Lucifer Bride-Episode 31


Lucifer Bride-Episode 31

THEME: (She's Mine)

®️Faith Lucky

       Roxanne's Pov:
After bathing, I had breakfast and set out on the "surprise trip" with Damon.

We sat together in the card for a long time and without saying a word as he just kept staring out the window.

I was so nervous and fiddled with the tip of my shirt. What could his surprise be? I was so curious to know.

After a long time, the car finally came to a stop and the doors were opened for us and we stepped out the same time.

I looked around and noticed we were in a different place with so many flowers around.
It looked more like a garden.

Damon came and stood beside me and I turned to look at him. Was this the surprise he was talking about?

"Roxanne" he called and crossed his hands behind his back.

"Are you okay carrying the baby?" He asked and my heart leapt.

What sort of question is that?

I was gobsmacked and stared at him, confused.
Then, he turned to face me properly.

"I just want to make sure you're not feeling like I'm making you carry a burden. But, if you ask me, I sure don't have a problem with it. But what about you? Can you be a mother now?" He asked.

I batted my lashes and stared at the floor.

The thoughts niggled at me. I've also been scared of it.

Was I ready to become a mother at this age? And for the king of hell?

But, what would happen to the baby if I didn't want to keep it? I seriously can't hurt my baby.

So; If it means me keeping it, then I will.

I heard him sigh and I lifted my face to look at him. He was now staring into space.

"You can be rest assured I won't let anyone harm the baby. You're under my protection now. But one thing's for sure; there're gonna be enemies" he spoke calmly.

Immediately, I heard my name.

"Roxanne!" I heard a familiar voice call and I turned to see mum scuttling towards me.



I opened my mouth in shock as she ran towards me, happily.

It was my mum! It wasn't a dream.

Oh, goodness!

She's alive!

"Mum!!!" I called at the top of my voice and ran into her arms.


          Kaylan's Pov:
The place was on fire. The entire council were angry.
For the first time, they couldn't sit in the throne room but just kept pacing tho and fro.

"That Lucifer has beaten more than he can chew" the first elder said, anger resounding in her voice.

I was standing as well.

"He needs to be killed.' She added.

"What?" I asked with a scoff.
 "Do you really want to try again? I mean, haven't we learnt our lesson? He killed Nicklaus; he killed Shantel. He killed everyone who made an attempt to kill him. He's just too powerful. There's no way we can defeat him" I said.

"And that's the more reason he needs to be killed. He killed my servants!" She yelled and stopped walking.

 "Release the 50 black angels. Send them to earth. I want them to make an open attack and kill Lucifer!"

My eyes dilated.


"You...You want to send the black angels after him?" I asked in shock.

"Yes! And this time around, if he's able to defeat them, I promise never to make an attempt on his life again" she said with an evil smile.

Oh, no.
But the black angels are way too powerful!
Sending them all at once might make it difficult for Lucifer to defeat them.

"But wise one..." I tried to speak.

"Release them, Kaylan! I want Lucifer dead! Together with that unborn baby of his" she said angrily.


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