Vacation in Obudu Episode 7


Vacation in Obudu Episode 7

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“Oh my God, Laura is this really you?” i asked in disbelief standing up and enveloping her in an embrace while pulling her soft body against mine. I stroked her back briefly in a tingling caress (just as i felt her melons firmly against my chest), making Fury to begin to make a tent.

She didn’t/couldn’t do anything more than smile. Perhaps she wanted to say something else but i noticed her voice was caught in her throat making me believe she was a little nervous.

Although i was in shock also because the last time i saw Laura, she still had her dreads on (a hairstyle she kept right from our sophomore year), perhaps the reason it never occurred to me she was the one despite having all the features of a familiar personality.

“Miss me?” she finally asked, breaking free from my hug. Her voice sounded nervous but still with the intimidating tone she had always possessed.

“I haven’t seen or heard from you for what? Three years? Sure i missed you”. Motioning for us to sit, i went on, “so what happened to you? You just sort of feel off the grid and ended communication with everyone a month after graduation. No Facebook, no Twitter, only got to know from Cindy that you travelled out after much plea!”

Just then we heard an announcement that all flights leaving Lagos have been delayed because of bad weather (the rain had just picked up momentum)

I noticed Laura wasn’t herself with the way she kept staring at me without saying much. So i suggested we grab something to eat so we could talk.

After we found ourselves a good spot and some junk food, i went on tell her what i was doing for job these days. I asked about her, what she was up to and what happened since we left school.

“you always seemed to have a knack for ICT and Techs, just wondering how you ended up in BCH” she said. I noticed she was now loosening up gradually as she now took of her shades revealing those sexy eyes whose fake tears had gotten me sent out by the seminar coordinator back in school.

Staring into her brilliant eyes, i felt something stir deep in me when she smiled and said ” i must say i had a funny feeling and butterflies in my stomach when i saw you walk by after these years”

“Not half as much as me when you asked Fury where’s my slide?. You could have said something else you know!”

“I couldn’t think of a better way to make you remember me when i noticed you failed to recognize me when you first looked in my direction”

She then went on to tell me she had left the country a month after our graduation for her masters program in Canada but lost interest with books completely and chose instead to relocate back to Europe (Italy and France) where she enrolled in a Fashion (what she obviously had passion for to begin with) school.

She had only returned to the country in February to begin her own fashion designing outfit. Had an office somewhere in Lekki, and was due to feature in the forthcoming Arise Fashion week.

“I guess this explains why all your friends seemed to have lost contacts with you. Not even on Fb!” i said

Shrugging her shoulders she said, “I’m not really sure i had friends who would really have given a rat’s fvck about what happened to me you know!”. In a more of a statement than questioning tone.

(yup, this is the ALI i know, never failed to use the *F* word)

“Well, I did care, guess that’s why i kept on asking Cindy about you untill she spilled the beans”

She looked at me, searching my eyes to see if i meant what i had just said before changing the topic, ” so what flight are you on”?

“Enugu, but I’m actually heading to Obudu from there”

“Awesome, obviously we’re on the same flight, but I’m heading to Ogoja. The lady that nursed me as a baby is having her wedding, so i decided to honour her with my presence” she replied.

(I wanted to add, “oh, the lady that made a mess of her job?” but i knew better)

Just then two good looking girls (describing them would take time, but they were seriously hot, at least by my standard) walked past us, and she caught me staring at them and said, “that’s rude you know” in more of a jealous than morality tone.

Now, while i am highly appreciative of
feminine forms (slim girls, big brezzz, flat stomach, long legs) I tried hard not to openly stare at women. Nonetheless, I couldn’t seem to help giving them a second and more detailed look as they took their seat not to far from us.

This perhaps didn’t go down well with Laura as her next question took me off guard. “you wanna Fvck those two girls?” she asked rather loudly, her tone betraying her facial expression that she was obviously angry.

(Knowing how to snub her, I picked my phone from the table and dialled Jude’s number, ignoring her question)

Jude: dude what’s up? You don reach? I just the leave Abakiliki now. In like 1 hour 30 mins time i go dey there. Raining heavily here, so i cant really move.

