Vacation in Obudu Episode 5


Vacation in Obudu Episode 5

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I woke up feeling lazy but strong (that feeling you get when you don’t want to leave the bed even when you must have slept enough). Time check, 8:30am.

** Phone Vibrates**

Frank: Guy how far you na?
Me: I dey, (yawns). Good morning
Frank: you just dey wake up abi? Been calling you since like kilode?.
Me: The phone been dey silent mode. Was so bleeping busy and exhausted by the end of yesterday.
Frank: Bleeping busy or Busy bleeping? Anyways was just calling to let you know know we’ve left town. Jude would be at the Airport by the time your flight touch down. Favour would be at home when you arrive. Not sure about the network condition in the villa, so felt i should intimate you just incase you try reaching me.
Me: who’s jude? The travel agent dude?
Frank: yup. The same jude you know in Obudu, Favour’s mate.
Me: Aii. Guess he has my number, send me his.
Frank: i gave him your number. He’ll call you. Guy gotta go bro, i been dey fuel car, dem don finish.
Me: No wahala. Tomorrow.

NOTE: Favour is a relative of Frank’s mum. Been living with them since she was like 10years old or so. Attended FGC with us, but mates with Jude. Got like 3 or 4 years on I and frank i assume.

After the call with Frank, i saw a total of 12 missed calls and 2 new messages.
Frank 4
Dolly 3
Old boy 1
Last born 2
Unknown number 2.

Screw me. I had not even told my parents i was visiting Franklin’s family.

I dialled Dolly, not reachable.

Dialled my dad and we talked at length, with him asking why i hadn’t reached them for two weeks, that perhaps i wouldn’t have even told them i was embarking on the Obudu trip if he didn’t call me. Also that my younger sister just got a scholarship she had applied for.. In all these, i just kept mute, dad is not the type you give excuses to or try arguing with

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He then asked about my flight time, and was about the make the “how many times have i warned you to avoid night travel” speech when i said “dad i have to go, running late for an appointment already”, I hung up.

**Dials the unknown number**
Jude: boy, how are you?
Me: I’m fine, thank you. Please i don’t have your number on my phone!!
Jude: it’s your grand uncle…
Me: (sensing the sarcasm, i cut in), calling from hell to lament abi?
Jude: (laughing) you no well, its Jude. Calling to confirm if you are still making the flight?
Me: ah, egbon. I’m loyal sir. Yes o, by 4pm. So Insha Allah i should see you by 5pm.
Jude: no sweats. I’ll be there. Gotta roll, have a safe flight.
Me: thanks baba.. Ehen, by the way Frank didn’t tell me how much o!!?
Jude: don’t worry, you’ll just fill my tank.
Me: ok, thanks. I appreciate. Later then..

**1st sms from glo** “congratulations phone lord bla bla bla…… Options, delete.

**2nd sms from Dolapo** Why aren’t u picking up? On our way to abj i n dad for a meeting. Left a message 4 u wit Funmi..
xo. Dolly.


Now i forgot to add this, though a contract staff, i had an office on the 2nd floor like other contract staff (emeka, kunle and Joe) the only difference being the fact that while they all report to the head of the unit Mrs Adamu ( the busty Adamawa woman who never really liked me), i do my dealings taking instructions and reporting to Dolapo directly. You only find me on my desk 2 (or sometimes 3) outta 10 working days.

By the time i got to the office it was about 25 mins to 11 am. Said hi to whoever cared to care about me, and proceeded to my floor. Discussed With the emeka and Joe. Said hi to Mrs Adamu and she responded cheerfully asking me about my health and ish.

Na wa o, Mrs Adamu greet me today. My day will be awesome i concluded. I went to my desk and tidied up and decided to go get the message dolly left for me with her secretary (funmi).

I wasn’t kidding when i rejoiced that mrs Adamu greeted me and hence my day was gonna be a great, because what i saw when i went upstairs……..

For two reasons i decided not to use the elevator up the last floor (Dolapo’s office). The first being that my office was closer to the stairway, and in my usual manner I always preferred using it. Secondly, if i had to use the elevator, Mrs Adamu was gonna see me leave and i didn’t want her good mood towards me to change so soon because she usually complained i hardly sit in my office (thank goodness i answer only to Dolly).

