Lucifer Bride-Episode 27


Lucifer Bride-Episode 27

THEME: (She's Mine)

®️Faith Lucky

       Roxanne's Pov:
I gasped and covered my mouth with my palm to prevent me from screaming.

Was this for real?
The lines...They were double.
And according to Sally, it was...positive?

No, no. This isn't possible. There's no way it can be positive. I mean, I can't be pregnant.

Carrying a baby In me?
Damon's baby?

The tube fell off from my hand and I leaned on the table for support. I was shocked beyond words.

But what if this was true? And I was really pregnant? For Damon?

I could remember...
Miss Margaret had said something about conception. And since Damon has been having s3x with me, isn't it possible for me to get pregnant?



This isn't possible.

"Roxanne" I heard Sally call from my outside and I shrugged out of my thoughts. That was when I realised the tear rolling down my cheek.

"I'm...I'm fine" I managed to say, hoping she doesn't come in.

I sank my fingers into my hair, confused.

How did this happen? How did i get pregnant for Damon? How can I be pregnant for him?
The king of hell;

Someone that doesn't even love me.

What do I do?

"Roxanne! Damon's on his way here!' I heard Sally growl from outside and I gasped.


Oh, goodness.


I quickly bent and picked up the test tube from the floor.
what do I do with this?

I looked around in confusion and finally threw it into the toilet, closing up the seater afterwards.

Then, I washed my face and left, returning to the bedroom.

Sally was no longer there and I got in the same time Damon was coming in.

I shook nervously and quickly took my eyes to the floor. My heart was racing so fast.

I couldn't tell him about it.
I couldn't.

What would his reaction be? Knowing I was pregnant for him. What if he tries to kill the baby?

But, do I even want this baby? How can I be a mother at this age?

I Don't know anything about it. And Damon of all people! How can I have a child for him? I'm the daughter of his greatest enemy. He wants to kill me.
How can I possibly have a child for him?

I looked at him and noticed he was staring at me. Why has he been quiet?

He was putting on a long red jacket and looked as handsome as he's always looked.

Oh, mercies!
I can't be pregnant for him.

"Why haven't you touched your meal?" He asked as he darted his eyes to the food on the table.

"I...I um..." I paused and took my gaze to the floor again.

"I was busy in the bathroom. But, I'll eat right away" I replied and gulped nervously.

He didn't say anything immediately as he started walking towards me and my anxiety increased.

I thought of moving backwards, but suddenlysuddenly stopped myself. I didn't want him to get suspicious.

Oh, my!
Please, don't tell me he's reading my thoughts.

No; no.
It's not possible.

He stood in front of me with his hands crossed behind his back and stared quietly at me.

"I want you to get ready in time" he finally broke the brooding silence.

"We'll be going out later in the evening" he said and I just nodded.
But where's he taking me?

He turned around and headed for the door but stopped when he opened it.

"It's what the humans call a date" he added and walked out and I lifted my eyes to look at the blank door.

Hold on;
Damon's taking me out on a date?


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