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Toto Pass Toto Episode 54



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 54

 ®️Fk Mask Z

My brothers and sisters that is how I switched off my data and quickly removed my battery.
I hugged my pillow and drifted to the land of dream, the next morning I woke up strong and sound.
I prepared noddles and enjoyed it with a cup of tea, I had my bath then wore my suite.
Don’t look at me like that Nigeria don’t have suite but coat.
I gathered myself and went to work, after several drama in the buses I took.
I arrived late to my office, it was 9:30am I arrived at the industry premises while I scheduled the interview around 11:00am.
I breathed the bossy air as they threw several ‘sir good morning’ my way.
I headed to my office side which was secluded from the other offices, the passage was open which means my secretary is inside already, I strode the passage on getting to her office door I heard manly voice, I paused and listened.
Voice1: Angela, why you dey do me like this na, I don wait for you sotay I don dey lose weight. When we go do rematch? *eehhnn! Wonderful*
Voice2: who and you wan do rematch, as you big get muscles everywhere na finger battery dey in between your legs, just carry yourself commot here *ehhnn.. Finger battery?*
Voice1: I no prove am say the size no matter, no be you dey shout h*rder and f*ster that day?
Voice2: prove wetin? I dey shout harder and faster because I nodey feel anything, I no know when you even start to end am, just carry your two seconds pr*ck commot from my office.
Voice1: no do me like this na, you know say you sweet well well… Your nyash too big, I wish say you no say my knack you from behind you for enjoy my sugar pr*ck, no worry we go do missionary style, this one go sweet you die!
Voice2: see, just go your office or I go shout ‘rape’ for your head, disappear from here oh! You just big for nothing, I think say all these body builders get strong amu but na tortori them get, I no go warn you again oh!
Voice1: just this once abeg, I go make sure say you enjoy am and you go beg me for more.
Voice2: rape oh!! Someone want to rape me oh!! *shouting*
Voice1: carry your voice down, I don go.
I retreated back like an army, and paused at the pavement, immediately Mr. Jude came out of the office, he was shocked to see me.
Mr. Jude: good afternoon I mean morning, sir.
Me: you no know time again? *he scratch his half- white hair*
Mr. Jude: am sorry, sir. I just came to take a file from her, you know about the sudden report we needed to prepare.
Me: where is the file, the file rejected you? *he look confuse*
Mr. Jude: no sir, the file is not prepared yet, my frequenting here will facilitate it.
Me: keep on trying, we need efficiency in this industry.
Mr. Jude: unfailingly, we are glad to offer more than that *he grin from ear to ear*
I left him and went to my office, I find my secretary behind the computer screen typing seriously, I examined her properly.
That is when I realized she was actually a pretty woman with big assets everywhere, her br*asts are threatening to escape the br* that cupped them, my d*ck started nodding towards that direction, I warned my d*ck mentally to stop.
I don’t like it fat and big, I love it moderate and sweet
Secretary: good morning, sir *she greet standing up*
Me: morning, Angela… Please seat, prepare the interview room and facilitate the procedures, I would handle it by 11am.
Secretary: am on my way sir.
She stood up and walked to the door, her big *ss cheeks were shaking ‘earthquakeously’.
Every of her step shifted the short office skirt she wore to her laps, she is wonderfully blessed behind, no wonder men cannot stay off even the ring on her ring-finger cannot make us stay away.
After she shut the door behind her, I went inside my office and fixed my battery inside my phone.
I breathed as I powered it on, my applications started loading, immediately it had fully started all applications.
I switched on my data and rushed to change my profile picture, a call came in from Victoria.
I haven’t visited her after I promised her I will, she shouldn’t blame me. It was Tracy and her stupid revenge that made me failed her, I picked the call.
Me: aunty Vicky, the finest Nigeria married lady.
Victoria: shey you know say thunder suppose roast you today.
Me: start to come my burial tomorrow, no try eat rice for my burial oh! Drink only water and cry.
Victoria: look at you? I nodey come broke ass association burial, shey you no wan visit me bah?
Me: no vex, them kidnap me that day wey I wan come visit you, them beat my last memory commot.
Victoria: you dey serious, or na one of your crazy lies.
Me: I nodey lie na, ask my twin brother em go prove am.
Victoria: birds of the same feather, shift joor! So, when you go come see your small pikin?
Me: nodey talk that thing oh! You go just make me no come again.
Victoria: you be my pikin godfather, if na girl tufiaa! I no go even gree, before you go go finger her one day.
Me: *I start laughing* I don give my life to Christ, old things have past away.
Victoria: pastor Victor, but you no go fit pastor for my church fine another parish, so when you go come?
Me: after work.
Victory: no fail me oh!
Me: I swear.
The call ended and Beauty called me immediately, I groaned and picked the call she was silent on the other end for few seconds before she spoke…
Beauty: is it she, the one you love more than me?
Me: no, she is just my bestie. You know I cannot live without you, you are the air I breathe, you are the reason I keep on living, you are a part of me I cannot lose, immediately you end the call I will change it.
Beauty: I love you more! *her voice change from crying one to cheerful* will you change it to my….
Me: hello… Helloo… Helloo… Are you… Hearing me? Network.
I ended the call and rushed to my whatsapp hurriedly and click on the profile section and clicked on the profile icon then changed the profile picture to a writeup ‘I LOVE MY BABY’
A message came in from Abigail immediately.
Abigail: so you removed my picture from your profile? *her whatsapp message*

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