Vacation in Obudu Episode 38


Vacation in Obudu Episode 38

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Episode 38

Tuesday morning I woke up to the sound of
Frank talking on the phone.. “not to worry, I’ll
see you this morning”….Time check 7:45am.
“na who u wan see this morning?” I asked
when he dropped the call
“who else? Juliet na.. Called me all through
yesterday when I was on the road.. She thinks
I came in earlier and deliberately chose not to
see her yesterday” he said before asking me
“how ur waka go be?”
“Normal routine na.. Café, see Ella and then
Rose” I said rising up from the bed, with the
bathroom as my destination so I could ease
myself and do my morning hygiene
“Like play like play, you don come break dis
girls friendship!” he said laughing
“Na them sabi that one, them go settle
themselves when them want” I replied him
putting on my shorts and then slippers
“no worry, as na on top ur head them quarrel,
na on top ur head them go still settle” he said
prophetically as I exited the room.
When I exited the room, I saw Fay heading out
into the living room. “Sleepy head, see the
time you woke up” she said to me pausing her
“I’ve been up” I claimed
“yea right, I forgot that I saw you up minutes
ago when I came in to give Frank the phone he
left in the parlour” she said sarcastically
indicating I had been caught trying to lie
“hahaha. I hear you, se na u cause am” I
whispered to which she starred at my crotch
to see my morning erectiön living an
impression on my shorts, smiled, then walked
away saying “only you know what you are
talking about”
When I left the bathroom, I went back into the
room, put on a short and headed into the
living room to see Fay alone at the dinning
table. I joined her in having the breakfast of
bread (which Frank bought from Calabar),
fried eggs and tea.
When I asked about mom and dad, was
surprised to hear mom had already left for a
7am lecture she had and dad who had gone to
drop her was not yet back.
“So are you not going to work today? You
haven’t even had your bath” I asked and
stated the obvious to her as Frank came out
to join us.
“I’ll go. My boss travelled this morning and
the corper attached to the office is with the
key. Not in a hurry” she responded as Frank
took a seat next to her and began to eat
It was by 9am the three of us left the house.
Dad called that he was in the neighborhood
(another lecturer’s residence) and we could
lock the gate as he was with his own keys.
Frank left me at the café somewhat 11:30am
when Juliet came there to drag him home with
her. I called Ella and she said she was having
a lecture atm and won’t be free till later in the
evening. Rose on the other hand said I should
remember our 2pm appointment when I called
Done with all what I had to do and boredom
kicking in, I left the café by 12:30 I decided to
go chill out with Fay at her office. When I got
there she was so busy as her boss had left her
with lots of work running around and typing to
do. She was on a deadline to submit some od
the documents she was working on that same
day and hence she had no time for me.
Fortunately, her corps member co-worker was
there to help. I just sat and played with my
phone until 1:30pm when I told her I wanted
to go over to Jude’s shop so I could play Ps.
Saying ok, she bade me farewell promising to
see me at home.
I called Rose that I was on my way and she
said ok, she was waiting.
When I got to the hostel building, it was a bit
empty as students were mostly bin the school.
I knocked on her door and when she opened to
let me in. what I saw when she opened the
door told me Rose had something up her

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