had taken years to build? 

The vibration of his phone distracted his thought. He grabbed the phone and stared at the caller. It was the doctor. What now? 
"Dave, can you come to the hospital? I have something serious to discuss with you."
"And what may that be?"
"It's not something to be discussed on phone. I need you here."
"Hope it's not about ..."
"Dave, can you just come?"
"Okay. I'm coming."

Dave wondered what serious issue the doctor wanted to discuss with him. He was so confused and tired and he didn't want any more issue to top up the ones he had. Getting into the hospital, a nurse directed him to the doctor's office. Surprisingly, Amanda was sitting on a chair, watching him.
"Doctor, you called me." Dave muttered.
"Yes Dave. This woman said she wanted to speak with you. So..." The doctor stood up from his chair. "I'll excuse myself." He told them as he walked out.
"What do you want to say, Madam? I've apologized to you, didn't I? I told you it was a mistake and it was due to my lack of motherly..."
"Dave! My baby boy!" Amanda stood up trembling. 

Dave took a step backward as she approached him. Anger and surprise registered on his face. What was going on? How did she know? 
"What...what...are you saying?" Dave stuttered.
"My baby boy! You've grown so big, my baby. My sweet baby." She began to weep as she brought her palms to his cheek, caressing it softly.  Tears came into Dave's eyes and his resolve broke. 
"Don't call me that. Stop calling me that. Your baby boy is not me. You don't even know me, how can you call me that?" Tears poured out of his face.
"I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry. I didn't mean for all this to happen. I am so sorry for not being a good mother to..."
"Mother? What mother? Are you seriously calling yourself a mother? This absurd." Dave laughed a bitter laugh. "Do you think giving birth to a child makes you a mother? Do you? Do you think you can just come into my life and claim to be my mother? You're so funny. You're very funny."
"Dave, I know how you feel." Amanda told him.
"You know nothing about my feelings. You don't know shit. You don't know how I struggled to live without you. You don't know how sad and lonely I was. You don't know anything."
"Dave, I don't know what your father told you about me but the truth is that you're very important to me. You mean a lot. I have my reasons for... "
"Look here madam, I don't know who sent you or what you want but let me tell you, you are not my mother but a stranger. That's what you are. I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOUR NAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" Dave yelled at her. With that, he stomped out of the office and out of the hospital.

Unknown to him, Amanda had followed him all the way home. He had been too engrossed I'm his thought to notice what was going on around him. Twice, he had almost hit an oncoming vehicle. Paul who was currently on leave, stood up immediately Dave walked in. He quickly asked what the matter was as a tiny tear dropped out of Dave's face.
"Dad!" Dave croaked. "She's back." 

Paul shook his head angrily after Dave had narrated his ordeal to him. 
"So she had the guts to call you her son? She had the guts to even come close to you?"
"I don't know dad. I'm...I just don't know."
"Just relax son."

Paul got up and walked into the kitchen to make a hot cup of tea for Dave. As Dave sipped his tea, he heard a knock at the door. Dave got up and opened the door only to see Amanda standing at the door way.
"You... You.... What..."
"I came to see you. We  weren't done talking Dave."  She pushed her way into the house. Paul who had been at the dining table, jumped up immediately and walked up to her.
"Hello Paul. Long time!"

Without thinking, Paul raised his hand and furiously slapped her. Amanda staggered as she fell to the ground, hitting her lips on the couch. Dave ran to his father and held him back from carrying out anymore assault. Blood had began to drip out of Amanda's swollen lips and Amanda, stared utterly shocked. Paul stood, glaring and fuming, his body rigid. Bringing his hands to his face, he muttered;
"Someone get this woman out of here. God help me, I don't know what I'll do." Turning to Amanda, he yelled; "You have the guts, the effrontery, the audacity to step your filthy feet into my house after all the wicked things you  did in the past? How dare you? Don't you have some shame?"

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