Me: Baba i never move o. D rain dey here too sef. Was just calling to let you know the flight has been delayed, thanks to the rainfall and bad weather.

Jude: when are you now expected to depart Lagos?

Me: cant say. But from the look of things one should be expecting anytime from 6-8, because all local flights are been delayed. And ever since it started raining, only some international flights have landed.

Jude: we’re looking at driving late into the night then. If e too late bro, Na for us to lodge o. Don’t really fancy the late night highway driving thing.

Me: no wahala. I guess I’ll have to pay you now for the time wasting.

Jude: Get here safely first. Talk later abeg, i dey approach army check point.

Me: Ok boss. Thanks.

All the while i maintained eye contact with Laura, her eyes had almost become teary (which shocked me greatly).

“That’s was the guy that’s meant to transfer me from the airport. You have anyone coming to pick you?” i said and asked leaving her question hanging.

She looked at me for some seconds before managing to say calmly, “No, i had planned to charter a cab”.

“Not sure you’ll be needing any then, you could just join us” i said taking her right hand in mine and stroking it gently (while wondering why all the attitude)

She then calmed down. We went on to talk about my NYSC days, camp experience, my office and work, Dolapo (which made her face frown again learning I worked for/under her). But in all, she never really revealed much about what happened to her.

By 6pm (dark already) local flights started landing and departing and by 6:15pm, we boarded our own plane.

Now being the last two to board the plane, the first thing I noticed was that the plane was half full (most passengers had left the airport not sure if the flight wouldn’t be out rightly cancelled) and also those two girls were on this same flight.

We made our way through the aisle to the rear, she taking the window seat, and me next to her. Very soon we were already taxiing and getting ready for take off.

Then Laura asked again, “Do you wish to fvck those two girls? I noticed the way you looked at them when we were walking down here?”

Her coquettish nature hadn’t changed one bit.

“Do I?” I asked. “like seriously?”

“Mm Hmm.” she responded

I didn’t say anything, i just kept looking straight ahead at the air hostess doing their normal ritual.

“Ok, lets forget about them, but have you ever had a threesome or fancied one?” she asked again

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I turned to face her, “I’m being all honest with you, i had fancied you and Cindy back then in school, more like while i shagged you, I’ll be eating Cindy out”

She smiled. “Well that never happened i guess.”

“No, but i still did it with two other girls in the class” i said

“Come on.” she said. “Tell me more”. Smiling and lighting up

“You remember Faith and Favour.” i asked?

“the intelligent, number one block rosary and legion of Mary sisters who often talked about how people should wait till marriage to have sex? That Faith and Favour? You fvcked them?” she asked wide eyes.

“yup, both at the same time and (my) place.” I told her.

“You are talking about little miss perfects from school. There is no way that’s possible, I don’t believe you” she said still searching my eyes for more details

“You remember our (we had the same project) supervisor had given me his keys to the lab, while the course rep had that of the HOD? Well, one night around 3am, i had gone to make sure Greg and his group had returned the electrophoresis machine back to the instruments room since i was the one who signed it to him and also to lock the lab if no one was inside.

Entering the lab, I heard the sounds of somebody getting bleeped in the lab technician’s office. I assumed it was Greg, you now how mischievous he was, so i wanted to get a look. I slowly opened the door. It wasn’t Greg i saw, it was Faith riding Mr. Felix’s (their supervisor) joy stick, while Favour was getting her kitty-cat eaten by him as he laid on the floor.

Just then Favour began to pinch her nips and pulled up one of her milk tanks to her mouth and suckled, when she looked towards the door and saw me standing there with an expressionless face. With the shock of seeing me, i noticed immediately that she quivered as she experienced an earth shaking heavenly feeling because she closed her thighs and kitty-cat around his face while she kept looking at me while shuddering.

I smiled at her, giving her a thumbs up and i quietly withdrew back into the main lab area, confirmed the electrophoresis machine had been returned and then left back to the hostel.

Perhaps they knew their reputation would be ruined if it got out, so i was trying catch some sleep the next day (being Sunday, i had gone back to my lodge) when i heard knocking on my door.