Getting to the top floor, i was about half way through the passage leading to the reception when i began to hear musical tunes coming from the television in the reception. “this one loud na” i said to my self.

Getting closer, i stopped in my tracks, what was that sound? Even with the music, i thought i had just heard the sound of a woman moaning. I paused and tried to listen when i heard the soft voice again. Realizing that i wasn’t just hearing voices in my head and that truly was the unmistakable moans of a female in sexual arousal.

I held my breath and began to tip toe (just think of tom n jerry and you’ll get a picture of me) closer to the entrance. Despite the air conditioning system in the passage, i could feel the onset of sweat on my fore head. I started hearing voices in my head just as a voice suggested i head back, allowing her to finish off and never acting like i was any wiser. Fury who by now was making mental pictures of what i would miss seeing kept saying ” o boy, dis na opportunity u no go wan miss for ur life o”.

Then i remembered kunle wasn’t in the office when i entered. “I no fit shout, so kunle dey bang Funmi? Badt guy, c as him go come keep face like say him neva c woman panties b4. So Na wetin dem dey do wen Dolly no dey abi? Anyways, as pa say i like d chick, make i b wet blanket, i go spoil their fun” I said all these in my head.

Before making my move, i took a deep breath so that i would be able to act shocked. I then stepped in and the sight before me shocked me for real.

Funmi’s left leg was on the desk, her right leg on the arm rest, her head leaned back on the head rest, her eyes shut tight, a pen clenched tightly between her teeth, about four buttons undone on her shirt revealing a blue lacy bra and her navy blue skirt pulled up to her waist as she sat with just her lacy pink panties on the leather office chair. “What tha hel…..Where the bleep is kunle”? I wondered silently.

Only then did i actually realize Funmi was actually flicking her bean. Her left hand was massaging, fondling, squeezing and pinching her melons and nips (in no particular order), while with her right hand, she had her middle and index fingers pumping in and out of her kitty-cat pursing briefly to massage her button with the thumb.

Her bra cups were under those awesome melons just as her panties was pulled to the side. Now i don’t know if the pen in her mouth was/is meant to keep her from moaning (if it was, then I’m afraid it’s failing already), but as breathed and panted, all i could hear was sweet vocalized moans of feminine pleasures.

Standing breathless, i watched the sight of her melons (supported by the bra cups underneath) with nips the size of my thumb, standing erect and the completely unblocked view of her pinkish kitty-cat. The sight of her nips made me swallow hard as i wanted to just take them in my mouth.

Now being a panties fetish guy, i also pictured myself dropping down to my knees lapping up her kitty-cat and then sticking Fury as far up as it could go and bang the living lights out of her. Or at best wipe out Fury from my trousers and throw some dice as i watched her. But again, i felt any step i took could interrupt everything.

I could sense she was near the heavenly feeling but perhaps was trying to delay it a bit longer. Looking up to her face just in time to see her open her eyes. In trying to look down (perhaps to visualize what was about happening to her), she caught sight of me.

With a sudden flash of recognition, i saw a mixture of fear, embarrassment and frustration all registered on her face. This triggered her release just as the grip she had on the pen with her clenched teeth increased, breaking the pen in the process. As she began to quiver violently on the chair, looking at me she continued pumping her fingers into her kitty-cat just in time for me to see her female love juices oozing out of her opening and making its way down her butt hole and finally soaking up her panties.

Her face became a mixture of passion, pain and pleasure and her breathing slowed down. I was motionless and so turned on by the whole scene. Not just because i just saw Funmi (a girl so much wanted to shag) getting her self off, but because we both realized she was incapable of stopping her fingers from trying to put out the fire that was burning in her kitty-cat at that moment.

I’ve never seen anything so beautiful as this my entire life. I mean, check this out, pink panties to the side, blue bra under her melons, the pen in her clenched teeth, the passion on her face and the facial muscular contractions, her moans, and finally the way her vvlva was trying trying to so had to grip a dlck that wasn’t even there in the first place… Guys I tell you, I got to see all that and this is a live spectator report I’m giving you.

Now all these (from the point she opened her eyes and saw me) happened under two minutes or so after which she let out the most satisfied moan I have ever heard in a long while. The chair by now was even wet directly under her kitty-cat opening

“wow” i managed to say. Then her next action surprised me all the more…….


To be continued

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