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Just A Dream - Episode 7


Just A Dream - Episode 7

Theme: (My Prince Charming )

By Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay.


It was lunch time so I packed my books in my bag..

"Won't it be better we learn some things at the library before heading to your home?" Fernando asked and I nodded.

"We have to borrow the biology textbook, and then return it when we are done." I said smiling.

"Okay. Tell me when you are ready." He said brushing his hair backwards with his palm.

"I am." I replied staring at me.

"Care if I joined you?" Jackie asked interrupting us.

"Sure. Who Is your partner?" I asked as we walked out of the living room.

"Stephanie." He replied sadly.

"Wow, you lucky Bro." Fernando said shaking him..

"Lucky? Why am I lucky?" He asked.

"Dude, that girl is hot, and you seem to be all over her." Fernando said and I felt a little jealous.

"Hot? All over her? Seriously? I so dislike her?" He replied irritatedly.
"Let's be sincere, isn't she hot?" Fernando asked grinning and I felt like strangling him.

"She is,but not as Rosslyn." He said winking at me.

Fernando looked at me smiling and I looked away blushing really hard. We got to the Library and walked in silently.

There were students In the library, some where studying, some playing games, some sleeping. Well we are just here to borrow the textbook nothing more.
I took the lead to where the librarian sat smiling widely.
"Good day ma'am." I greeted.
"Good day. How can I help you?" She asked smiling too.

"I need to borrow a Biology textbook." I replied.

"Class?" She asked.
"5." I replied and she nodded standing up.

"Follow me." She said leading the way while we trailed behind her.
"Wow, the library is huge!." Fernando exclaimed.

"Of course it is, but it is nothing compared to Frost Hills College." I replied giggling.

"That school is for the royals mehn. Their bills are so bulky." Jackie added..
"Royals indeed." Fernando replied furrowing his brows.

"They see our school as a school for the middle classed people, and truly we all are hustlers." Jackie said and I nodded in agreement.
"Big or not big, poor or not poor, I prefer this school." Fernando said boldly.

"But you look rich, your uniform looks so expensive based on the material." Jackie said again.
"Here we are." The librarian said cutting us in.

She took the biology textbook and showed it to us.

"You need to sign some papers before you can have this." She said and we all nodded.

We walked back to her table and she brought out something that looked like a register.

"Write your name, class, the textbook, date of collection and date to be returned, then your signatures." She said and I nodded looking at the others.

"Put down your details and we will do the signing." Fernando said grinning.

"Okay." I replied writing down the details exactly how she told me to. I signed and passed the pen to Jackie.

"Do we really need to do this?" He asked taking it from my hand.
"It stands as a witness if anything happens." The librarian replied.

"Now I understand." He said signing and passing it to Fernando who also did the same.

His signature was nothing different to a chicken's claw in the mud. I wanted to burst into laughter but I controlled it.
"I know I have a bad handwriting so don't even think of mocking me." He said and i bursted into laughter rushing out of the library so as not to disturb the others.

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