I welcomed them in, offered them some light refreshments and we chatted for some time before favour began, Fury, about what you saw last night, we’ll like it to remain between us”. She went on and on, even though i told them they had nothing to fear or worry about. The next thing i knew, Faith kissed me******”

I went on to give her explicit details of my first threesome experience with the girls, from the bedroom to the kitchen, to both of them giving me a bath, i told her everything.

Continuing i told her I guess they had both enjoyed their timeout with me, because after a couple days they came to me and told me that since they had already done it with me, they wanted to do it again. It went on from there, and we met about 10 times more. Also i got to bang any of them when i got the chance when the other wasn’t around, most time them spending the night in my place.

By the time i finished, the FAs had finished their runs, we were now 10minutes in the sky with about 35minutes to land in Enugu. Passengers (mostly Elderly) were now quiet with some sleeping. I had unhooked my seat belt and stood up. Reaching for my bag in the shelve, i brought out a Genevieve magazine i had bought back in the airport lounge, while also taking note of what was going on in the plane.

Laura by now was worked up, because i noticed her nips poking through her bra cups and making tents on her shirt, just as she began to massage her crotch through her trouser

Then she said rather erotically, “Those girls are hot, and i would enjoy getting naked in bed with any or both of them”. Then she added, “you could join if you want to”

I nearly had a feat trying to suppress my laughter, “so you bi now?, when did this start?, France?”

“umm hmmm, i guess. Walked in on my roommate and her boyfriend. They invited me to join them. Picked up from there”. By now she was massaging her melons through her shirt.

Then she turned towards me with a smile on her face, which i supposed was an indication of the fact that she was aware of the effect she was having on me but didn’t mind it.

I picked a flipped through my magazine pages because she had a look on her face like she was probably just teasing to see what i would do.

Then I froze when i felt a light touch on my arm, and a trace briefly down my biceps. At that moment, I closed the magazine and put it behind the seat in front of me (a decision that seemed to please Laura). She began tracing a finger down her shoulder, then down the curves of her cleavage. She played with her melons through her shirt, with a nonchalant expression that betrayed her deliberate naughtiness.

I watched keenly as she continued down over her shirt, watching her hand descend untill the hem of her trouser was revealed. She turned her eyes to me as she unfastened her high waist trouser buttons, and began to pull down the zipper.

I saw the hem of her panties (hmmm, sky blue) before she stopped. She then held the tip of her shirt and began to pull up slowly, letting me take in every inch of smooth and flat tummy. The cups of a sky-blue lacy bra came into view (obviously it matched the panties) and then the cleavage of the melons.

She then turned and gave me the “What do you think” look. To which i responded “Awesome,” while smiling.

Looking up the aisle, we both noticed a Flight attendant approaching with a cart of refreshments to which she neatly but quickly pulled her shirt back down. we both turned down the offer of refreshments.

After ensuring we were ok, the FA walked away while Laura turned so her back was partly towards me, raised her shirt again until the clasp of her bra was revealed, she then looked back at me expectantly. In that moment I couldn’t imagine what else she could mean as i reached over and undid the clasp, with little resistance. When the straps fell away, I indulged myself by letting my hand drift lightly down the curve of her back. I traced my fingers down the hem of her panties and into her as$ crack making her shiver lightly at my touch.

I watched her hands moving rhythmically down her crotch as she massaged her kitty-cat through her trouser. Then she looked up as if to scan the aisle one more time before reaching across my lap to take my right hand and guide it inside her trouser.

Immediately my hand felt the soft nature of her pubes through the light panties material, I moved the fabric out of my way and began caress her pubic region.

Realizing i had taken over, she stopped guiding my hand but left her hand on mine. I began to explore, rubbing my hands all over her tummy, her belle button, and then further upwards until I reached the cups of her bra. I then hooked a finger in between the fabric of the bra cups and pulled down, with the bra offering no resistance. I had gotten to my prize, her melons as they bounced free of the bra.

Brushing my fingertips over the top of one of the twin, i tickled her now erect nips at first, before i then curved underneath feeling the warm weight of the deliciously soft mammary gland.

