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Lost in a Shadow - Episode 15


Lost in a Shadow - Episode 15

Written by Chidiogor D-f Nwafor

Dave's face turned red at that. He shifted immediately from his father and stared at him, embittered.
"What did you just say dad?" He asked but Paul didn't reply.
"I can't believe you. I spent all my time praying for her to recover and in one minute, you ruin everything with your tongue. How can you do that? How can you be so wicked and heartless? Don't you know that if she dies, I'd never forgive myself? That poor woman is lying in moribund and you sit here praying for...Dad! What has come over you?"
"It's not like that Dave. It's just ..." Dave stormed out of the house without hearing his father complete the statement. He kicked the door with his foot instead as he left the house.

"Why is he talking nonsense?" Dave hit his fists on the steering wheel. He stomped on the shuttle and the car went flying past. He couldn't understand what was going on. It was at this moment he missed Stella more. Pissed with both Paul and Stella, he drove to Chike's apartment.

Chike welcomed him warmly. He offered him a glass of juice but Dave declined. Seeing the state Dave was, Chike sat down with his hands folded and his brow raised.

Chike lived alone in a bedroom flat. He was the only one Dave could think about for he needed someone to talk to and a place distanced from his father. Also, Dave felt Chike understood him more.

Chike listened intently as Dave narrated his ordeal to him. Sighing, he pronounced.
"I don't think your dad meant harm. He must have a reason for acting this way."
Dave glowered at him. "What reason could he possibly have? Look! I don't want to talk about this anymore. I came here to have some peace and some quiet."

Chike raised his hands in total surrender as he grinned. "Okay. I won't bother you. I give up."
"You think everything is funny." Dave laid on the couch and closed his eyes. He was so dehydrated and tired.

Few minutes later, Dave's phone rang. It was the doctor. Panicking and with shaky hands, Dave picked the call.
"Has she died?" He asked quietly.
"What? Of course not. Instead, she had recovered."
"What! Jesus! God! Doctor, are you being serious?"
"Of course yes."
"Thank God. Thank God." Dave heaved a sigh of relief.
"She's asking to see you. She regained consciousness some minutes after you left."
"I'm on my way doc. I want to see her." Dave smiled broadly.
"I told you everything would be fine." Chike smiled at him.
"When did you tell me that?" Dave questioned and Chike laughed.

They drove happily to the hospital and Dave's phone buzzed again. It was a message from Paul. Dave looked at the phone with contempt and shoved it away. He didn't want anyone to ruin his mood. This was his happiest day.
"Who was that?" Chike asked.
"My father."
"What did he say?" Chike probed.
"I don't know. What else other than I pray that woman dies and never come back to life." Dave snapped and Chike laughed.
"I don't think so." Chike grabbed the phone and read the message. His face darkened as he turned to Dave.
"I think you have to read this."
"What did it say?" Dave asked reluctantly.

Chike brought the message to his view and Dave panicked. He stepped on the brake with so much force that that he hit his chest on the steering.
"My mother?" Dave muttered. "He said she's my mother."

Paul was sitting on the couch drinking a bottle of gin when Dave walked in. Dave stared at him and tears filled his eyes. He had never seen Paul drinking before. He understood why he father reacted that way. He could feel the grief and depression. Dave sat next to his father and collected the bottle of gin from him. He brought the bottle to his mouth  and took a huge drink. He felt the burn harshly in his throat and chest, but instead he drank more.
★ ★ ★

"Why didn't the stupid man come? So after knocking me off the road, he dumped me here abi?"
"Madam, please calm down."
"Are you seriously telling me to calm down? I want to see that useless person that kept me in my present condition right now. He made me lie here for three days. Does he think I am jobless? I'm supposed to be working now but look, I'm lying on a bed. Doc, call that man. I want to see him."

It was early in the morning and Amanda was asking to meet the he goat that kept her in her present condition. She sat on the bed with her arms folded, staring at the wall clock with an ugly look on her face.

The doctor, worn out from Amanda's constant threat decided to call Dave and inform him about the latest development. Dave who had lost every vibe to see her after hearing she was his mother, had decided to dump her in the hospital and never return. He couldn't bear to face her anymore. After hearing all that Amanda had said from the doctor, he decided to go and meet her.

On getting there, Amanda barked at him.
"So you are the  one that wanted to kill me right?" She eyed him angrily. "Small small boys like you who think driving is like playing a game are the cause of the problem we have in this country. Instead of you to concentrate on the road..."

Trying to maintain his composure, Dave gently apologized to her before she could finish her statement. He explained to her that it wasn't intentional and since she had fully recovered, he would like to take his leave.
"See this rude boy o. Didn't your mother teach you some good principles? You knocked down an elderly woman and all you can say is 'I want to take my leave?'

Dave almost lost his balance as he heard her say that. She had absolutely crossed the line. She had hit the bombshell.Tears of anger and agony were threatening to explode out of him but he tried to control it. She didn't deserve his time, nor his tears or even his anger. She deserved absolutely nothing  from him.

Looking deep into her eyes, he retorted. "No. How did you know? You must be a wise woman for you to decipher that my mother didn't teach me any good principles. In fact, she abandoned me. She left me and I had to grow up without any motherly figure. She is a useless and disgusting person who has no shame and I feel like strangling her. I hate her with every ounce of energy in me." Still holding his gaze at her face, he continued; "You must have taught your own son some good principles right? Of course you would. Didn't you?"

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