Toto Pass Toto Episode 7


Toto Pass Toto Episode 7

®️Fk Mask Z

This story is mostly in Pidgin English and for se.x lovers 

Tracy: hahaha *she sent with plenty laugh emojis, another typing.. show on the screen*
Tracy: poverty have strike your brain, well… I don’t have time, can you sub. for me? broke ass. *I cleaned the sweat on my forehead and exhaled the breathe I was holding, my heart beat rate cooled*
I went to my wardrobe and searched for my diary, brought it out and flipped through the pages, find Tracy’s account details. I used mobile transfer and sent five thousand naira to her.
Me: did you receive an alert of five thousand naira? *typed and sent*
Tracy: yeah… I wonder who sent it.
Me: I sent it to you, use two thousand naira and subscribe for two Months. Use the remaining three thousand naira and procure an effective ‘tight my p+ssy drug’ so that the borehole between your legs should transform to hole *typed and sent, laughing*
I know after she is done reading that message she won’t be able to sleep this night and the next day, I switched off my data and logged out.
Biggy came inside with towel tied around his waist, he has been in the bathroom while I was chatting.
Biggy: guy, what of the revenge plan na?
Me: oh… I don forget sef, how many Month remain for your rent to expire?
Biggy: a month, how rent expiration concern the revenge?
Me: my mind dey tell me say na two weeks remain for your rent to expire, you go call Sandra now. Tell her say you no well, make she come your house come collect fifteen thousand naira, convince her say you nofit waka go bank do the transfer.
Biggy: what if she no come?
Me: that girl fit go Sambisa forest and f+ck the head of Boko Haram ’cause of money. *He glared at me, I was laughing*
He dialed her number and she picked it quickly.
Phone conversation.
Sandra: baby, you haven’t sent the money, that means you don’t love me *crying like a baby*
Biggy: you know i love you with all my heart, I can even die for you. Should I render my life for you now? *Thumbs up*
Sandra: no, if you die now? who will I marry. Who will be taking good care of me, you know you are one in a million *so na one million people dey service her toto, apart from Biggy*
Biggy: I know… I’d have sent it, but I am very sick, I can’t go to the bank now. I have fifteen thousand naira at home, can you come and take it? *With tired voice*
Sandra: okay, am on my way, baby. *She ended the call*
Me: you be the girl atm machine, her mouth na the atm card. You hear wetin she talk?
Biggy: I know say you wan mumu again. No, I nofit remember, wetin she talk?
Me: say you be one in a million, mean say she dey f+ck one million people minus you *he hissed and searched for what to wear*
I went to the bathroom and took my bath, I came back to see my phone ringing. I received the call from my twin brother Victory.
My twin: you no try oh… You win 500k you no even send shi shi for me. *I was shocked, my phone almost drop off from my hold*
Me: how you take know?
My twin: forget that one, I dey broke help a brother.
Me: I go send you 10k, send your account details. *The call ended immediately*
He is also saving his call card, Nigerians are very economical when it concerns monetary expenditure. I also saw missed calls from Tracy, I started whistling happily.
Later I and Biggy prepared and left my room, we headed to Biggy’s room.
we prepared the room and bought juice, and put it inside the fridge. I asked Biggy to wear just boxer and singlet, and pretend to be sick.
Biggy: wetin we wan use this juice and this medicine you buy do?
Me: ……………… *I whispered to him*
Biggy: bad guy, you suppose dey prison for all these evil sense you get *he raised his hand to shake me*
Me: you dey mad? which color your sense dey operate with?
His phone rang, it was Sandra calling.
He picked the call quickly.
Sandra: am almost there, hope you are at home and the money is with you, don’t disappoint me oh.
Biggy: am home and the money wh… *with tired voice*
She ended the call immediately, I gave Biggy the look ‘don’t f+ck up’ before leaving the room.
I was about going outside the yard, when I walked pass the virginia Sandra. the girl was graciously beautiful, her front side was moderate and her backyard will make everyman fall in love, big and shaking in every steps she takes. Tall and fair, no wonder she turn Biggy to mumu.
Fifteen minutes of waiting outside, my phone rang and the caller was Biggy, so soon.

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