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Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Last Part



Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 59

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

Before i could say jack, we exchanged position and she turned around and leaned her hands on the wall exposing her sweet behind to me…. offering it as a sacrifice.
Sht!! I didn’t have a condom with me… that one did not mean me I’ll not bleeb this pssy today o…
I looked around and luckily i found one pack beside me. I took out one cd, tore it, and wore and dug dip. I’ve missed digging it from the back with Tope. Especially her big behind making it sweeter. For the next five minutes, it was seventh heaven. I just shut my eyes and was hitting. Enjoying the full benefits of s3x.
In like 10mins i exploded, took off the cd and wrapped in a tissue that was provided by Tope.
The film was turned off and lights came back on and everyone returned to dancing and drinking. I looked for Daniel and saw him dancing with one weird looking girl like that.

“Guy come” i said as i pulled him away from the girl
Me: guy make we dey go school jhoor
Dan: you don too drink jare… ogbeni go find place wey you go sleep
Me: which one be drink again… make we dey go you dey tell me about too drink
Dan: wetin be time? E be like say mad dey worry you abi?

Me: brought out my phone and checked the time and it was about 20 minutes to 3am oh…. okay…. me i go crash for somewhere… na till later be that…. i don tire jare
Dan: no…. no go sleep, dey tell me say make we dey go… na me be your papa na…. mumu….
Me: oshe… i no know say time don go na….
Dan: fool… how you go know? Shebi Tope don give you nyash f**k… your brain cells don deteriorate…. olosho…
Me: wetin na… e don do
Dan: guy, shey you and Tope wan come back ni?
Me: no…. i just nyash am…. finish…. nothing more, nothing less.
Dan: badoo… na baba you be o… you just dey move from pussy to kitten like say na cloth you dey wear. From Tope to Tiwa…. to Tope again…. boss…. na you dey make kitten cycle…. from here to here, back to here again *demonstrate with his hand

Me: guy… make i go find place crash joor… this thing wey i drink don dey turn my eye.
Dan: no p brotherly…. we dey….
I walked away back to the bed and Tope was lying down all dressed. I went to lye beside her and we started chatting
Tope: vic…. i wanted to apologize the other time for….. you know…. but you didn’t even allow me to talk… that means you’re still angry at me
Me: i don’t want to remember that… it makes me sad
Tope: okay….
We cuddled till i didn’t know when i slept off

Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 60

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

Tope woke me around 6.30am. I was still feeling so tired and weak and dizzy. I guess the alcohol hadn’t cleared from my eyes yet.
I looked around for Daniel but didn’t see him anywhere. I went outside with Tope and saw him talking with the girl he was dancing with before. I walked up to him, with Tope beside me, and spanked his a$$ hard
Me: fool… you dey here sef… i think say you don go
Dan: your papa… na why u dey knack my nyash? Gabriel…. i resemble your g partner?
Idiot… Tope coughed at that moment and Dan turned and faced her Toppy how far na
Tope: am cool o jare…. you no see me since abi?
Dan: no mind this useless fellow… jare
referring to me. At that moment the babe he was chatting with earlier, told him she’s going okay I’ll call you. Bye. turned to Tope and i. She was rubbing my palm with hers enhe… where were we sef?
Tope: yes, you called vic a useless fellow and i wsnted to tell you that my boyfriend is not a useless fellow.
Dan: boyfriend Enhe! Okay..
Me: boyfriend?
Tope: of course boyfriend after what we did last night or what are we?
At that moment i felt like telling her “we’re nothing but pencils in the hand of the creator” but i didn’t
Me: boyfriend… hmmm….

Dan: wo… Tope we have to be going
We all walked out together but as we stepped out of the gate, we parted in opposite directions. Tope to one side, me and Daniel to the other. As we went back, daniel and i had a chat
Dan: guy…. you and Tope don come back?
Me: overcomer ni! Come back my black behind
Dan: which one come be all the my boyfriend shi
Me: make she dey fool herself na
Dan: guy….. you no good oo… see as babes dey waste for your hand…. we still dey find babes
Me: who be that chick wey you dey with sef?
Dan: omor…. na yesterday night we meet na lag she dey… fresher… the babe tight…
Me: but you go loose am… you be baba nau…
Dan: na so…
Me: she resemble virgin
Dan: no be virgin… na virgin atlantic she be … iffa hear say she be virgin…. guy no virgin for higher institution oo… lag for that matter… p*ssy wey go don expand….
Me: anha oga….. how you know….
Dan: I put my hand there yesterday na… we smooch small na only eff remain… na why i collect her number…. i go still eff am…. even if na that one go take me to hell… i go eff am go hell… its worth it jare
Me: madddd mannnn…. baba werey
Dan: ni iya e
Me: iyalaya iya eh!
Dan: olofo…. oloshi….
Me: i no get your time.
We got back to school and i slept off straight away. When i woke up i gathered some stuffs and went home for my first semester break…

Season One

****The End****

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