Toto Pass Toto Episode 6


Toto Pass Toto Episode 6

®️Fk Mask Z

This story is mostly in Pidgin English and for se.x lovers 

Manly voice: aaahh! you are riding me go… Oohh!! *Loud sounds of skin slapping at each other*
Biggy wanted to knock, I grabbed his hand.
Me: your sense dey pain you, you nodey hear the m+aning?
Biggy: she dey watch p--n *I laughed*
Me: your body system no wan believe your ear, somebody dey inside dey f+ck your virgin vampire wey don suck all your blood. *the m+aning and gr+aning becomes louder*
Biggy: na lie, she dey watch p+rn. Na my opportunity to disvirgin her *I started laughing*
Me: that p+rn she dey watch go be HD live, make we go check window.
After some persuasion he agreed, luckily for us her apartment is closed to the fence. Biggy has started sweating already, we went to the corner of the apartment.
Her window was facing the fence, we peeped and saw inside.
Sandra was the face we saw directly from the window, since she was on top of the man beneath. The curtail didn’t let us see more, we only saw her face down to her cleavage, but couldn’t see her br+asts.
Her eyes were shut as she rode the man beneath with so much energy, the man was already saying a lot of nonsense. Swear, the girl is a five star general on bed and off bed.
Manly voice: I yo..u, I..will m..y wife an..d ki..D’s
Biggy: S… *I covered his mouth and dragged him out of the window*
Me: you be the biggest otondo, no be only Virgin Sandra. she be virginity Sandra, if na so Virgin be. I better marry my grandmother.
Biggy: I nodey gree, I must disgrace this girl and that man today, I swear *crying*
Me: na only you oh, what if the man get muscles, you don already dey cry. The man go beat you, you know say I no get strength to help you fight. you will be beaten and disgraced to hospital *laughing wickedly*
Biggy: the thing no funny, that girl use me like typewriter.
Me: before! she for use you as laptop? cry no more son, I get plan. If you go fight now, we no go fit revenge. Son, let’s go home.
Biggy: son kill you there, this thing pain me.. I feel like crying.
Me: guy, you dey cry. *Laughing*
We left the yard, I now remembered that I should buy a new phone and buy condiments for soup at the front of the gate, I checked my pocket to feel the paper I wrote what I wanted to buy but felt nothing.
Me: oooohhh!!
Biggy: wetin happen, why you dey mess with mouth? *I eyed him*
Me: I don forget the paper wey I take write those things wey I wan buy.
Biggy: forget about the scale of preference, even Nigeria nodey use their budget. You too stingy.
Me: polygamous boyfriend of virgin Sandra.
I ran as he chased me, we ran to the market because it is walkable from were we stood. I bought a new Android phone, then we browsed foodstuffs stores in the market. I bought cow meats and goat meats three hundred naira each, add it tilapia. Periwinkles and crayfish, with egusi soup. Since Biggy won’t eat too much ’cause of heartbreak, I’ll be the one eating everything.
I plugged the phone to charge, and prepared thick egusi soup. I made garri, Biggy was busy thinking.
Immediately, I dropped the bowl of water and a plate of soup with garri. Biggy rose and joined, the motion he used in swallowing the morsels of garri with soup could only be calculated with speedometer, his speed made me caught his hand.
Me: o boy na wetin happen? You nodey eat like person wey dey suffer for heartbreak?
Biggy: how person wey dey suffer for heartbreak dey eat? *Chewing meats*
Me: small small, you no suppose eat at all sef.. the girl break your heart, the girl wey you love so much, you even see am with your korokoro eyes.
Biggy: chaii.. na truth, the thing pain me. Sandra na me you suffer like this? *Washing his hands*
Me: add the 200k you spent on her too for your lamentation.
Three minutes later he joined me and used another motion that only wild cat family will understand the motion he swallowed garri morsels. After we were done eating, I switched on my phone and started downloading social media applications.
I logged in WhatsApp and saw Tracy online, my ex girlfriend. One day Tracy uploaded another’s boy picture while we were still dating and I confronted her, she sent a reply that almost made me rope myself.
‘shut up there! You are very useless, how much have you gave to me apart from all the s+x styles on Earth, with your useless manhood. I have break up with you, you don’t have future’
I almost commit suicide but the sweetness of revenge didn’t allow me, I later learnt that the boy dumped her, such is life.
Me: how much should I pay you for all the damages I ’caused your p+ssy? *I typed and sent, my heart was beating fast, hope say this girl no go mention big money o*

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