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Lost in a Shadow - Episode 14


Lost in a Shadow - Episode 14

Written by Chidiogor D-f Nwafor

"OH MY GOD!!" Dave panicked as he ran out of the car. An elderly woman had been hit and she was lying unconscious on the bare ground.

Dave looked around and found out that he was at a deserted road he didn't know. He thanked his God as he carried the woman into the car. He wondered what would have been his fate if this had happened on a busy road. He might had been a victim of Jungle justice.

As he drove, he asked people on the road for directions to a hospital and finally, he got to one. The hospital looked crude and Dave panicked wondering if the woman would die due to lack of resources and equipment. He kept blaming Stella for if she had answered him, he wouldn't have been in such mess. He paced round the hospital waiting for any news at all. God! What would be his fate if she died?

Dave became so restless after some minutes. He walked up to a nurse.
"How's she?"
"I'm very sure the doctor is trying his best. She'd be fine. Just sit quietly and wait for the doctor."

Dave sighed as he tried to calm himself down. He took some quick breath and closed his eyes. He tried to force himself to breath for he felt he was suffocating from restlessness and anxiety. The tick from the wall clock tortured him. .

Eventually, the doctor came out and Dave  rushed to him.
"How's she doctor?"
"We're not making any progress Mr Dave. She's still unconscious." The doctor sighed as he excused himself and walked into his office.

Dave slumped to the floor as tears clouted his eyes. What is going on?
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It was very late in the night and Dave hadn't returned back home. Paul was so worried for this was the first time Dave stayed out really late. After waiting for some more minutes, Paul decided to call him.
"Yeah?" Dave's voice was laced with sleep for he had fallen asleep while waiting for any good news.
"Where are you Dave?"
"Huh?" Dave rubbed his eyes sleepily.
"Dave! I asked where you are. What are you doing? It's late."

Dave sighed heavily as he poured down everything to his father. He had wanted to handle the situation all by himself but with the way everything was going, he needed to speak with someone and no one fits more in that position than his dad.
"My God!" Paul exclaimed.
"I don't know what to do dad. I'm just so confused."

There was silence for a while before he replied. "Just come home Dave. We'll go back tomorrow. Everything would be fine. Come home my son."

Dave got home devastated and tired that he couldn't eat. Paul tried to make him feel better by encouraging him but Dave was becoming more depressed at each passing minute. He quickly retired to bed and covered himself with a huge blanket. Paul silently prayed to God for mercy. He then wrapped the blanket tightly around Dave's cold body.

Paul tried to take an excuse from his boss so he could come with Dave to the hospital the next morning but his boss refused. Soberly, Paul told Dave he couldn't go again but he promised to go with him later.
"Don't worry Dad. I'll be fine." Dave assured with less conviction.

The patient was still unconscious when Dave got into the hospital. It was like she was getting worst day by day. Dave sat down next to her and held her hands. She looked like she was in her late forties. Despite the fact she was elderly, she looked exceptionally beautiful. Dave couldn't help but imagine how she had looked when she was much younger. The lady was dark in complexion and had wrinkled under her eyes. She looked like she had suffered a lot.

Dave wondered why no one had called to ask of her. She had been with a bag when he knocked her down and he had left the bag with the nurses. He had told them to inform him if anybody called but they told him no one had called. This was strange. Could it be she had no kith or kins? Could it be she was lonely?

Dave looked up and  stared at the walls. Looking at the unconscious lady brought tears to his eyes. There were cracks on the hospital wall and this reminded him of the mud buildings in his village. How times had passed. No doubt, he missed his village. Ever since grandma died, he had not been to the village. It was like there was nothing left for him in the village. His father had told him that Ugo had left the village for Lagos to serve under a merchant. He had not heard about Amara and so didn't know if she was still available. Even though she was, what they had then was long past.

Dave silently prayed for God's intervention. Still holding the lady's hand, he muttered:
"Please, don't die on me."

The nails of the woman was shinning brightly like a charcoal pot that had been scrubbed thoroughly with sharp sand and sponge. Her hair was neatly braided with beautiful beads decorated around it. It was obvious she had just visited a beauty salon. The more he looked at her, the more he  blamed himself.

Strangely, As he looked at her, he saw his face mirrored in hers. She had the same pointed nose and lashes like him. It was weird that a stranger took a striking resemblance to him.

Dave got home late to meet a huge plate of food on the dining table. Paul had prepared dinner when he returned from work. Dave stared at  the food like it was a sacrifice. Though he had not tasted anything that day and the night before, he felt someone like him shouldn't eat. Paul asked him how things went and after the narration, Dave clasped his fingers tightly around his father's.
"It seems she's going to die,  Dad.  I'm scared."
"She won't Dave. Dave, she won't. Stop tormenting yourself, my boy." Paul wrapped his hands around him.

Why had devil decided to show his ugly head? They had lived their lives peacefully and happily but now, everything seemed ruined. Paul suggested they pray for that was the only solution and so, with all the faith they had, they cried to God. The best they could do was trust in him to bring them out of the thorny situation they were trapped in.
"My father and my God, you rescued Paul and Silas when they were in prison, you rescued your people from the hands of Pharaoh and you led them safely to the promise land. God! Rescue us too." Paul prayed.

The next morning which was a weekend, Paul and Dave found their way to the hospital. On getting there, Paul shook his hands with the doctor and they all went in to see the patient. Paul screamed at the sight of the patient and suddenly, he hurried out of the hospital building. Dave, totally shocked ran after him but Paul refused to stop despite Dave's call. He mounted a bike and sped off. Dave got into his car quickly and followed him closely.

Getting home breathlessly, Paul fell to the sofa with his hands on his head. Dave got in almost immediately with surprise written clearly on his face.
"Dad, what happened? You scared me."
"It can't be real. No!"
"What can't be real?" Dave sat close to him.
"I'm sorry Dave but I'd prefer if that woman dies."

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