Toto Pass Toto Episode 8


Toto Pass Toto Episode 8

®️Fk Mask Z

This story is mostly in Pidgin English and for se.x lovers 

I quickly answered the call.
Biggy: guy, come… come.. come.
Me: you don do the thing?
The call ended abruptly, i inserted my phone inside my pocket and ran into the yard, my heart was pumping excessive blood.
I pushed open his door and entered the room, I was shocked on what I saw.
Biggy was already naked and Sandra was naked, he is already f+cking Sandra. her two legs raised up by Biggy, he has positioned himself in her p+ssy.
Me: how you take do the miracle, I no know say you been dey sell lady’s wears oh.. before.
Biggy: my blood dey hot, start to video *skin slapping*
I quickly brought out my phone and started taping, Biggy was sweaty as he put all his strength in f+cking Sandra. As if the money he spent is inside her p+ssy, luckily for Sandra Biggy has moderate d+ck if not the motion he was f+cking her, she won’t be able to walk home.
Sandra laid on the bed subconscious, her both legs hung on Biggy’s shoulders.
Her br+asts were jingling as Biggy continue to thr+st in and out of her p+ssy.
Biggy: aaaahhh.. you are a sl+t!!! *with bass*
Sandra: oohhsss… Aaaahhh… *low m+ans*
Biggy: scream b+tch!! Ooh aahh ahhh *loud skin slapping*
Sandra: aaaahhh.. ohhhh f+ck me h+rder *she grabbed the bedsheet*
I taped from Sandra’s face down to her nether, and stopped at her p+ssy were Biggy’s d+ck was flying in and out of her p+ssy with speed. I continued videoing till five minutes later when Biggy signaled me to stop.
Me: what of the blood? *He looked at me like someone that have gone mad*
Biggy: which blood?
Me: you don wash your bedsheet or you change am? *He realized the point I was making and hissed*
Biggy: video this part well, I wan give her doggystyle.
He turned Sandra over and put two pillows under her stomach, he positioned her two legs in kneeling position.
He knelt behind her and spitted on his palm rubbed it on her hole, and also j+rked his d+ck with it.
Kpaaa!! Kpaa!!! *Loud skin slapping*
Biggy was f+cking her like someone who stole his three million, she actually scammed him of two hundred thousand naira but the force Biggy used earlier was tripled.
Biggy: aaaahhh ahhhh.. *spanking her +ss, as he went h+rder on her p+ssy*
Sandra: aaahh oohhh, yaaa.. ooohsss f+ck me *m+ans now audible*
I became scared that the drugs will loose it hold on Sandra, I almost wanted to end the videoing after five minutes but….
Biggy: am c+mmmmmiiiinnnggg *gr+aning like Adewale goat*
Sandra: ousshhh … Aaaahhh.. c+m inside me, oh gawd.. *m+aning louder*
He pushed her and she turned over, he rushed to her face and forced her mouth open.
Biggy: ahh.. ahhh.. *j+rking and gr+aning*
The first rope of c+m landed on her nose and the second shot straight into her mouth, Biggy controlled the other flying loads of c+m inside her mouth. I captured the whole moment.
Biggy: the girl toto sweet die *catching his breathe and cleaning sweats*
Me: you no use condom? Your own foolishness dey display with rainbow.
Biggy: condom nodey available, and when the available isn’t available, you use the availability. she clean and beautiful. she no go fit get STD na. *Pointed at his d+ck
Me: them dey write am for forehead or STD na for ugly people, well done sir.
Biggy: sas your p---k wan tear your boxer, guy come release oh! before you go go rape innocent goat of my landlord. *Laughing*
Me: for that one wey dey chop d--k like mad and swallow sp+rm like anaconda, thank you sir. I no want. *he stood up, and wore T-shirt with trouser and escorted me out of the yard*
I took bike and went to my house straight, I did the transfer I promised my twin brother earlier. Immediately I switched on my data, my WhatsApp opened mouth wide swallowing my data in name of messages.
I clicked on Tracy’s message and saw that she has deleted a lot of messages she sent earlier.
Tracy: why do you hate me? for all the love I showed you, sometimes I’ll come to your house and cook for you, and we will have s+x from 9pm to 5am. *Online*
Me: am sorry, I was just pained on what you did to me, baby *typed and sent*
Tracy: I didn’t mean to, am sorry. I still love you till now, is it too late for us to go back to the way we were *aunty is too late oh*
Me: I love you Tracy, but… we can still be just friends *typed and sent*
Tracy: you mean friends with benefit? *With lovely emojis, offline*
Me: I hope say I be the benefactor *typed and sent*
I grumbled as PHCN took the light, I’d have opened the window and stayed indoor for natural air to come in, the air that will come in won’t contain elements of oxygen, nitrogen, water but odour, carbon iv oxide, and matured mosquitoes of 93years because of the dirty gutter behind the window.
My phone rang and the caller was Biggy, am dead…

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