She pressed her hand over mine gently, and as i felt her nips becoming harder against my fingers. I squeezed and stroked the soft flesh,while rubbing up and down. Her eyes drifted shut and a smile showed at the corner of her mouth as she bit her lip. She then led my hand to the other twin just as i felt her other nip push between my fingers. Giving it a gentle tug and twist, she let out a moan audible for me alone to hear.

Laura then slid her hand up my thigh, grabbing and massaging Fury through my trouser. Closing me eyes, i let out a deep breath as she squeezed Fury, circling its head with her thumb.

Although i wanted to touch her everywhere at once, i waited untill she guided my hand back into her panties. I was so turned on as i pulled down the zipper of her unbuttoned trouser. Moving forward and parting her legs as far as she could, i slid my hand down over her m---d, felling the damp moisture and heat radiating from her kitty-cat.

Tilting her hips up, i let my middle finger brush her female button as i made my way to the opening of her slit. Her eyes went shut when i parted her pvsssy lips with a few gentle strokes, with her letting out a light moan when i starting moving in and out slowly.

While my middle finger fvcked her, my thumb made several circling motions around her female bud, making her hips to twitched. Adding my index finger to her kitty-cat opening, i saw her lift her butt off the seat in an effort to get my both fingers inside her. Laura’s breathing had become restrained moans.

Then i saw the look on her face as she bit her lips tightly to keep from making too much noise, wow, she was about to c----x.

Curling my fingers upward, i rubbed the front of her walls (feeling that spongy tissue) while increasing the pressure of my thumb on her bud. Within a few more seconds, she dropped her head back, clamping her thighs down on my hand. Trying to hold her breath, a strained but soft whimper escaped her mouth as her kitty-cat started raining on my hand. Her love juice flowed onto my hand, soaking the seat below.

All the while i kept my hand in place (in her kitty-cat) as i watched her relax. Then i let one finger trail up and down her slit, to which she shuddered again and quickly but gently guided my hand up away from between her legs and resuming her light touches on Fury.

Although she had stopped stroking me when she came, i believed with the sight of her shuddering and the feeling of her hand jerking Fury off, my boxers would have been a mess right then.

Her eyes then slowly went straight to my crotch and then back to me. Just then i felt her start to open my zipper, and while a part of me eagerly anticipated feeling her soft, cool hands on Fury, i never knew just how far she would go.

She began to then took fury in her hand, stroking it up and down while giving me the “should i go ahead?” kinda look.

Earlier today when i walked into the airport lounge, the first thing on my mind when i saw her was wishing those lips would envelope fury. I never thought I would happened then, but here i was, less than 3 hours after, fury in her hand and she ready for action.

My horniness was by now reaching a whole new level as she continued stroking fury. Then bending towards my crotch, she kissed fury (maintaining eye contact), and then ran her tongue down the length of my driving s---t, then over and under my balls sac. Then she traced her tongue back up my entire length to the head.

Just before she took me in her mouth, she gave me the most sultriest smile i had ever come across. In anticipation, i closed my eyes and rested my head just as i felt the wet warmth of her lips around my s---t. It took everything I had to delay my o----m for another few minutes, as she continued taking me deeper into her mouth.

As she began to take fury in and out of her mouth, she massaged my halls. For the next 3 minute, her mouth engulfed every single inch of my dlck with her tongue dancing around my length. She had me all the way down her throat just as her nose was hitting against my pubes.

I so was super turned on. Remembering Funmi, sniffing Dolly’s panties, having Laura give me head and the thrill of getting caught were all just too much for me to bare. As much as i wanted this to go on for a while, i felt my halls exploding.

Grabbing her head and holding it in place, i began to fvck her mouth as i shot my load into her receptive mouth. She swallowed the first spurt, then began sucking hard up and down my s---t, taking my release down her throat.

How much time passed as we brought each other to plane shaking c----x we would never know. She rose from my lap, and rushed at my mouth as we French kissed (me tasting me jizz in her mouth).

With that, the whole aisle became lit up, the fasten seatbelt signs came on, and one FA appeared and began to talk about flight descent. Hurriedly, we fixed our clothing while stealing glances at each other, knowing we had an unfinished business..


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