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Toto Pass Toto Episode 57



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 57

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Me: I for like talk about her after I eat finish.
Victoria: hungry never wire you.
Me: hiaa.. Person nofit pull your legs, this your pikin fine oh *the baby keep on staring at me suspiciously, if he can speak he would have ask what are you doing with my mommy?*
Victoria: the pikin go fine pass you.
Me: I gree, wey the food na?
Victoria: you and your brother food, follow me.
I walked behind her as we walked to a section of the house illuminated with expensive light bulbs.
They were artistry portraits on the walls and flowers that gave the dinning life, the air there is calm and serene.
The tables was made with crystal and the chairs were made of bronze, and they all have an inscription, I could not hold myself from saying money is speaking.
Me: all these things wey ona put here don belleful person before em go start to eat.
Victoria: na for tv you dey see this kind things?
Me: this your husband na yahooman or na political underdog, which one em be? *she start laughing*.
Victoria: eat your food, I wan go breast feed my pikin.
I sat down and opened the big round plate before me, inside it is three breakable plates.
One of it contained fried rice with lots of beef mixed with it, and the other one has two laps of fried chicken with sauce.
Victoria left with her noisy baby, probably he is angry that am eating food from their house, all those stingy babies that people will be saying that they don’t know anything but ‘na lie oh!’.
The other one has what I don’t understand, should I say it is salad or desert.
I just shift that one go one side, picked a spoon and forget the others aligned on the tray.
I washed my hand neatly and held the chicken lap, used my teeth and dragged of it skin…
Ummhh.. Good.
I finished one lap before I started eating the fried rice with lots of pieces of meats.
Everything was tasting good, no wonder God say rich people no go fit make heaven them don enjoy everything for Earth, their question be ‘wetin remain?’
Before Victoria returned, I was picking out stubborn meat particles from my teeth.
Before she took a seat beside me, I gulped down the glass of juice.
Me: na person one year salary you dey eat a day, unbelievable *she laugh*
Victoria: you sabi eat oh! But you nodey fat.
Me: ehhnn.. So who be that Oyigbo babe?
Victoria: I know say you go ask, look at you womanizer.
Me: you dey 21st century still dey call womanizer, we don change our badge to sweetboy.
Another ebony lady came down dressed like maid, she wore all those black and white oyigbo people their maid uniform.
That looks like burial united uniform, occasion lords can relate.
Her *ss is not of this Earth but of Mars, I wondered why all the workers here are cute are they an organization or something.
She parked the plates and carried away while my eyes went with her and returned after she went out of view, Victoria shook her head.
Victoria: I nofit allow you live here for a Month oh!
Me: why you talk like that?
Victoria: see the way you dey naked all my maids with your eyes, you never change. What of your babe?
Me: them dey… So who be that Oyigbo babe?
Victory: hired home nurse, shey you fit allow me rest.
Me: which one be hired home nurse?
Victoria: see question, ask google na. What of your main chick, you no go introduce am to me, make I pass my judgment.
Me: shey na court or you wan start to practice your judgeship?
Victoria: see you, I wan give you wife material you dey form.
Me: why you no give me your home nurse my marry? Well.. I get two main chicks oh! My sister, them wan kill me *I breathe out sadly*
Victoria: Vic, why na? Shey you wan kill yourself, them dey aware say you dey date two of them?
Me: no, maybe tomorrow, you know say na my birthday. I want make you advise me, my sense don dey fade these days.
Victoria: breakup with one and be with the one you love pass amongst their two, you wan fake your death tomorrow? Or which kind lie you wan talk wey their two no go like spend your birthday with you.
Me: na em be the problem, I love their two equally, them two be complete halves of what every man want in his life.
Victoria: you don lie be that, toto pass toto there is no way you no go love one pass, look deeper you go see the answer.
Me: I nofit breakup with one ’cause my life is on the line, I no be Eminem to put If for die young, I wan be Jay Z so that I go live to enjoy. I cannot break up with the other one ’cause I will feel horrible, she has done a lot for me, hurting her will make me an ingrate and I hate seeing myself as such.
Victoria: na the only advice I get to give you, sorry. Maybe, smoke weed to get inspiration.
Me: you no well oh! Money don turn your evil sense up side down. Make I dey waka na, since you no get better thing to tell me.
Victory: so soon, you just dey come now now oh!
Me: you for tell me na, I for carry my bags and mat come live with you.
I stood up and we headed outside seeing lots of servants on my way, the place looks like babes kingdom. She is really enjoying, I wondered why the man spend so much to make her comfortable.
I didn’t want to ask but I will ask, the moment we got closer to my car, I turned to her.
Me: Aunty Vicky no vex oh! Why your husband dey spend so much to make here and you feel like say you dey heaven?
