Vacation in Obudu Episode 2


Vacation in Obudu Episode 2

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Dolly: I know love, but you know dad wont find it funny.. Besides the company is to be audited that same September so i cannot leave..
Me: I understand bae, anyways just that i really wish to spend at least one holiday with you over there before your wedding o..
Dolly: you know you don’t have to remind me I’m being sold off in the name of marriage to Jide.. I despise him.. So please try not to mention him.. And besides don’t you dare think it’ll be over between us even if i get married to him.. You must must father one of my children.. **as she says this she reach for my trouser and start massaging *Fury* who began to respond, although with a mental note of Funmi’s tight a$$ and brezzz..
Me: **omo see groove o** dis girl u wan end my life truly o. Hmmm bae, easy,..
Dolly: ah, fury is happy because of me.. **she reach for my belt, unbuckled it, tugged me jeans down and fury was at attention like c corpers during nysc parade..
Me: bae, the door.. Someone could,walk in, your secretary…
Dolly: shhhhh.. **she squatS in front of me, she takes fury in her mouth, and begin to pump him in And outta her mouth furiously..
Me:ah, Mmm, easy bea..

she moves her left her, shifted her skirt up, spread her legs while still squatting to reveal her blue thong.. **o my** i nearly came the sight of her panties as she began to furiously finger herself while moaning with fury in her mouth..

Ever since Dolly realized i had a fetish for thongs, she changed all her panties to thongs during service and whenever she wanted a quickie, all she needed,do was flash me her panties.

i couldn’t stand this anymore, i push her gently away just as she was struggling to take fury back in her mouth.. I pull her up, gave her a long and deep French kiss.. Sat her on her desk, spread her legs and buried my face in her quim as i shifted the thong to the side. I lapped hungrily at her labiamajora, deliberately ignoring her power button.. After about 5minutes of eating her out, i decided to switch her off.. I gave one long but gradual lick on her button and followed quickly by taking it into my mouth and giving a deep suck like i wanted pulling it outta its hood.. Immediately i did this, she gave a loud OOOOOoooo and fell on the table.. She went off as she climaxed.. I lapped hungrily like my next pay check depended on it..

I got up, by now fury had already left a trail of pre-c-m on the floor.

**just so you know, Fury is 8inchs long, though not much in width, just 3inchs.. Hence its name fury**

**one more thing, i have a serious fetish if shagging girls with their panties to the side, mehn, the sight is worth beholding especially with a thong and when done from behind, hence me love for thongs**

I placed fury at the entrance of her quim, rubbed it through the thong before shifting it to the side and entering her **just then another o----m hit her** she started crying, one of those silly things she does.. Ah, baby please don’t leave me, lets run away to a far place..

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Hearing her say these things as usual spurred me on as i pommelled in and outta her love box… Five minutes later, i began to feel the familiar feeling i get when ever fury wanted to release its dragon fire..

**ah ahh, Mmmmm** fury erupts deeply into her sacred place.. Just then a third wave of c----x hit her as she felt fury’s hot dragon release touch her insides just as her inner walls contracted around fury and were trying to squeeze more fire outta it..

Dolly:I love you bae
Me: I love you too..

i help her sit up, put fury back in its place, wore my jeans, adjusted my shirt **giving her time to recover**, then i helped her to her feet, she adjusted her shirt and took her sit.. ***see why i love panties to the side fvcking?, no time to start wearing it back**

Dolly: **feeling dizzy** so when are you coming back?
Me: By end of September.. But bae, i really do which you can meet me there? **i gave her the puppy pleading eyes**
Dolly: Lets see our work goes on in the office..

Me:**glancing at the clock, 10:40am** d--n bae, its almost 11am, i have to see Mr. Bayo with respect to branding the lanyards for the up coming sport festival.. He gave me an 11am appointment. I need to rush down now to lekki to meet him.

Dolly: ok love, but i wish to see you before you leave.. Two weeks, see how i came like i’ve never been shagged before.. Please i need this before you leave..

Me: I’ll try.. But not here in the office.. My place..

Dolly: you know i cant come over.. Be serious..

Me: We’ll make things work out.. Gotta roll babe..

Dolly: thanks love.. See ya..

**stepping into the reception..Funmi pretends to be engrossed with the monitor in front of her..**

Me:hello sweetheart… What’s up, watcha doin?
Funmi: ***looking up shyly** hi, nofin much..
Me: If i were to buy someone lunch around this place, where would you recommend**like say i no sabi**
Funmi: ah, i dunno oo.. **smiling** but there’s this place down the next two street where madam usually go for her lunch**na place i sabi wella**
Me: so ow bout you take me there sometime i said while looking at her chest and having thoughts of ramming fury in between those twins?
Funmi: **blushing** when would that be?
Me**korect pikin** I’m goin on holidays in obudu, maybe when i get back..
Funmi: ah, obudu ranch? I’ll like to visit that place o..
Me:not to worry, after i’ll lunch, i’ll take you there some other time.. When you get you leave preferably..
Funmi: that would be awesome..
Me: aii.. Till then.. Di have a great day
Funmi: you too sir.

**Just so you are wondering if other employees are not in the office building.. Its a four story building, and Dolapo’s office is on the last floor, and nobody really goes to that part of the building unless you are sent for. Dolapo always comes down to supervise
.. Also don’t ask me about protection, though she’s betrothed to another man, I’m currently the only one shagging her (or so i think), Jide is a staunch Muslim.. Says no sex till marriage, and yes, Dolapo is on the pill***


To be continued

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