Victoria: you notice, well… Em no go fit born again, na em first and last child. *I pity him*
I entered my car quickly before she will tell me that am the owner of that baby inside the room, I was driving home didn’t know which kingdom the satan is from that asked Biggy to call a peace loving gentleman like me, I picked his phone at the third rang after parking my car at the roadside.
Me: man turkey, how far?
Biggy: Victor, where you dey?
Me: I dey old GRA.
Biggy: thank God, come meet me for Agip bridge, my client wan pay and I want make our two follow.
Me: 50-50, you gree I go come.
Biggy: ahhh! Em too much na, the money na just 500k, if I give you 250k na bad business na.
Me: you no serious, i wan lie down go sleep.
Biggy: no vex, oya come I dey wait for you.
I drove to were Biggy is, he hopped in and refused putting me through about the business.
He only told me am to escort and act like a friend who is deaf and dumb, this kind business fear me sha…
Following his direction we landed in a club house in a secluded environment, right place to scam someone and get away from it.
I can even b*ng a girl while he is busy scamming his client.
We came down from the car and headed inside the club house, soft music was playing and the place was scanty, as I could give a head counts of d*cks without p*ssy. I comforted myself with the idea, that it is still early.
Biggy sighted his client and signaled me to follow, we went to were he sat lone watching a male stripper twerk on the pole, I laughed at the foolishness.
At first I thought is a she didn’t know he is he, I mean he he that he a she. He dressed like a shemale without bre*st, he stared at me and Biggy lustfully I felt uncomfortable but I knew nothing is my business am just a driver to earn 250k.
Biggy: Charles, meet my friend Victor, he is deaf and dumb. *meet who?*
Charles: he is so cute *he stretch his hand for handshake I stretch my own too, he grab my hand and kiss it. I snatched my hand quickly, he rub his lips with his finger and s*ck it*
Biggy: am here now, where is the money?
Charles: let me transfer it right away.
He tapped on his phone, and I started looking around to see if babes have started arriving instead I saw white men arriving with d*cks that behaves and dresses like women, fear gripped me.
I signaled Biggy with my eyes that we should start leaving.
Immediately, he received the alert, he got up and dropped his phone on the table.
Biggy: let me get ready for you baby, come meet me in the bathroom *Biggy get up and walk away, the idiot spank his nyash, abominable*
Charles: after you baby, am coming to smash your ass and c*m inside your tight butthole *I nearly throw up*
Biggy hurried to the restrooms section, while Charles got up lazily taking more peeps from the twerking male.
I felt uncomfortable and nearly threw up, he went after Biggy and I was the only one left on the table. I looked around for babes, I saw men making out, I mean amu to amu doing it, come see fear wey catch me like cold.
A message entered my phone from Biggy.
Biggy: guy fine your level oh, I dey outside as I dey tell you now.
I quickly got up and headed to the exit, my heart nearly escaped me when a strong hand grabbed me. I was happy is not Charles, my nyash for hear am today.
I smiled sweetly.
Man: I want to smash your *ss handsome.
Me: okay, I love you to give it to me outside.
Man: no, I want everyone here to watch *see me see wahala, his long d*ck peep from his zipper, fear catch me*
Me: oh! Get your f*cking hands off me if you don’t want it to happen outside.
He held me strongly, I wondered where the strength was coming from he doesn’t look like someone that can fight or even withstand me.
I have heard of extraordinary strength all these homosexual association possess, I tried to get him off me.
He turned me over in a swift and held my belt, I tried to get out of his grasp but his resistance is like pillar of babel.
‘biggy aff killed me’.
Man: I love it when I fight for the *ss, I will destroy it and pay for the damage *only his statement format my brain, I look at the glass door and see Charles searching for me, double wahala for dead body*
I stopped resisting and he unbuckled my belt, I grabbed his d*ck and I start j*rking it.
Man: do you like it, you want to s*ck?
Me: yes, I want to have your balls and sweet d*ck in my mouth.
Man: oohh! Good boy.
He left me and pulled his trouser from his waist completely, I moved my hand slowly down to his sac and cupped his balls.
I slapped it very hard that he groaned in pains, I held my trouser and took off but he grabbed my leg while he was struggling with his pains on the floor.
Charles saw me immediately and started coming to were I am, I kicked him thrice before he left me.
Come see race, I left my car and ran like temple run.
I saw a keke moving towards me, I flagged it down and hopped in at the front and he zoomed off.
I don’t know what kind of turning the keke driver want to do, he ran into range-rover sport with tinted glass, the car was parked by the road and the driver must be inside.
The keke driver took off immediately leaving me at the driver seat, I no waste time I device my level.
Come see race na! My legs were touching the back of my head as I ran leaving the other passengers.

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